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  1. When I got my VistaCx I also got a TOPO map to go with it and of course the maps were unlocked for that unit, now the Vista us u/s and I have a Legend HCx and want to use my maps with it but oh no they are locked to the Vista. Short of giving more of my money to GArmin for a new unlock code anybody got any good ideas?
  2. Hi I have already posted this in the main Geocaching section. I am on a long holiday in Cornwal near TRuro and have found a few good places to place cahes but cant as I am to far from home. I have noticed that some people have placed caches and got them adopted for maintaining. How can I go about finding a kind person to do this for me.
  3. Hi all, I am on holiday in Cornwall, near Truro in the UK and have found some really good places for caches but cant set any as I live to far away. How does one go about getting somebody to adopt a cache so as it can be maintained.
  4. WIth diesel prices here (UK) now at $2.577 per litr which equates to $11.7 (£5.83) per uk gallon and driving a 2.5ltr diesel Kia SOrento I now try and select 4 or 5 caches in a walkable area once or twice a week and always within 25 miles of where we are in our caravan.
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