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  1. Hey cincol....Jackie Chan does Kung-Fu, not Karate. Karate is from Japan, Kung-Fu is from China. I practiced Kung-Fu (Hong Keun - Tiger & Crane) for 4 years, 4 days a week. When I was very young, fit and had loads more time than I do now. But we are getting off the topic here. I have no idea of the name of the movie. Please give a clue?
  2. GEO936


    I know these are late, but Congrats HHSA on your 500th (that was super fast - well done) and to Fish Eagle on becoming a Platinum Earthcacher!
  3. GEO936


    Congrats to Willow the Cacher Dog on reaching 200 caches! (Rhino & Hedgehog's dog).
  4. GEO936

    The Sandpit

    Congrats Willow!! You are a great cacher and an inspiration even to us non-canines! Good luck for the next 200 finds!
  5. Are we allowed to give a few options to our predictions? Like... 2 April 2010 (because that is my Father-in-law's birthday), if not reached by this date, then: 3 May 2010 (Rolf's birthday), if not reached by this date, then: 28 May 2010 (My Mom's birthday), if not reached by this date, then: 18 June 2010 (My Dad's birthday), if not reached by this date, then: 26 June 2010 (Nadia's birthday)
  6. Rats - I knew the answer to this one. I have family in Sao Paulo and was amazed to learn of the Japanese population there.....it is a HUGE city...with all sorts of "quarters", etc. We had a great time there....long before the bambinos arrived!!
  7. OH WOW!!! No I hadn't seen that at all!! Okay, how about I call it a tie, and you both speak to each other and ask a combined question? LOL about the Dutch boyfriend and his elusive tattoo
  8. That is correct, but the Pooks got it first! Sorry! PS:.....Just LOVE your disclaimer on your stats page
  9. Which country is the only Dutch-speaking region in the Western Hemisphere that is not a part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands?
  10. Whoop! whoop! Thanks!! Thank goodness we do a lot of business in the East and our very detailed map had the little, tiny, pin prick of the island on it
  11. Thinking of the island with a "J"? Just checked our detailed map of the Indonesia/Philippines/Malaysia at our office and I found it! It is Jolo...I knew there was a "J" somewhere there. My sister confirmed that they were taken from the island of Sipadan. And the rebels were Abu Sayef...
  12. Crumbs....I can only check the map of the Philippines that we have at the office tomorrow when I'm there. I am sure the island's name will "jump out" at me when I see it I have the name of the rebels at the tip of my tongue....Aby something with a "J"?? ...... I even remember reading all about Monique's story in one of my pregnancy magazines and how she named her son "Luc" which is the French version because one of the other captives, a French lady became their good friend and even their son's godmother.
  13. Oh dear...just hit a blank! I remember this ordeal very well, as I listened to the news on the radio everyday on my way to work. But I can't remember the specifics.....mmmmm........just called my sister and she helped me a bit: Was it off the island Sipadan (sp?) and the rebels were "Al something" or "Al bufiat (sp?)" or "Abu Siat" or "Abu something" rebels?
  14. I was going to ask whether it had something to do with sport!! But was too shy to ask a question, as I'm supposed to be answering a question.....still don't know though. I only get to listen to the news on the radio on the way to work - no time to read the newspaper websites!!
  15. Have no idea - wild guess - guessing this is a "he" who has the longest fingernails?
  16. GEO936

    The Sandpit

    Cool Bananas!! We'll be there from 27 Feb to 3 March...maybe we can hook up for a cache or two? Would have to be easy peasy ones, because we have the bambinos..we'll leave the adventurous ones for you guys ! We were also hoping to do the TWIN cache - you know the one of the Pienaars brothers. I'm going to post a note on the twin cache topic. We'll be meeting up with Ysbeer somwhere from the 1st March and the 5th of March. He is from Toti. Why not meet up at the same place.And then maybe do a couple of caches. Sounds like a plan, but be warned, we are not as free and flexible as we would like to be. We will join you for the ones we can, but may need to miss out on the ones we can't. We still need to fit in a visit to uShaka for the kids, so will see how and when we can meet. Don't plan for us to join you just yet, make your plans and we'll fit into them as we can. Thanks!
  17. That is correct! Well done...your turn!
  18. 6 out of 12 Will give some help here. Cobras - think of the goodie that arrows go into Eels - think of the same collective noun as for bees or ants Finches - think of how Romeo used his "_ _ a _ m" to win over Juliet Hippo - think of how you feel when you have had too much to eat (but just singular term) or what happens when two vehicles collide - they _ _ _ _ h. Jellyfish - what a naughty child gets when his/her parents have had it - _ _ _ _ k! DB got the oysters one correct. The rest were correct between DB and CnC.
  19. Yes, was hoping that one person could get at least 9 of them right. I thought it was quite an easy question actually? Normally the questions are for people with PhDs, really thought that this was a simple one. PS: You only got 4 correct answers.....come on, it's not that difficult
  20. Nice find - thank you for letting us know! We think it is a great idea too! We have also just registered, and will definitely make use of it in future.
  21. Oh WOW!!! Now you know why we have 936 as part of our handle name - these are our lucky numbers!! Okay, here goes (inspired by one of the songs on Nadia's Beautiful Creatures CD): What is the collective noun of the following list of animals: Ants Bears (not Polar Bears) Cobras Dolphins Eels Finches Gorillas Hippopotami Jellyfish Kangaroos Oysters Tigers
  22. Sounds like you two had a blast!! We look forward to finding some of the caches !
  23. Rolf has offered to do a talk on the following: - How NOT to use GSAK ( ) (because he really doesn't like it) - How to use Google Earth to plan a route for caching (but I'm sure everyone knows how to do that!) Jokes aside, I'm sure when we've attended the Techno Event, you'll be able to convert Rolf to using and liking GSAK! I still need to learn from scratch, so my feelings are neutral towards it!
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