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    WOW - a very big CONGRATS to Trick Vicky & Mickey on reaching just over 4000 finds. That is a fantastic achievement and we look up to you! A huge congrats too to Fish Eagle for reaching 2000 - well done! Here is to the next 2000! We are very proud of you both!
  2. Hi all Okay - we've just discussed this topic. Maybe everyone has a point. We will take the caching out of this Event and just make it a normal Event of a breakfast run - zero caches, zero FTFs. We will check out a route and find a suitable starting and ending venue. It seems as if the 12 March is going to be the date and we will publish the Event soon. Thanks for everyone's input on this. Best regards GEO936
  3. Oh wow, wonder if our first post has been misunderstood a bit. We were thinking of a legit "earned" FTF as a group. Where you set off together and arrive at the cache site at the same time, and sign the log at the same time. Like when it happens for other FTFs. Perhaps we shouldn't of said the part about "leaving it for the run". The idea here is to have caches to find which have been reviewed by the Reviewer but not yet published on geocaching.com. This is how many Events used to take place. We attended an Event by GreenJam in July 2008 - Cradle Caper - and he had all the caches ready but not available to those that were not at the Event. If we remember correctly, dakardrix's Event was also like that. Then after breakfast, we all went and found the caches. Some made it to the same cache at the same time and earned joint FTFs. This is the idea we would like to follow, but just co-ordinate it a bit so that we travel as a group and arrive at GZ together. This Breakfast Run is not for speed or outdoing each other, it is not a competition. It is a collective effort to do what we enjoy. So even if you have a scooter, you must bring it along. There are many cachers out there that can still find other FTFs and there will be loads of caches published the future for others to get a FTF on. In reality, it isn't so easy for many cachers to get out at 3am to get a FTF, so this would be an opportunity to have fun with fellow geocachers and sign a brand new logbook together at the same time. We don't see that as taking the "spirit" out of the game? This will be an Event with caches available to find. We agree with Damhuisclan - if you don't travel with the group and get there after the cache has been replaced, then there won't be a FTF up for grabs. As for the comment about the badges - the badges are part of the fun of geocaching! It reminds us of the scounting days and they are not seen as taking the fun and spirit out of geocaching. We see them as an enhancement and adding a different angle of fun. It is a matter of choice, and the idea is to do this as a team - together - instead of setting off from the meeting point separately. That is why we asked cachers to not go out on their own to get a FTF before everyone else - on the day itself - after the gpx files have been downloaded to your gps. Bruce - thanks for the offer, but I'll take the car as the kids are a bit young to see Mom on the bike (which they love) and they not allowed on it too! They will be crying in your car the whole way and we could not do that to you!! We'll also bring the table and laptop for the downloading of files, etc. so need the car anyways. Perhaps we don't plant any caches at all, and the Event becomes just a breakfast run with zero caches and zero opportunities for FTFs? Would everyone feel more comfortable with that then?
  4. Hi Everyone We are planning to host an Event in March 2011 - possible dates 12 or 13 or 26 or 27. We thought that most geocachers would be away for the long weekend, and so that weekend is not on the cards. We'll be teaming up with two or three other geocaching teams to place some new caches along one of our popular Breakfast Run routes, when we used to do a lot of biking. We have discovered that there are many geocachers who have motorbikes (besides the famous dakardrix). So the idea is to set up these new caches, then we meet at 6am at the agreed starting point, and set off on the planned route and find the new caches ALL TOGETHER and get joint FTFs en route to our resting spot for breakfast. This will be a good opportunity for cachers to get more FTF and earn their respective badges and belts. For some cachers it will be the first time that they will be getting FTFs. We request that cachers do not try to look for these caches before the start of the Run, but rather leave them to be found with everyone else as a FTF. When we post the Event, we will call it something like "Geocachers Breakfast Run", as we can't advertise the "caching" part in the Event listing. We will have a link to this thread in the forum though. So all you teams out there - even if you don't own a motorbike - you will be welcome to join us. There will be a number of cars joining, as I (Silvia) won't be able to join Rolf on the back of the bike this time as we have kiddies now. So that is why the "support crews" to the bikers are also welcome. Please let us know if you are keen and what you think about it? Which day would be better - Saturday or Sunday? Remember that Sunday is a VERY popular day for biking in general, so not sure if we should stick to a Saturday instead? We also need to find a suitable venue that can handle a large booking (as we anticipate a good turnout for this), so please let us know your thoughts so that we can get the ball rolling. Note to MadSons: Still busy with the notes for the Mega..it is coming! Greetings from GEO936 (keen bikers )
  5. We were really dumbstruck when we discovered that the three wonderful Virtual caches in the Cape had been disabled. We did not realise this was already being discussed on the Forum and sent Metro Nomad a message of distress, begging and pleading him/her to reconsider enabling the caches again. We enjoyed doing these Virtuals two years ago and learnt from them. Keep these caches going for the future geocaching community - both local and international. These old caches are part of our geocaching history and like any historical item, should be saved. We have looked at the thread about the possibility of bringing back Virtual caches - that would be awesome. Please Fynbos Finders, do whatever you can to save these Virtuals!
