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  1. As it is the time of good tidings, Which Christmas carol includes the lyrics '...To save us all from Satan's power, when we were gone astray..'?
  2. I seemed to remember reading somewhere/sometime about a religious sect that promised the return of God being called the Great Dissapointment.
  3. Blimey, that reminds me of a song "Blue Moon" Dunnno about parking a Boris Bike i reckon you could park a 750 Kawasaki there
  4. I have stated my opinion of that cache and have been completely ignored by the owner and was amazed by some of the cachers who have found it.
  5. I knew it wouldn't take long as I tried to keep it to 'Pub Quiz' standards Not sure about encircling the earth but the rest of the answer is correct so DING and over to you!!
  6. Just dragged a copy of the dadgum film out and scanned through the middle section, listening for a voice I knew and was surprised when I heard it. I reckon the answer is Sir Michael Caine
  7. I quite honestly can't believe that this thread has run for so long. We are talking about a, in my opinion. poorly thought out cache hide which although there are dozens more poorly thought out caches like it all over the country a reviewer has decided to stand firm on this one. I have no problem with the reviewer's actions and only wish that some others would take the same stance where caches, that are not extreme 5/5, put people at risk. A cache that encourages finders to cross a safety fence springs to mind yet finders think there is no danger in that (Read some of the logs) I think that if you feel a cache is unsafe to find IGNORE it and if the find rate drops on them then the owners may think again.
  8. Imagine this "Your dog gets out and while running across a busy dual carriageway it gets hit by a car and killed. What do you do, you place a cache in the Armco barrier on the central reservation of the dula carriageway 'In Rememberance' of your dog" Yes it has happened and the cache is still active.
  9. If this cache is at fault then maybe a few of the ones in and round the Truro area need to be looked at. One on the central reservation of a busy road springs to mind.
  10. Have posted on the GAGB Forum so we shall have to wait and see.
  11. Comment left and I would suggest that everybody now email's Craghoppers and inform them that they intend to boycott their products, and encourage their friends to do the same, until this mis-representation of the hobby is remade properly.
  12. Selling a couple of my personal stock of GAGB geocoins £7.00 + 75p p&p EACH Payment by Paypal or personal cheque (will take 5 days after I receive the cheque to post) PM me if interested
  13. All monies was donated, by mainly UK cachers, on the understanding that it would go to charity and not so as it could be used to part fund some other Geolympix in another country. The money should go to the charities.
  14. Thanks for the ding. If somebody is suffering from Hypergargalesthesia, what is that they are extremely sensitive to?
  15. 2007 and it was the London Wasps, remember it well as I drove up from Devon to watch it at Twickers.
  16. I had the same problem when I re-loaded GSAK after a system restore. After populating MMap I had the dreaded blue dots and no pretty icons. I even downloaded the icons and created a directory in the same way I previously did but still no icons just BLUE DOTS. Luckily I had a saved MMap overlay file and opened that to see if that would show the blue dots or the icons and luckily it showed the icons, deleted all overlays and then populated form GSAK again and VOILA pretty icons were back.
  17. The calender can be viewed by non-members as well and considering that the GAGB forums attracts over 100 non members viewing as guests every day I should think that there is a good chance that the events calender will be seen by many more than 'another 10 people'.
  18. I emailed Groundspeak when this first came up on here and after a few days I received a reply that simply stated that anything that breaks the ground is not permitted even if it was a simple 2cm spike. So as far as I can see that is a rule as there is no fluctuation at all so therefore cannot be a guideline. They did say that 'Guidelines ???' are reviewed regularly and that they take in to consideration correspondence concerning them. So get emailing your views
  19. One of mine, a bonus cache, was meant to be a little difficult and was a round LokLok on a stick {like an old German grenade} but it became very very obvious where it was due to other cachers placing anything from an old tree stump to logs in front of it's hiding place. In the end it went missing due to being so obvious.
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