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  1. The AROMERC-EHCAC should be sorted before the event, as the cache owners said they would check it out for us. We were hoping to get our Monkey Business also sorted before the Event, but it doesn't look like it is going to happen due to the death in the property owner's family. We really want to get their permission to place the new hide. I think there are a total of 8 caches in the Gardens themselves - 4 mysteries, 2 trads and 2 multis. The Event makes it 9 and then if the one just outside (AROMERC-EHCAC) is sorted it will be 10!! But you are right, there are loads of other caches available in the area - the views for many of them are also amazing! I agree with you - I also hope that the rain stays away for the day (it is more than welcome to come during the night!)
  2. Will give it a bash with our lucky numbers - 963m.
  3. Oh WOW...Oh WOW!! Guess who'll be attending our Event...the one and only....the amazing....the incredible......JORS!!! Whoop! Whoop!! Our apologies for going crazy....hee hee. It is just that we are honoured to have the oldest geocacher (in terms of years geocaching not in person's age), attending our Event. Thanks Jors! We feel very special - you made our day!
  4. Another nomination for Photo of the Month! What a BRILLIANT shot of Geitjie with a real live equivalent!! Well done. Photo taken by Spokkie, Geitjie belongs to Esitoli
  5. A nomination for Photo of the Month: Photo taken by Fish Eagle of Wormgeocache's Worms Roadrunner. We think it is so cute to be nestled in all the greenery and flowers!! Well done!
  6. Oh WOW!!! RedGlobe...that is AWESOME news! Congratulations. We hope your son has a great time at his wedding day and we wish him all the best for his future! We will miss you all, but of course you have a VERY valid reason not to be at the Event ! Thanks for the advice. We'll arrange to have a space at the Restaurant (Eagle Fayre) should the weather not be condusive to a picnic. The hike for the caches will still continue .
  7. Oh my...with all the Afrikaans on the go, I think I should also post something in die Taal. Please excuse all the errors - I'm English speaking and got a "D" for Afrikaans 2de Taal waneer ek in skool was!! Ons het ook 'n paar van die "puzzles" uitgewerk, so dit sal baie lekker wees om al die caches in hierdie moei tuine saam te doen! Natuurlik kan almal saam stap en die caches te kry/vind...dis die idee van hierdie Event!! Maar asseblief, moenie vergeet dat ek sal by die pikniek plek wees...en dit sal gaaf wees om 'n bietjie "company" te he!
  8. Oh WOW!! Sounds more like a dam than a pool to me!! Who on earth could make a pool so big? Obviously they don't do any water changes!
  9. Whoop! Whoop!! We will have a KZNer geo-cacher - DRDM Raider - popping round to this Event! How lucky is that to have a visitor from a far! Of course if Wazat also comes, we'll have more visitors from our lovely province - KZN. But seriously, all cachers from anywhere and everywhere are welcome to come. It would be great to share some stories!
  10. Thanks cincol!! You also helped to make our last Event the success that it was! If you're in town on that weekend, you must pop round!! We really miss you down here in RSA!
  11. With such glorious weather that we have been having lately, it seemed fit to arrange a nice picnic Event. It will take place on Saturday, 14 November from 09h30 to 14h00. We also plan to do some caching at the Gardens. We know that many of you have probably done all the caches there, but it would still be great if you would come to the Event for some socialising. Between ourselves and besem we've worked out the co-ords for the 4 mystery caches there. There are also two multis (one by GlobalRat and the other by GreenJaM) and two traditionals. We've also been in contact with Skywalker and Leia regarding their sneaky AROMERC EHCAC hide, and they plan to have it checked/fixed before the Event. So if you are keen to visit the West Rand and meet some fellow geocachers, this is the Event to attend! Since the 94.7 Cycle Race is on the 15th Nov, we are hoping that some cachers (who are doing the Race) from other provinces will be able to attend this Event - it would be AWESOME to meet you guys!!! So if you will be up in GP over that weekend, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pop round to the Event. Please remember to put this Event on your watchlist for any changes or updates! We hope to see as many of you there as possible! Remember that there will still be time in the afternoon to do more geocaching in the West Rand area - so make a day of it!
  12. That is correct!! Well done Damhuisclan. Just goes to show how the good old books are still in need these days! Maderia is part of Portugal but it lies closer to Africa than it does to Portugal. It is made up of a number of islands and smaller islets, of which the three main islands are: Madeira, Porto Santo and the Desertas. Only Madeira and Porto Santo are inhabited. Madiera is the island where my parents were born - they then immigrated for a "better life" to South Africa in the early 60's. When I took Rolf to visit Madeira in 2004, he fell in love with it instantly and wanted to stay there for good!! It used to be the spot where royalty were sent to, when they had to "recover" from illnesses, etc. Madeira was known, and apparently it still has, one of the cleanest and healthiest air to breath. It is also never too cold nor too hot there - so ideal all year round. You can also have all four seasons in a day, as you can have the sun shining at the beach and 20 mins later you're in the clouds on the highest peak at 1862m above sea level. Not many people know about this wonderful archipelago. I'm proud to be a"madeirense", even though I was born in South Africa! Your turn Damhuisclan....
  13. Oh WOW....can't believe my lucky streak at the moment! I was going to ask if that fish was from caves or something as it looked very pale and ugly - typical of the dark deeps! Okay, here goes: What is the name of the beautiful archipelago that is situated approx. 580km from North West Africa and is also known as the "Pearl of the Atlantic" and "The Floating Garden"?
  14. Well done CH - not all 100% but I'll give it to you. For interest sake, uBhejane is the zulu name for Black or hook-lipped rhinoceros and Mkhombe is the zulu name for White or square-lipped rhinoceros. Just to complete and correct the scientific names: Buffalo - Syncerus caffer Leopard - Panthera pardus Rhino (Black) - Diceros bicornis Rhino (White) - Ceratotherium simum The elephant species is africana....not sure if it was a typo? Your turn CH....
  15. Okay, have decided to ask something related to what the GEO936 family really loves - our wildlife in South Africa. It is an easy one . What is the scientific name and the zulu name for the big 5? African or Cape buffalo Leopard Lion Rhinoceros (you can choose either the white or the black) Elephant
  16. Whoo hoo!!!! WOW, can't believe I have finally guessed something more or less correctly!! I should've guessed that special year in the first place (special not just because of the plane but because I was born too - haa haa!! ) Anyway, thanks cincol. Now that I am so unprepared I will need to give a little bit of thought to my question. mmmmmm. Will be back soon....
  17. Okay, that was the year of Rolf's birth, so I'm going to take a chance with the year of my birth - 1971. I have no idea of the month, so will guess it as my birthday month - September.
  18. I'm sure it was still in the 70's. I'll try 1972 then. Month - March.
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