  6. Sounds awesome! We would love to be there - not sure of the dates as yet, but the 2nd is Rolf's Dad's and Brother's birthdays so we would not be able to make it on that date. The 9th so far looks okay. I bet CH would just love to be there too? Hey?
  7. We would've really liked to attend this one....but alas we will not be able to. We've just realised that the 19th is a Saturday - not a Sunday as we had hoped! We won't be able to get off work on the Friday to make our way to Ermelo for the night. We had hoped that if the Event was on a Sunday, we could've made a plan. But also, this weekend we will be under pressure, as all our family will be coming from Germany for their epic South African holiday the following weekend and we have a lot to prepare before they arrive. We'll need the weekend of 19/20th to do the necessary prep. Thanks so much for organising though...we hope you'll do this again next year (like make it an annual thing).
  8. Stunning coins. We like the gold, silver and old gold.....don't really like the copper one. Can't wait to order one for our collection as well. Thank you to all that were involved - you have done a super job!
  9. I'll see you on the 16th, around 3PM, thanks DamhuisClan! It would be great to see many more cachers there, even though it won't be an event. Link: GCZA01.2 Count us in - we'll come to join you for this one! Looking forward to it!
  10. Count us in. We changed our plans for tomorrow and plan to see you there for the celebration! Looking forward to it!
  11. This one sounds so familiar, yet I cannot put my finger on it. I have no idea what the 3 magi had to do with this rock/stone - I only know that they bought gold, frankincense and myrrh as gifts to baby Jesus. Something that is green and begins with "P"....mmmmm...have no idea. Can't be purple, as that is not the correct colour. P...p....p........nope, it is not coming to me at the moment.
  12. Thanks for your feedback RedGlobe, but not sure if I explain myself fully..The main purpose/ idea behind the Buddy Caching days is to Assist/Mentor the newbies and not to just go out for a hunt together. It is more like a hands-on training session.... Do you still agree that the Buddy Caching Days do not qualify as an event or must we discuss it over a beer (or breakfast)? Team_vdlo The rules for Events are different, and as RedGlobe pointed out you cannot arrange an Event to go hunting for caches, whether it is for training/helping newbies. An Event is a social get together of geocachers without an "Agenda". You could go ahead and arrange an Event on that day, call it Buddy Caching Day but not mention anything about going caching. You would need to indicate a date, time and place for a social get together. That is what we had to do when we arranged the Picnic in the Botanical Gardens Event. We were not allowed to say that we would go hunting for caches in the area. The Event was the picnic and the caching was just our own thing. It turned out great in the end, but we had to be careful how we worded it. Fish Eagle had to do the same for his Events last year. Hope this helps. We would love to go on this, but won't be able to this time as we have made other plans. We like your idea though and do support it. Perhaps we could offer a day too when we are able to?
  13. They actually travelled to Scotland on holiday to visit their daughter and granddaughter who live over there. The Mega just happened to be on while they were there. Thought it was the other way round, attended Mega then visited the family at the same time, but it really doesn't matter. They were there at a Mega, prepared to attend the Mega 18 months in advance (hence the fundraising info) and we can learn loads from them!
