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  1. Ummm, JW??? - sorry, still have no idea!
  2. Setting up a separate group in FB would work but then not everyone wants to be on FB... And many people may be blocked from it.... Can we not do something on sageostats? That's true - you have to register onto Facebook in order to see the photos. Maybe having it on SAGeostats would be a good idea. Are you going to ask CF?
  3. I agree with all the suggestions i.e. keep it simple and non-competitive and have an annual winner from the monthly winners. Who would be the judge for the annual winner - all the previous judges/contributors? Great idea from cincol about putting them onto the Facebook group! However, I would be in big trouble if I did that and my family found out, as I haven't been keeping my own pictures up to date on FB!
  4. Thanks for the answer CH...I was thinking that the event happened in South Africa, not abroad, hence why I had no idea about the white cloud thing! Interesting story, I certainly don't remember any of that! Wrt your new question....I have absolutely no idea! A little clue perhaps?
  5. Hi Trev Gee....when we take our pics we don't do it with photographic achievements in mind, so our pics will just be the run of the mill snaps. Sorry, guess we don't have the pro photographic skills, nor do we enjoy lugging our heavy, large SLR camera to caches. We prefer our small, basic little snap shot camera which will never take excellent shots with all the pro photographic requirements such as aperture size, etc. Is this thread supposed to be for pro photos or just whichever photos you take when you go caching?
  6. Whoa....you got me! Have no idea....are you referring to something related to Cape Town? Have no idea what/where the "land of the white cloud" is? Sorry, I think I will need to keep my mouth shut on this one as I'm out of guesses and at the risk of starting to sound stupid (although I am anyway ), it would be best to wait until someone else has got it!
  7. Hi Nadia & Co OPOR means “Obvious Pile Of Rocks” Please see the “Glossary of terms” http://www.geocaching.com/about/glossary.aspx for more info and acronyms. Thank you RedGlobe, actually visited the page and google'd the term all with no success! These forums and helpful cachers like yourself are essential! Hi there...just saw this post now on this thread. If you go to http://www.acronymfinder.com/OPOR.html you'll see the meaning for OPOR....I submitted it to this website of acronyms because I also wasn't able to find the meaning for OPOR when we started geocaching. Eventually, I came across a listing which had the meaning, so added it to the Acronym website for other geocachers.
  8. I have absolutely no idea. I can't even remember as far back as 15 years ago. Does it have something to do with parachuting and not so much flying of planes? Or was it the acrobatic planes? But Discombob has mentioned those already. In those days they were not known as Red Bull....can't remember what they were known as but I do remember Eon de Vos was one of the pilots. But I'm babbeling away here without any significance to the question on hand!
  9. Thanks for the good question The Pooks....I learnt something new and useful too!!
  10. Gee whiz Wayne...this is a STUNNING shot..you are brilliant!
  11. This is a great idea!!! I love looking at the geocaching photos!! It would be great to vote on some and even give it a bash and post some of our own. GlobalRat is a guy - Stephen, and if you want to see brilliant photos, look at Pelican Brief's pics from Kruger Park - amazing! BruceTP also takes some awesome shots - he is really good at taking pics at caches. Of course there is also the brilliant Wazat.....don't know how he does it but he is also very good. Can't wait to start voting..can't we allow three per cacher per month?? One sounds too restrictive....three is a good number!
  12. Have no idea.... they are all maintained by the same maintenance company which is owned by a South African?
  13. She was the 1st woman to do.......something......that made her have a "claim to fame" that we are now trying to guess!! Are any of us getting warmer?
  14. Wow, she died young - even for those days (women are supposed to live longer than men ). I still have no idea. Did she write a famous novel? If no, I'll go with what the Pooks say...Although I love Wazat's creative thinking!!
  15. Tom...I think we need a bit of help here. What era are we talking about here? Pre-1900s or After-1900s? Like was it the 50s, 60s or what exactly? I have never heard of this name, except that "Lovelace" is the macaroni penguin in "Happy Feet" with voice from Robin Williams (brilliant). Okay, another try she was a famous opera singer or musician.
  16. Is "Ada" perhaps not a female but a male, who was famous for inventing something?
  17. I am guessing you guys are not going to offer to run the new race? How about you do administer the new race, but with new rules - simple ones? Making it easier and less time consuming, as I am sure you guys have spent oodles of time on the current race. Although, I must add the current race has been so much fun so far and very exciting with all the bonus points, and points for pics. Look at the wonderful creativity and sharing it nurtured? Not to mention the friendships with each other and the racers themselves. Thanks for all your effort and hard work - it is greatly appreciated!
  18. How about a quarter of a byte at two bits?
  19. something that is smaller than a "byte"? Not sure actually, it could also be an acronym like "naafi"....but I can't think of the details for "nibble"....no interest because....?? Everyone knows what "naafi" stands for right
  20. Yep, checked it too and found it on 28 Dec 2009....that is probably why I remembered, because it was recently. Any earlier in 2009 and I'm sure I would never have picked up on it. What happens now? Cause we all know the answer now? Does Wazat give it another bash ?
  21. I'm sure we've had this question before...but I haven't checked yet?
  22. Another Feb nomination: BruceTP's 2009 Great SA TB Race Medallion - photo taken by JustinDett Beautiful picture!
  23. More nominations for Feb: 2009 SA Bug Racer - The Capital TB (ZA - KZN) - photo taken by Ysbeer We absolutely LOVE this one with the "Ysbeer" himself! Too cute! The Love Bug - photo taken by Wazat Brilliant!! Baby Love Bug meets long lost Daddy Love Bug!! The Love Bug - photo taken by Wazat Nice one of the old sign, not many of those around anymore. The Love Bug - photo taken by Wazat Good shot! Great idea! The Love Bug - photo taken by Wazat Enjoyed this one with so much achievement in it - Congrats on this FTF! The Love Bug - photo taken by Wazat We really thought this was VERY creative! We loved it - well done!
  24. Some more photo nominations for February: Cachechu - photo taken by Tigu717 Nice to see the Wild Dog, all sleepy by the fence! Cachechu - photo taken by Tigu717 Hello Mr Gorilla...posing so nicely for the photo! Cachechu - photo taken by Tigu717 Now this is an animal you don't see often, especially not during the day! Cachechu - photo taken by Tigu717 Nice one with two of our national symbols - the springbok and the blue crane!
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