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  1. Pity I missed this post! I would've been more than happy to take you around. Perhaps next time or perhaps you'll be able to make it to our Mega Event next year!
  2. Back to the topic.... Crocodile/crocodylus?
  3. Hi guys....sorry....slightly off topic, but here goes! Please check out www.geocachingsa.com and REGISTER your intention to attend Mega South Africa as well as cast your Vote for the logo to represent/brand the Mega. Thanks so much!
  4. When you visit the GoSA website (www.geocachingsa.com), please take a look at the "Suggested Logos" and cast your Vote on which one you think would best represent the first ever Mega Event in South Africa! We're counting on you!!!
  5. The REGISTRATION is now open and running for your intention to attend. Please go to www.geocachingsa.com and click on "Register for SA Mega" in the bottom left hand side. Please remember to enter a row per individual in your team. So if your team consists of three people, you'll need three rows, one per individual. We are close to the 100 mark, but we need at least 500 entries to motivate a early cache listing! Thanks in advance!
  6. Hey hey hey Everyone!! Thanks for the GREAT ideas...pleeeeeaaaazzzzzeeeee keep them coming! No decisions or voting has taken place as yet. We need as many ideas and entries as possible and then the planning committee will draw up a short list by the 15 November 2011. Then we'll give two weeks for everyone to vote on their preferred choice and we'll go with the majority vote. Where is GPS Storm our resident graphic designers? Perhaps they could put something together? I LOVE the one with the Giraffe - hy is baie oulik! But that is a good idea, a sort of sylised/cartoonified looking Giraffe or Ele or Rhino would be great. I agree that the logo (which will also be the brand) needs to be simple and catchy. It needs to be interesting and printable in all or as many formats. About SAMP - We don't necessarily need to use it or keep it as part of the logo. If things work out better as "MEGA South Africa" or "1st South African Mega" then that is also fine. I don't think that anything is cast in stone, other than the date and that it should say "MEGA" and "South Africa". Cheers Silvia
  7. Hi Everyone I know that some other threads have mentioned media articles about Geocaching in South Africa. But I would like to include two new ones from Johannesburg, as well as include the one from Cape Town. If you have been involved with an Article as well, please feel free to add to this topic that I've started. Greetings Silvia (GEO936) Cape Town: http://www.capetownmagazine.com/things-to-do-cape-town/Geocaching-in-the-Mother-City/15_52_53510 Johannesburg: http://www.jda.org.za/news-and-media-releases-2011/september/738-go-get-your-geocache Johannesburg - Lonehill: WHAT IS GEOCACHING? If you hike chances are you’ve passed within a few feet of one. If you’ve visited a shopping mall, you might have parked right next to one. If you’ve stopped to rest on a park bench, you may have been sitting on one. There may be one in the park across the street, or on the summit of that hill you drive past every day, or along the shore of that scenic pond where you walk your dog. They are everywhere, yet unseen by most people. That is, unseen by all but a small, but growing group of people who call themselves geocachers. It's called geocaching. And smart phones equipped with GPS navigation have made it even easier for the average person to embark on a treasure hunting adventure. Who are these people who have this gift to see what others can’t? They are doctors, teachers, police officers, IT techies, homemakers and executives. They are students and retirees. They are families and singles. They are serious outdoorsmen and computer geeks but they all have one thing in common - they hunt geocaches, these things that the rest of us regularly pass by unawares. So what exactly is a geocache? In its simplest form it is a weather resistant container, containing a log book for visitors to sign, perhaps a pencil and if the container is large enough, sometimes there is an assortment of trinkets of modest value (usually worth no more than a few Rands) to swap. They are carefully concealed from the rest of us, but geocachers know where to find them thanks to GPS technology. You can use a GPS, an iPhone or other smartphone, which can point out the locations of geocaches closest to you. When you find one, write your name and the date in the geocache logbook and record it on your online membership profile. Sign up for a free membership at www.geocaching.com to receive the locations and clues to finding geocaches. Want to know more? A few of us are getting together to share our experiences, so pop by and ask your questions. Where: Lonehill Park (S 26° 00.888 E 028° 01.616) below the dam When: Saturday 10 September 2011, between 09:30 and 12:00
  8. Thanks GPS Storm... I think I would remove the handle of the part as before....I like the colours of the wording.
  9. Two new entries from a great geocaching couple that we first met in Finland and spent a lot of time with in Germany - Los Mosquitos (Hanni & Thomas). They are so keen about us being involved with planning South Africa's first Mega Event that they want to get involved too and help out wherever possible. They have worked on ideas for a logo. They thought the "African elephant" would be a great symbol to signify "MEGA". Elephant with no white edge Elephant with white edge (space) Thank you Hanni & Thomas from Germany for your interest and support with our Mega Planning!!