  14. They actually travelled to Scotland on holiday to visit their daughter and granddaughter who live over there. The Mega just happened to be on while they were there. Just a suggestion: Why don't you organise an Event centrally in the country as a trial run and see how many people will attend. A cacher from KZN phoned for help with a cache last week and it came up in the conversation that maybe something like this should be organised so we can meet cachers from other Provinces. Also you would have a chance to speak to fellow SA cachers about their views on a Mega Event. One would also have to personally e-mail active cachers to get their views - most cachers do not even read the Forums. Yes, of course we would be contacting local geocachers directly. A tiny percentage of cachers frequent the forum, just take a look at the forum page for Finland! But a Mega is not just about the local cachers, it is for international ones too. Arranging a "trial run" would be costly and we would need to save as much as possible to host a Mega. We think that appointing a custodian/representative for each province who is committed and positive, would be great to rally up the teams. Then there would be personal contact. In any case the reps would form part of the organising committee and we would need to meet virtually to discuss the arrangements. It would be impossible and too costly to arrange Events far away in prep for a Mega which in itself would be an expense. Keep it simple, keep it smart. We have loads of ideas and plans and we'll start with the process in ernest at the start of 2011!
  15. Can one not have this as part of an outdoor expo - like the Getaway show - and then it will have more than 500 people? Hi CH...yes for sure that is an option, but again it boils down to the fundraising aspect of the planning. It requires upfront deposits to secure the venue, so we would need to look at getting some money in first and then secure the venue with the deposit. Just another note, we are not allowed to "piggy back" some other Event with a geocaching Event. The Mega Event has to be a stand alone thing. Sorry, originally misunderstood your post as getting a venue like that for the outdoor shows, but Rolf understood differently and said we won't be able to be part of another show or event. I know we experienced this with a CITO we had planned early on this year, but had to shelve it due to the fact that it was on the same day as another rubbish pick up day!
  16. Thanks cincol....we need more cachers to have your positive outlook!
  17. Can one not have this as part of an outdoor expo - like the Getaway show - and then it will have more than 500 people? Hi CH...yes for sure that is an option, but again it boils down to the fundraising aspect of the planning. It requires upfront deposits to secure the venue, so we would need to look at getting some money in first and then secure the venue with the deposit.
  18. Too soon....we could only look at 2012 or 2013 as loads of work will be required long beforethen and the Event would need to be published a year in advance too!
  19. I love a good event... the Mega the Better I always say I guess the question would be the logistics of where to host it... I vote Cape Town I think the only problem is the number of attendees - does it not have to number 500 (is that cachers or caching ids?) for it to be a Mega Event I don't think we have enough cachers in SA. Other than that I would be interested. Cape Town FTW Trev Trev it just has to be a minimum of 500 people (animals don't count I'm afraid). So granny, gradpa, baby, husband, wife, all six kids, aunty, uncle, long lost cousin, you name it. The "Will Attend" logs will give the indication of Mega status. If we would rally our community to log their Will Attends within the first week of being published and indicate their number of attendees in their team, it could work in our favour for Mega Status.
  20. We may need a venue that can host more than a thousand people!! It could happen....some Megas involve an entire village or suburb!
  21. Not as yet. We would need to set up the committee first and then start the initial planning. Will probably look at doing this in the new year, as this year is almost over and not much will get done in December with all the festivities on the go. Perhaps put your ideas on a PM to us - geo936@gmaill.com - and we will put everything together for the Agenda of our first meeting in early 2011.
  22. Coming in late here, but like the top coin more than the busier one below.
  23. A Western Cape team travelled to Scotland to attend a Mega. I think they would make an exception if there was a Mega to attend in Gauteng (for example). The problem with a Mega lies with changing the perception of the RSA geocaching teams and making them think more positive!
  24. We'll be travelling over 10,000km to attend two Megas. It has to do with "wanting" to attend and not about the logsitics. If you really want to be there, you'll make a plan! It will also help if you know about it in advance for saving and planning, as all Megas need to be made public at least 1 year in advance. All we would need is a minimum of 250 teams consisting of 2 people each team. It is very possible to happen - statiscally speaking or not!
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