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  1. Oh yeah that could be a good choice or even The Moor We Hunt, come on Rachel own up
  2. I host a regular pub event, and if events are going to be more stringently reviewed to ensure they're inclusive and all welcome, does this mean that pub events will no longer be allowed? My interpretation is that you'll be fine. I guess this depends on your (or more likely Groundspeaks) definition of inclusive.... Surely everyone is welcome to attend an event in a "Public House", but some will choose not to based on their own free will and beliefs. Doesn't mean they were excluded, just that they declined to attend. Jon Anybody is welcome to attend a camping event should they wish to do so, all they need is a tent and the will to camp out overnight. If they decide not to do so they are not being excluded it just means that they have declined to attend. Anybody can do a Scuba cache, all they need to do is a course on diving and buy some equipment. If they don't they are not being excluded it simply means that they cant be bothered with the hassle. Anybody can do a Kayak/boat cache, all they need to do is buy/hire a boat. 'As above' All a camping event is an event/cache with a specific requirement.
  3. <Quote>Generally speaking, those who attend an event - even part of an event - should be able to log it. Nowhere in our current logging guidelines do we require the signing of a logbook to log an attended at a cache event. <quote> Surely an event is the same as any cache, a signature in the log book is required to claim a find. <quote> "Event caches are gatherings that are organized by geocachers and are open to other geocachers." <quote> How can this be so, if an event is at the top of a high hill/Tor/Mountain or on an island that requires a kayak or boat to reach then it is not open to all geocachers. Many modern day cachers are youngster who are under the age of 16 so they are not able to attend any event that is held in a public house unless they are accompanied by an adult. As has already been stated some are barred due to religious believes.
  4. Liked this bit as well "Attendance will be taken, and bed checks may be performed. As there are other activities in town, the night will be defined as starting at midnight, until 6 am Sunday."
  5. Surely if you have solved the final location it would be far simpler to just enter the final co-ords using the 'Enter Next Stage' facility.
  6. Hi Tec Altitude with Iron Mask, 100% waterproof and extremely comfortable.
  7. Copy the book in to the Kindle folder on the phone and then simply Sync from within the app.
  8. Sounds just like the problem with the Android version. To use my existing maps I have to activate a campatibility mode (£70 ish) and as you say GPX file shows a flag but no way of linking to anything. Due to the fact that Android & iPhones do not sync in the way that a PDA or Windows phone does you can export the data straight from Memory Map.
  9. As you log caches as found, and make notes etc, it saves it all to a .txt file on the GPS.Log into your GC account and attach your GPS to your PC. Go to 'Your Profile' and select 'Field Notes' from the drop down. Near the bottom of that page is a link 'upload my field notes'. From there you will find instructions specific to your make of GPS. Haven't worked out the photo's bit yet - look forward to hearing how to do that. To do the photo bit you need to do an update to at least Version 3.50, thia update added the picture viewer. Then all you need to do is add the pictures to the JPEG directory on the device. I have added a small overprint to my images so as I can identify them, I use the GC number
  10. Not impossible at all... We have super powers We are supposed to help reviewers improve the game by reporting anomalies and I may or may not have done so in the past but I don't bother these days because nothing gets done about it anyway... I have not found this to be the case I have to agree with Mellers here, on the odd occaision where I have noticed something wrong with a published listing and have written to the relevant reviewer, I have always recieved a thanks and my observation was acted upon.
  11. Oh dear, I decided to have a quick look at one or two of the caches and found one that had been Archived and then Archived after you made a visit and a rather stern note. In the hint you said one thing (grounded left) and then in your note you wrote another (Look to the bush up high more) those two statements seem to contradict themselves. I can also see where one or two local cachers might take the 'hump' with the wording of that particular note. It seems that due to your local reviewer not publishing a cache of yours you want Groundspeak to change the person who reviews your caches, I am sorry but I don't think that will happen.
  12. I am afraid that it is not the 'Caching World' that needs to grow up, I think you need to realise that not everything or anybody is this world is perfect. If you get involved in a game/hobby that involves people of all ages and from all walks of life then you will find some who will criticise you for what you say or do. I have to say that your approach to cache hiding is not ideal, to my way of thinking, but if that is how you wish to hide them you have the right to do so. With regards to the phrase 'Cache Police' I feel that is unjust as the comments have been mainly about what other people look for in a cache nd the types they like to find. If you cannot take the comments that are written in your cache logs then look at what is being said and see if you can make changes so as there is not reason to complain. With regards to the reviewers, these people have a difficult task as they have to comply with the guidelines laid down by Groundspeak as well as all the comments from various cachers.
  13. Does it show the full description and past logs? When you view the cache details you should have the following options: Show Description Show Logs Show Hint Log Attempt Enter Next Stage Find Another Show Found
  14. If you just want to remove your list of Found caches you need to delete the original GPX file that contained the caches and then just load an up to date GPX.
  15. Have to agree here, all of the reviewers I have had contact with have been extremely helpful but it normally needs a few emails between both parties and not a Reviewer Bashing post on here.
  16. For some reason my Android app has stopped downloading the recent logs when I import my PQ files. I know the phone & the API are working together ok as I can get the logs when I download my PQ's into NeonGeo. Anyboody got any ideas
  17. OS1:50000. I use Mobile Atlas Creator to create custom maps for mine.
  18. Why shouldn't people write a "proper" log in a micro? If a CO wants to be lazy and place a micro instead of a full sized cache he/she should expect to cope with the extra maintenance required. Or make it a Premium Members Only cache and reduce the amount of visits
  19. Or you can make some custom maps for the area you are going to cache.
  20. and if nobody was actually there it would be a Virtual of cachers
  21. Aah but the 3 I spotted were adopted by her.
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