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  1. Such a shame. We have become somewhat disenchanted with the game and have only found 5 or 6 in the last 6 months and are slowly archiving our own caches.

    No pleasure in hiding them any more as people just don't play by the guidelines and the quality of hides are disappointing. Probably do a bit when we go down to Cornwall as can normally expect a few good hides. Plus all the power trails are too much for our old joints, we used to enjoy the 2 or 3 mile circular walks but they seem to be a distant memory.

    With Groundspeak's somewhat mercenery attitude we will probably let our Prem Membership drop as well. <_<

  2. Remember that series well, one of the first cache series we completed. Nice pleasant walk around Camborne.

    Some of the Oldest taht we have found:

    GCA2D5 Incorporating Nature

    GCG1WE Stormy Weather (Virtual)

    GCG6KG Nice and Awesome Cache

    GCGT3X A fine View

    GCGV77 Twixt Grass and Guns (temp disabled)


    All still going and placed in 2003


    My To Find GSAK database lists 46 caches that were placed in Cornwall before Dec 31st 2004

  3. I would say that the minimum you would want is something that does paperless caching:


    ETrex 20


    Dakota 20


    Both offer the ability to add maps and also paperless caching, one is a touch screen while the other uses a simple 'joystick' for operating purposes.

    Both of these are above entry level but have some degree of expandability, many more choices out there but very dependent on your finances.

  4. The ability to discuss anything without being slapped down by the, you can discuss other listing sites and that dreaded CHARITY word without any fear of a moderator coming along with their big black marker pen and deleting certain words or phrases.

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