  10. So .... it would be nice to have a logo which we could use on everything...like a company.....to have a brand.....but yes, simplicity is nice or a little detail can also work (see Switzerland). GPS Storm...perhaps change the colouring of the wording around the pot....perhaps blend the South African flag onto the pot (soften the edges)...perhaps use the geocaching cross with "G" as the indicator that the Mega will take place somewhere in or around Gauteng??? Thanks!!
  11. The logo for Finland was used everywhere and created an identity, a brand, and it made it really great for us as attendees. Switzerland also used their cow logo right through. Cache listing page: Mega T-shirts:
  12. Ideas from Mega Switzerland - their theme was "Farm" and their event took place on a Farm:
  13. Some logo ideas/sketches: The Event Bubble to indicate an Event (Switzerland used this) - Rolf's sketches: Potjie pot with flames and logs - Jessica (one of our employee's sketch): Managed to get Paula's Pot as an image instead of a link:
  14. The Geocoin for Mega Finland - the bird was the logo on all their documentation, etc.
  15. Thanks GlobalRat....we will be sure to get permission once we are closer to finalising the design.
  16. I've run out of time....will post the ideas tomorrow! Night night.
  17. Posted on the Facebook page as well. It seems that the tight deadline has scared off many fellow cachers. So we've discussed it and decided that we'll put together a basic, simple advert for the flyer to go to France. And we'll extend the deadline for idea submissions to Friday, 30 September 2011. So get those creative juices flowing and post us your ideas!
  18. Thanks for all the ideas and feedback so far. The logo should be something that can be made into a coin as well as printed on a t-shirt and on all the Mega notices and documentation. I will post stuff from Mega Finland and Mega Switzerland. GPS Storm thanks for your creativity so far! So good to have you on board!
  19. Wow! That is a great start. Thanks GPS Storm!! (we had sent you a PM about the logo as well but our message was returned undelivered). Could you perhaps put just the SA flag colours on the front of the pot, or the outline of SA coloured inside with the flag? Take out the GC logo or maybe just use aspects of it like the "G" with cross or maybe leave that put all together. Take out URL and put 04-07 October 2012. These are just some suggestions. We also thought of the open pot and inside have SAMP looking food but have that in gold (pot of gold at the end of the rainbow = treasure). Thanks for the effort so far. I will add Paula's idea and the ideas from other Megas tonight for mor ideas.
  20. Hi All Geocachers in SA!! We need your ideas and creativity with putting together a logo for South Africa's first MEGA Event which will take place from 04 to 07 October 2012. The term "SAMP" has been coined as it is a very South African dish and stands for "South Africa MEGA Party". We would like something that typically signifies South Africa, as well as the geocaching colours or logo (orange, green, yellow, blue). We have some ideas already with a potjie pot, but we would like some more. Put on your thinking caps and send us your ideas to: geo936@gmail.com or post them on topic. We need to have your feedback by the latest 17 September 2011. If you have graphic designer skills, and can help with the actual design work, please contact us as well. Much appreciated and look forward to hearing from you!! Best regards Silvia & Rolf Ludwig - GEO936 PS: Reason for deadline is to have a flyer done before the 20th September to send to one of our geocaching friends who will be attending the planned Mega Event in France and this will be a form of marketing with overseas cachers. - This request has also been added to the Geocaching SA group on Facebook. If you are on Facebook, please join this group (if you haven't done so already ).
  21. GEO936


    Congrats Damhuisclan for your first century. It was also for us your flash mob which was the first event we attended! We also love reading your diary and looking at all the photos. Best of luck for the next 1000!!! iPajero - wow congrats on your 5000.... Shew way to go. Best of luck for the many, many, many years to come of geocaching. To all the other milestone achievers - congrats guys!!
  22. Hi Quintus.... The date has been set. It will be from 04 to 07 October 2012. Hope to see you there!!
  23. YAY - we think it is great to be able to offer a Power Trail for those that wish to do it. I love the fact that we have a little of everything to offer!
  24. YAY - we think it is great to be able to offer a Power Trail for those that wish to do it. I love the fact that we have a little of everything to offer!
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