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  1. Update on the Breakfast Run.... We'll meet at the Castle in Laezonia (cache there is : GC1W069 - Old Castle) at around 06h15. We'll hang around here for 15 minutes to give everyone a chance to arrive and get sorted. We'll depart at 06h30 sharp and head on the R511 towards Harties. At the stop street we'll turn left into the R104 and go past Broederstroom. We'll then turn left into the R400/D400/R3/T7 (whichever route marker works for you). At the t-junction we'll turn right into the R563 and arrive at the end point - Auto Cradle Estate on the left hand side. The Venue has a "clean your helmet's visor" facility and ample space upstairs to lay down your helmet and jacket. Cars are more than welcome to join us on the run - I for one will be in our car with the kids.
  2. Thanks the Pooks! Now to think of something....A very easy one: What was the exact date (DD Month YYYY) when the Berlin Wall was broken down?
  3. Another vote for the January pics: Arabia to Africa of Carbon Hunter We love the composition of this shot - the rolling dark clouds above the hill, the dark grey water of the dam reflecting the cloud cover and the lime green grass with the off the beaten track tracks....it looks really peaceful at this spot.
  4. Hi Bruce Thank you for reminding us of the cut-off for voting for the best photos for January. We vote the following: 1. Zakumi of Macaddikt We liked this one a lot. Little Zakumi in the hands of a kid - how it should be. Love his face, squinting because of the light. The background is beautiful, a typical South African country landscape. Well Done to Pauline2010 for taking the pic. 2. Simba of M2C2 A great pic - looks like little Simba is being trampled on by Mandela's foot and he is thus not so "free"...a great play on words from the cache name and the way the photo has been taken. We may have some more...we are still checking things out! Cheers GEO936
  5. Hi Everyone The Event has been sent to the Reviewer for publication. Its number is: GC2NG45. I hope it will be published soon enough. Once published I'll indicate the route we'll follow. It looks like this is going to be a great Event, and if successful this time round, we'll arrange another one later on in the year as many bikers have indicated they won't be able to attend this one. Happy caching! Silvia
  6. Is he from more recent times or from the past? If from more recent times, how about 50 Cent?
  7. Isn't Sting's real name Gordon Summers? or something like that?
  8. Have absolutely no idea.....could I ask for a hint? Is the singer a yank or brit?
  9. Another message to all Geocachers in Gauteng Please diarise Saturday, 26 March 2011 for the next QS (Quick Social) in Jhb. Details to follow soon once the listing has been published. It will be in the form of a breakfast from 08h30. Best regards GEO936
  10. Hi Everyone The date has been finalised for the 12 March 2011 for the Breakfast Run. We will meet at the Castle in Laezonia and depart on the run at 06h30 SHARP, and make our way to a spot in the Cradle of Humankind for breakfast. We still need to chat to the venue to discuss the breakfast. Anyone who has been a part of a Breakfast Run will know that we leave on time. So get there beforehand if you would liket to chat a bit before we set off. Cars are also welcome to join us - I for one will be in my car with the kids.....you all know that I would much rather be on two wheels but I have responsibilities now in the form of Nadia and Enzo! All bikes with engines are welcome, as we do not plan to go fast...there is so much to enjoy along this route. So even if you own or could borrow a scooter, bring it along. We'll be checking things out over this coming weekend, and will publish the Event soon. Please diarise the date so that you don't miss out. We hope to see you all there! Best regards GEO936 PS: Geocacher Bikers from other provinces are also welcome!! hint hint
  11. Hi All Geocachers from the Goldmine....Gauteng Please diarise the 12th March 2011 for the first Geocachers' Breakfast Run. Please watch the thread that was started on this - there won't be any group FTFs as everyone voted against the idea. But if you have a bike with an engine, please join us. The Event Listing will be posted shortly. Bikers from other provinces are also welcome! Cars are allowed too! It is open to everyone! Best regards GEO936
  12. I think DB has got it - I would agree with him!
  13. It has the lowest runway in Africa...? Or the shortest runway in Africa? And the pilots need to be specially trained to land/take off from there?
  14. It's where the planes stop over for a re-fuel en route to NY in the USA?
  15. Oh gosh, I really have no idea so here is a wild guess. This part of land sticks out into an area that belongs to Spain and is ruled by the Spanish but the land is actually on the continent of Africa??
  16. I know this is cheeky to ask but......Is it historically significant or geologically significant?
  17. Is it the closest part of Africa to Europe at the Strait of Gibraltar? Or the northern most point of Africa at Tunisia (but I think cincol already said that). So I reckon something to do with Morocco being really close to Spain and perhaps there is an army post there or something?
  18. Thinking about it some more.....just read the name properly....maybe it doesn't mean "sick" as I am missing an "la" in the word. So how about the place where the Spanish sea farers and Frenchies clashed at some point in time in history and ships were sunk and lots of people lost their lives off the North African coast?
  19. Maybe something equivalent to Cape Horn or Cape of Storms? A dangerous point in the sea....a point that creates "sickness" or "illness" in terms of danger? Are we close in terms of the countries?
  20. Looks like French to me....so must be somewhere near one of the French African countries. Tunisia? Morocco? One of the African countries with a coastline that was occupied by the Frenchies at some point in time. Okay, back to the question. Something significant........................ I am guessing from my school French that Almadies has something to do with sickness...malade = sick. Not sure of its significance. Perhaps if it is in Morocco did it have something to do with the filming of the movie Casablanca?
  21. Thank you Andy for bringing this to our attention and reminding us of the rules. Sometimes we encounter a cache that has been hidden and does not comply with the rules, but we are never sure how to handle it. We have made very special friends with the geocaching community and we would not like to hurt anyone's feelings should one of our friends' cache be hidden inappropriately. But you are right, we should be more responsible and voice our concerns at the time, instead of leaving it. Because if it is left, it could become a much bigger problem with much more harm than just hurting someone's feelings. If we were in the wrong, we would appreciated being told to sort it out so that we then comply with the rules. Andy on this note, if I take a rock out of my garden and drill a hole in it to place a nano cache, is this seen as defacing property? Or if I purchase a particular rock or log at the local nursery (as this is possible), and drill a hole or make a hole underneath it to attach a container - would that be a problem? Best regards GEO936
  22. Wished we could have joined you! - Bike, cowgirl and 'chicken boy' will be back home by then. Ah gee CnC...would've been awesome to meet you guys. Perhaps next time? Please let us know when you next plan to be in Jhb and we'll plan an Event just for you ....Hope you have a wonderful trip to the far east (Kruger). Please travel safely and post loads of piccies on your logs!
  23. Hi DHC....we have had soooo much fun in the past when we've cached with a group - and we've had even more fun when we've done FTFs together. It is so different when caching in a group and it makes it so memorable. We'll see what happens - can't promise anything but it does seem that Events are better attended when there are a few caches to find in the area/along the route. We won't reveal anything though.....and next time we won't be posting any threads on the Forum about our intentions and plans. We'll just go along with our ideas and those that want to be there will come, and others who don't like it/agree with it have the choice not to come. Thanks for your support! We love you guys!
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