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  1. Must be honest, I don't see how something that size and colour would have defeated over 100 cachers.
  2. No queuing for me filled the tank 4 days ago and managed to drive straight in and top up with £25 today. Must admit I try not to drive to far these days due to the fact that at 27mpg @ £1.47 per ltr it is a very expensive to go very far. Added the decimal dot, thanks Marty
  3. The committee has put it to the actual members to decide, if they decide in favour of allowing Forum Users to continue to post then so be it but if they decide in favour of only members posting you will probably still blame the committee for listening to their members.
  4. Blame the volunteers, easiest way out.
  5. thats the trouble, most people just don't understand (or appreciate) the amount of work that is done in the background.
  6. Question: How do you gain the right to post in the Groundspeak forum. Answer: You become a member of Geocaching.com (Groundspeak) So what's different with having to be a GAGB member to post. You don't have to believe 100% in the ideals of the GAGB to become a member you just need to have a need to use it's resources. Now thankfully no longer a committee member and remembering every day why I resigned.
  7. I would suggest the Travelodge at Stafford Services, a little further than Birmingham (about 30miles). Book it now and you will probably get a decent price as well. As far as I can remember the car parking area is covered by camera and is close to the lodge itself. Hot food will be available in the services area as well.
  8. Not totally correct. Maybe with a "vanilla" iPad but if you "Jailbreak" it you can use ANY bluetooth GPS. I sometimes use a BT-338 with my iPad (or iPod touch) but these days I usually tether the built in GPS in my iPhone to my iPad via bluetooth. Only trouble is that not everybody wants to 'Jailbreak' their iPhone. I just find it annoying that Apple put so many restrictions on the iToys.
  9. the only B/T gps unit that will work with the iPad/iPhone is quite an expensive one (around £70)
  10. Always nice to know if our ideas work as then we can use them again if someone else has the same problem.
  11. Does the Etrex 20 accept an SD card? if Yes go to ** Will the unit boot to USB mode? if Yes then go to ## If so you could try visiting this forum HERE and click on Forums and then search for Etrex 20 and view the entry listed as 'eTrex 20/30 software versions summary' **Download one of the GCD files and rename it as GUPDATE.GCD and load it into the Garmin folder of the SD card and turn the machine on and hopefully it should go through an update. ##Download one of the GCD files and rename it as GUPDATE.GCD and load it into the Garmin folder of the SD card and turn the machine on and hopefully it should go through an update. I only ever use GCD's to update my 62s and previously my Oregon 300
  12. and, somehow, on the day of the flashmob at exactly the same location everybody is supposed to 'you blend in and look inconspicuous until the event begins' It all seems very contradictory as one minte you say the 'the area has been trashed' and then you say 'you see there is nothing to trash cos there is nothing there' Maybe the cache is just a lead up to an April Fools day flash mob.
  13. I would say that you are being extremely irresponsible encouraging an area to be trashed! Even the most careful searching will cause damage to an area after so many visitors. Mark My thoughts as well
  14. South East Cachers on Facebook plus the Sussex Cachers have a meet every third Wedenseday of the month, the next is on 21st March 2012 and the listing can be found HERE Friendly bunch, wear a name badge and introduce yourself.
  15. Loved this entry on one item <Refined Steel Shovel with Fold-Away Handle to make and enlarge hollows to better hide your Geocache container > Ooh so we can do that now
  16. Quite often come under the jurisdiction of English Heritage
  17. Also to stop them holding CACHE meets and discussing the best way to hide themselves from us.
  18. Some of the ones in Cornwall are so devious that they even have their own doorbells so as visitors can announce themselves. But some of the really clever & devious ones deliberatly move themselves and hide 20 or 30yds away from where they are supposed to be.
  19. I have owned a 60Cx and was very pleased with it's ability to retain signal in some difficult areas (Trees etc) but wanted to go paperless so purchased an Oregon 300. The Oregon was great for the paperless and having OS maps but it doid tend to drop signal when in wooded area so I did a test with bothe the 60Cx and the Oregon together. Both started out at +/- 8ft but as I ventured in to the woods the Oregon dropped out as far as +/- 21ft whilst the 60Cx never dropped to worse than +/- 14ft. So I took the plunge and got a 62s and did the test again but with all three units running, the wife held the Oregon. The results were the same as before with the 62s matching the 60Cx. Sold both the Oregon and the 60Cx and now happy to go paperless caching with OS maps on the 62s.
  20. The one bug I have is the people who use the artificial Key Keep stones and simply put the log in a bag. There are plenty of small containers that will fit in there so please use one folks. Ask a friendly diabetic if they have an empty test strip container, waterproof into the bargain.
  21. $70 per night, for a 5 person teepee, is actually less than I'm used to paying over here per person....and I'd be expected to supply my own tent and fuel! And your French must be better than mine - I don't see anything on that page about non-campers not being welcome? My findings as well Tim which is why I posted the bit about the time restraints. The thing is would we get away with stating those times here in the UK
  22. Quoted from the page: This event will take place from February 11, 2012 22h until 7am on the morning of February 12, 2012 when signing the log book and the official photo group will take place. So it looks like this is the way forward for getting people to actually camp at events. Mind you the French are well known for making their own rules.
  23. What was the 1st human invention that broke the sound barrier?
  24. My old dad used to play this one when I was nought but a kid and if I remember correctly it was Frankie Laine
  25. I tested the new look maps on my 62s and they work fine.
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