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  1. At least your app lets you select a map type all Android gets is 'Street or Satellite'
  2. Have decided to sell a couple of GAGB geocoins from my personal collection. Both un-activated and at £9.50 each inc P&P Coin front message me if interested
  3. To transfer cache locations to Memory Map it is probably best to use the rMMe.gsk macro from the macro store. Maybe post up on the GSAK Forumabout your contact problems
  4. Oh well, that one didn't last as long as I expected. Ding and over to you.
  5. Ok and thanks to my bruvva for his help. One about a group from my era. Eric Bell, Eric Wrixon, Brian Downey and xx??xx?? were members of a very popular group in the late 60's and through the 70's. Name xx??xx?? and the group name?
  6. Having spoken to my bruvva, who is a nega Phil Collins fan, he reckons it is Hard Day's Night.
  7. I feel that this is a gross over reaction by GS, there is a great difference between digging out a hole so as to set a container in the ground and simply pushing a thin ground spike in the ground to hold something in place. This statement is not intended as a dig at our reviewers, as I feel that they do a good job, but I would be very interested to see how other nationality reviewers interpret and apply this guideline, surely a guideline is open to a little flexibility. Will GS be surprised when players start to leave and go and play on other listing sites that do not have such rigid 'guidelines' and stop paying the premium membership that generates their revinue if they insist on continuing to bring in so many severe 'guidelines?
  8. Restrictions restrictions and even more restrictions. Very soon we will not even be allowed to hide a cache under a pile of stones or logs, maybe we should just simply leave them all out in the open for all to see Or even better all just stop playing the GS game and go somewhere else, then when the revinue drops off from all of the premium members who have jumped ship maybe GS will think again. Or even better maybe the eagle eyed snoopers who enjoy reporting a clever hide should just enjoy the game and stop being spoilsports.
  9. Sony Ericsson Xperia arc S Upgraded but decided to stay with my Galaxy S so this is up for sale. Factory Unlocked to any network. I thought I would give cachers the first choice before it goes on EBay on Sunday I will accept £220 inc P&P Payment by PayPal or cheque (would need to be cleared before posting) These are the main details and specs: Powered by 1.4 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8255, the Sony Ericsson XPERIA arc S allows for speedy multitasking. Powered by the Android 2.3 Gingerbread Android 4 ICS OS, this Sony Ericsson smartphone supports a wide range of applications. The 4.2-inch LCD display of the Sony Ericsson XPERIA arc S makes watching movies a fun experience. With 3G support, this Sony Ericsson smartphone lets you stream music and videos at high speeds. Thanks to Wi-Fi support, this Android phone lets you surf the internet on the go. Capture your cherished memories in outstanding quality with the 8.1 MP camera of this Android phone. Thanks to the HDMI port, you can watch the content of the Sony Ericsson XPERIA arc S on your television screen. It comes as new, only used it for a week, and complete with allof it's supplied accessories (Mains Charge unit/USB cable/Earphones/HDMI cable for TV playback) PLUS a 16Gb Micro SD card, Silicon Case, 4 screen protectors & a leather flip case. Key Features Storage Capacity 1 GB Colour Gloss black Network Technology EDGE, GPRS, GSM/UMTS/HSPA Band GSM/GPRS/EDGE UMTS/HSPA Operating System Android 2.3 > Upgraded to Android 4 ICS Camera 8.1 Megapixel Memory Supported Micro SD cards comes with a 16Gb fitted Battery Capacity 1500 mAh Display Technology TFT Other Features Touch Screen Yes Bluetooth Yes Digital Camera Yes GPS Yes Email Access Yes Internet Browser Yes Speakerphone Yes
  10. I think that this is what you need to do: With the map view open press the Menu Button (left hand side bottom button. I would think that the fields you would need are Distance to destination and maybe GPS accuracy. Gleamed that from reading the online manual. Hope it helps.
  11. Although I didnt manage to attend I thought that Geolympix was a brilliant idea to celebrate cacing and the Olympics, that said I think that holding the event annually would take away from the idea. Why not run it in the same year as the Olympics but in a location that is interested in organising it, this would not have to be in the same country as the Olympics itself. It might even be reasonable to hold it at varous locatons within the UK.
  12. Welcome to this wonderful game/obsession/addiction * delete as appropriate. If you would like to meet some like minded people try and get along to The Picnic on The Head 2012event, it's not too far from you, just at St Agnes. There will be a silly little orienteering game (find the red dot walk) and plenty of local cachers to chat to. This was Picnic on The Head 2011 and as you can read, everybody who attended had fun.
  13. The main difference between the Dakota 10 and the 20 is the inclusion of a MicroSD card slot which will let you load better quality maps (OS 1:50000) the both will accept custom maps. This page compares the Dakota 10&20 and the ETrex 10 & 20 CLICK HERE If you are serious about continuing caching then I can assure you that you will get full use of it. At least if you are out and it starts to rain you wont have to worry about the phone getting wet.
  14. Just found a Dakota 10 on Fleabay for £109.98, it has 850Mb inbuilt memory which will take TalkyToaster maps, plus paperless caching as well.
  15. Forums are easier to search for a specific item than FB. Forums are better for holding long term info such as the help sections as well. Although I belong to about 4 FB caching groups I seldom post on there much preferring to use this forum and the GAGB one.
  16. Have a look at the Acer N35 PDA, mine works great in Win 7(64 or 32) it has a built in GPS. I use mine purely for mapping but have in the past loaded cache details on it linked into MMap
  17. As I didnt specify the year I shall have to award this to Keehotee as the two names he gave were in the later line up after Bowie. so DING and over to Keehotee
  18. Staying with a Bowie them, name two members of the 'Spiders From Mars'?
  19. As an avid Bowie fan and also a keen fan of King Crimson I know the answer to this one. Robert Fripp
  20. Click on <Tool> and then on <Folder Finder>, make sure that databses is showing and click on OK. This will open a Windows Explorer window shoing where all of your GSAK.databases are stored, select the one you want to add and copy over to the SD card.
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