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  1. I returned a Vista CX, saggy surround problem, which was 4 yrs old at the time and I simply said "I believe that this is an ongoing problem that is know to Garmin " and I got a refurished unit that was perfect. I also returned a 18mth old Legend HC with the same problem and actually recieved a brand new one back. Both occaisions they were replaced free. I once sent a Legend, old green one, which had a cracked screen and was charged for the replacement which in my opinion was fair enough as it was my fault it got damaged. I would suggest that if you have the surround problem that you make sure that you open the conversation with "I believe that this is an ongoing problem that Garmin ar aware of" always worked for me.
  2. Have to agree with "Ir's not the mutt, it's the owner" Both of our dogs were trained to the point that they could be off the lead and would return immediately when called. They were both trained nver to jump up or attack people. I took the time to train our dogs and they obeyed my every command instantly. Leads were for the roadways only.
  3. You could try selecting to recieve the PQ in .LOC format.
  4. Just read the relevant thread and although the problem was found before the 8th Nov it missed being included in the Hotfix and will not be scheduled until the December update.
  5. <Quoted>Only postings from genuine cache visitors or official reviewers should be posted. Any other commentary from self appointed arbiters will be deleted, particularly offensively sarcastic ones. How can anybody be an official cache visitor when the flipping thing has been unavailable since 21st July. Flippin hell it can't be that hard to make a new container.
  6. I am happy to post NA logs in my own name, very thisck skinned. Read my signature and work out why
  7. In all seriously I would have done the same, actually have and had the same reponse as you got. Elsewhere I will add.
  8. The OP actually has no PM only caches and only posted so as to clarify a point for some PM's who do not want to allow basic members to log their PM only caches. I am happy for all of my caches to be found as many times as possible and will happily replace any full logbooks. I get more than enough perks for my pittance (£20 is nothing to an old pensioner like me)without restricting the pleasure for those who cannot afford the luxury. Our son, who is a basic member, caches with us and logs all his finds. If he comes up with a problem with a PM cache he knows the 'backdoor'. We now await the first log deletion so as we can bring the power of Groundspeak downupon the owner
  9. I have a pair of HiTec with the Iron Mask waterproofing, very very comfortable and good grip. If you are going to have a look at the Surplus shops try for a pair of Lowa boots or the Classic Pro boots as they are both gore tex lined
  10. As ALR's are no longer allowed surely now is the time for Basic Members to be OFFIALLY allowed to log PM only caches when they have found them whilst in the company of a Premium Member. The requirement of being a PM to do so is surely an ALR and even more so as it imposes a financial need to log the cache.
  11. Must admit I never buy cheap walking boots for just that reason.
  12. Ah yes, the latest Dummies Guide to >>> soon to be published. Dummies Guide on how to FALL OFF YOUR CYCLE Gracefully by Dr Solly
  13. I accept that blank pages are used for puzzle caches but this one is not a puzzle but a traditional on a roundabout.
  14. My thoughts exactly. School close by (see one of the FTF logs), houses on three of the exit roads and it is on the roundabout and there is no hint but I am told that it is all in the name.
  15. Yup and that is probably why I dont do puzzles The one I quoted is actually on a flipping roundabout overlooked by half the world, well Crawley
  16. Just had the notification that this cache GC37P9X. Not what I would call a well composed and informative cache page.
  17. Try this then HERE, not that I am moaning as it just means that I can plan a short walk to suit our walking abilities.
  18. Having spoken to some of the people who are employed by ISP's I can now understand why you obviously fail to grasp the meanings of the T&C's and the Copyright note. Another thing that I enjoy going to events for is to meet interesting people who enjoy the strange hobby that I enjoy. I've even met the good Dr Solly.
  19. They all sign a log book as well to say that they have been there
  20. An excellant post by somebody who realises that not everybody wishes to play the game in the same way. Whilst I appreciate that not everybody wants to do a 5 mile walk and find 10+ caches (60% micro sized) those cachers must appreciate that not everybody wants to do a 50+ mile drive and a 5 mile walk to find one cache. In the 'good old days', as they are often referred to, driving 100 miles to find a couple of caches was finacially not so painful as it is these days but not everybody can afford to play the game that way these days. So lets just all accept that we all play this game of ours differently and leave each to their own. I will add that in no way am I advocating that it is ok to just go out and throw a handfull of film tubs out there, all caches should be thought about before placement.
  21. Found the solution in this thread Just got used to the 62s so not planning on changing for a while
  22. Has anybody managed to get this working on Windows 7 '64' I have installed it and just keep getting errors, despite following various instructions the errors keep appearing
  23. I always up-load the picture my Photobucket account and then use the link code in the post {IMG]http://i278.photobucket.com/albums/kk85/richardmullans/GAGB%20Pics/CoPilot.jpg[/img} The link above will give the following image if the{ } at the beginning and end are replaced with a [ ]
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