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  1. Shew!! Eventually, two days of constant updating, we have finally finished adding all the goodies to the Racers we had in our possession. We had up to 7 Racers this weekend!! We tried our very best to take photos with animals (not easy), rugby stuff before the close off date on 4th july, and we placed the racers into caches with the bonus letters (w/y/x). We managed to gain a fair amount of points for these Racers - approx. 25 to 40 - depending on the Racer, so I'm sure that has helped the Racer's standing in the Race. We had a lot of fun trying to take as many photos as possible, but now that we are Racerbugless, we wish each Racer the very best in the Race from now on! Bon Voyage and Godspeed!
  2. That is what we have been doing to our caches as well. We remove all this paperwork and do keep a copy of each one as a momento! If we find a lot of litter in a small cache (if it isn't ours) we remove that as well - but only in caches that we know won't get maintained (e.g. CrystalFairy as they have emmigrated).
  3. We don't mean to be negative or anything, but we just wanted to find out if anyone else is experiencing the same annoyances as we are? We find it very annoying when cachers place their "cards" or "calling cards" into caches. These little pieces of paper, either laminated or not, take up space in the cache container and can create litter. Often you don't expect these small pieces of paper in a cache and then when you open the container a gust of wind blows through and you land up running to pick up these papers. We have also found them squashed into micros, thus damaging an already tatty logbook. We much prefer the idea of a sticker or stamp inside the logbook. What do other cachers think? PS: We don't mean to offend any cachers out there an on this forum who currently make use of these sorts of papers in caches.
  4. Arthur Alexander.....but this is just a guess. I have come across his name in full as my daughter loves Winnie the Pooh, but for the life of me I just cannot remember what his initials stand for!
  5. GEO936


    Congrats CABEY!! That is a great achievement - here's to your next 500! It was great to see you at the Tswaing Event this weekend and thanks for the chat! Would've loved to have caught up a bit more but we got separated from the convoy while taking some pics with animals and racing TBs
  6. Guesses: Gerhard van Roodt Gideon van Rynvelt Have not googled this as yet, and although his face looks very familiar, I cannot think of his name!
  7. Hey Ginger....we are willing to help out. Please get in touch with us over email (we did send you a message last night) and let us know addresses and we'll make a plan. We are willing to help out the racers....one for all - all for one! Cheers GEO936
  8. Just got to thinking about this response cincol....can you please confirm that if we (GEO936) take a photo of a racing TB with 5 different animals (i.e. one animal per pic over a period of time resulting in 5 photos each with its own animal e.g. zebra, impala, warthog, elephant & lion), do each of those photos earn the 5 bonus points each? Also, I am guessing that bonus points will only be awarded once per animal species, e.g. one photo with a zebra and that's it. Please confirm. Unfortunately, we read a lot of ambiguity in your explanations/responses....not sure why and if it is just us, but we are not so bright upstairs you see.
  9. Mr Damhuis? Jokes aside....have no idea who it could be but thinking of a common dutch name would it be van something?
  10. Mr GEO936 seems to think it is a name of one of the AMD processors? Any other hints?
  11. Oh dear.... I've been working in the computer industry for 20 years now, and I am stumped (what's new?). Does it have something to do with mainframes or one of the first computers that was made in the late 60's/early 70's? You know, those mammoth computers which filled a room and had a total disk space of 40Kb? Would the creator be the guy that started IBM or the one that left IBM to start up AppleMac?
  12. Okay, so it's back to Mount Everest as the place but the person is what we are after. I have no idea, and since I would not be able to respond I googled it. I know the answer now....not an easy one for me!
  13. We also nominate this cute pic for July. Well done SAfricanSweetP! You are obviously well connected to be able to get into the cages!
  14. Eish...thanks UH. I'm still at a loss (I should've paid more attention in class when I was younger). I guess it is somewhere in the Himalayas, but maybe not someone that climbed Everest and rather someone that climbed K2?
  15. We nominate this one for the July entries! Nice one Far-Jar-Hug!
  16. Oh heck...I'm not as well educated as you guys are. Please could I ask for a tiny clue? Does it have to do with a natural wonder i.e. mountain, or does it have to do with something that is man-made?
  17. GEO936


    We are a bit late on the take, but CONGRATULATIONS to Team Ginger on your engagement! That is great news! Congrats to all our fellow geocachers out there that have reached major milestones recently! We don't keep up to date often enough on the Forum, so we are a bit late with milestone congrats!!
  18. This is a cool pic for the June nominations .... there are three or four racers in the tree, but we really liked it!
  19. Aaahh...yes. Our apologies...we didn't recall reading about it on the TB Race webpage But have seen it now and will need to think a little more creatively from now on! Just another question. All the race standings seem to revolve around the distance that the TB has covered. It seems that the points from photos with animals, and rugby jerseys, etc. do not seem to make any difference at this stage. Just wondering if all our efforts with photographing TBs to gain extra points is worth while?
  20. Okay - we're a bit lost at the moment....what is up with this "Photo of the Month" story? We don't remember reading about it on the rules for the Race, nor do we remember seeing any updates on this Forum thread that there is a Photo of the Month up for grabs? Is this just a "fun" thing or does it earn points?
  21. Hi MrsB....we retrieved your Racer today and took a photo of it with a New SA Rugby Jersey which has earned it an extra 10 points!! Will post the photo soon. We will also be placing your Racer in a new cache tomorrow, near to Pretoria. Good Luck!
  22. Okay - no problem. We can keep the thread going - whatever works out to be the easiest and majority rule!
  23. I think we should start a new thread for the actual duration of the race. Not sure what others will think? Thanks for everything that you have done so far Damhuisclan!
  24. Hi Team Ginger. I know that Quintus (geocacher.coza) did say that he needed to sell off some geocoins, but I have not heard from him. He does sell TB dog tags too, but I am not sure if he will be bringing some of these along with him on Sunday. Unfortunately, we don't have any spare tags of our own (we are using our last spare for the race entrant). I hope someone else will be able to bring along a spare dog tag to sell to you. Cheers! Silvia
  25. Oh WOW!! If we can say so on our behalf, the TB entrants are looking FANTASTIC!! We are still searching for a suitable bug to attach to our dog tag. Lots of tough competition, so we'll have to search long and hard!! All of this is making us very, very excited about this Race! Thanks again Cincol for initiating it!
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