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    Welcome to the Red Proteas who just signed on Saturday, 14th November in the morning. They then proceded to our Picnic in the Garden Event and went on the long, tough hike to find geocaches with the rest of the crowd!! Well done!! Remember to give us a shout if you need any assistance!! Best of luck and we hope you enjoy caching as much as we do!
  2. Yes, I saw that one .... and while I was chuckling I meant to email you about it, but then thought that the newbies logged incorrectly. They obviously didn't even read the listing and just blindly posted a DNF! Is this something you would want to delete? Or leave it on there for a laugh?
  3. Looks like the weather will be fine tomorrow....well I'm praying!! We are looking forward to a great morning out in the Gardens!
  4. Hi C&C....glad to hear you'll be visiting GP for a day! At least with geocaching it will make the trip worthwhile, and hopefully the weather will be good too to add the cherry on top! There are quite a number of caches in the area - sort of Sandton way and then if you head out to Randburg way, there are some more. Are you looking for small to large sized caches, or just fun or good caches to do which could be micros or nanos as well? Let us know what you're after and we'll give some more ideas!
  5. GEO936


    We just want to congratulate adysally for their 8th Wedding Anniversary today! Well done guys....may the next 8 years and more be filled with fun, love and lots of geocaching!!
  6. Oh rats!! I knew the answer to CH's question but was off-line this morning...oh well.....lose some win some!!
  7. Wow Bouts777 - those are GREAT ideas... we like them!! Maybe we'll also put together some ready made small caches which are complete with swag, logbook, etc. i.e. ready to be hidden. We'll sponsor those as prizes too - say three of them.
  8. I spoke to Rolf, and we'll sponsor another unactivated geocoin prize! So you now have one more category, excluding the TB dog tags.
  9. GEO936

    The Sandpit

    1 ) The is open to EVERYONE - WE ARE NOT EXCLUSIVE 2 ) Yes Rule 1 - TB has to be at the event 3) The orginal idea was TB's only but if you have a new coin you want to enter it can however you will not have an advantage by doing so. If you are quick there is a KZN cacher going the the JHB event this weekend and they can bring your entry back with them.... Look forward to recieving your entry Okay that is GREAT!! Yes, we are the ones hosting the Event so we'll try our utmost to have a TB ready for DRDM & Raider to take back with them! Thanks.
  10. We think your categories are great. As a spare category (if the TB dog togs materialise), how about : TB with the best/most photos (if that is possible to determine)? Also, I will chat to Rolf, but it is possible that we may be able to sponsor another geocoin prize - but I will need to confirm first. If that works out, then we'll have another category for a coin prize!
  11. Hi Damhuisclan..thanks for the weather report!! Let's hope the weatherman makes a bit of an error and God looks favourably on us and gives us a dry morning. Even if it is overcast, it will be great but the rain just has to stay away for the morning. From 3pm or so the rain can come!!
  12. Just a guess following besem's take : It was the first time that black pilots were allowed to fly the huge SAA jumbo jets on long haul international flights. Previously they had only been allowed to fly domestic flights.
  13. GEO936

    The Sandpit

    Hi there...just a few of questions re. this TB race. 1. If you say "open to everyone" do you mean a cacher from Gauteng can enter, or is it just for KZN cachers or ex-KZN cachers? 2. Does the TB owner need to be present at the Event which kicks off the race? 3. Can the entrant be a geocoin, or is it strictly for TBs (dog tags) only? Thanks!
  14. Was it that old SAA DC10 or DC20 that was refurbished and you could pay to go on a flip with it? It was noisy but quite fun, and it was at all the airshows (when we used to have them). For the life of me I just can't remember the name - something like "Junkers". Not even Rolf can remember!
  15. As far as I understand it, if the same cacher posts multiple pics, you only get the 2 points once no more thereafter. If different cachers post pics of the Racer e.g. with animals, then it means your Racer earns a total of 7 points - 2 points for posting a pic and 5 points for the animal. If you were to be the same cacher doing all the pics, you would only earn 2 points for the first pic and no more thereafter. The points for each animal (5 points) would still apply though. Hope I didn't confuse you any more, but cincol will be able to confirm.
  16. Killing something.....in the lower region of the body.
  17. That was the year my older sister was born - she is the clever and beautiful one. Okay, back to the question. Something to do with South West Africa and the war there, where all our conscript guys were sent to the "border". (sorry, had to remove the question mark and stuff, as I'm not the one supposed to be asking the questions!!)
  18. Close enough GR...your turn! I was looking for Singapore, Vatican City and Monaco. However, the United Nations does include Gibraltar in its list. So it is accepted! Go for it!
  19. Okay here is one (thanks to my sister who came up with it): Name three sovereign city-states in the World.
  20. GEO936


    Oh wow...I see the point. Personally, I think booking in TBs and Geocoins are not necessary for Earthcaches!! I feel that Earthcaches are there to teach you something about our earth, as well as benefitting from earning a smiley. It is a nice change from a "container" type cache!
  21. Easy heh? Take it, GEO936! Some reading if you're interested: Invention of the Tellurometer – a giant leap forward The story behind the Tellurometer story Whoop Whoop!! Well, not really that easy, but the rules say "no googling" which means that the good old fashioned paper dictionary on our bookshelf is still okay to use!! We knew it was a measuring device of some sort, but learnt a bit more of the details! mmmmm, will need to give it a bit of thought. watch this space!
  22. Hey everyone....the AROMERC-EHCAC (GC1PKEJ) has been checked out and it is still snug and safe in its hiding place!! So all the DNFs mean that the hide eluded the cachers!! That is how a cache should be hidden - safe from muggles and a challenge for geocachers!! So everyone, be prepared for some extra fun with this one!!
  23. GEO936


    But then should it still be called an Earthcache or rather now a Geologicalcache?? Seems silly to me to narrow down the type of earthcache to just items of a geological nature.
  24. A distance measuring device which uses the time that micro or radio waves take to reach a distance once they have been transmitted....... or something like that.
  25. GEO936


    I haven't been keeping in the loop on this topic (but will do so from now on), and was quite amazed to read about old hennieventer!! Even if it is an honest mistake about the Platinum level, surely he is familiar enough with the requirements? Unless, he thinks because he has made so many finds in different provinces and countries, that that alone qualifies for platinum status?? Very weird. Is it possible to ask geoaware to contact hv to find out about how he got the status without hiding any earthcaches, or would that seem like "interfering"?
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