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  1. Finding a pure breed of a bloodhound for those fox hunts that the UK people like/d to do?
  2. Oh my word, I have no idea about this one so here is a wild guess: Does it have something to do with the search for new "pure" land for the planting of new crops? OR Something to do with herbs?
  3. ding! to cincol!! Fauresmith it is! i had a feeling you would get it...your go!
  4. I mean in the middle of the main road, not crossing over it. Not Magaliesburg
  5. hee! hee! I'll give it a go! What is the name of the ONLY town in South Africa (which is also one of three in the world), where the railway track runs through the middle of the main road?
  6. I also think the third venue is the Free State Stadium in Bloem....
  7. Okay, here goes a second try: Loftus Versveld - Pretoria Soccer City - Johannesburg Ellis Park - Johannesburg
  8. Have no idea, but taking a wild guess: Greenpoint Stadium - Cape Town Durban Stadium - Durban Lofts Versveld - Pretoria
  9. Would the third country be Portugal?
  10. It's Ophra This was a show to celebrate her 24 year on Tv. So she got the blackeyed peas to be part of the show. I dont watch Ophra, but i though it was amazing to see how they could get all those people to dance exactly the same way! Just checked out the vids....thanks! Was very cool to watch. They actually choreographed the whole dance, so it is not regular people like it is made to look and the dance is now called the "Mob Dance", and you can actually learn the moves too!! Maybe we should organise a dance such as this for a Flash Mob Event!
  11. Okay, so I am guessing that Mexico and France are correct. Third, let's see.......is it a small European country?
  12. Okay, let's try: Mexico France Ghana
  13. I agree with you - it would really irritate us if we had to go to a lot of effort for a micro. We had a similar case here - some of the most difficult mysteries with the cache being a micro - film cartridge - in a place which could handle a larger cache size! grrrr I understand your point of someone going out to plant a whole bunch of micros, but hopefully if that person is from the western cape and knows a little something, they could plant 85 REGULARS in an area for you to enjoy over a weekend!
  14. Oh dear, I have not been paying attention, but will take a guess: Mexico Italy Brazil
  15. Aren't you making use of special characters or symbols and normal letters? I know I always used the ALT key with a number to get the special characters like the vowels with accents when typing in French. Is it a case of just knowing which letters and characters to use to reach the end result?
  16. Hope nobody in the Western Cape decides that we need a plague of micros. May the fleas of a thousand camels infest the armpits of anyone who dares!! Well CnC, that would be the Western Cape's LOSS for sure! This Event and the caches were NOTHING like you or anyone else thinks. Every single cache we did was good fun, interesting, challenging and showed us an interesting spot. It wasn't about the numbers, hell we even forgot about noting one of our finds and completely forgot about getting points for our TB Racer. It was all about the enjoyment of this hobby that we have come to love called Geocaching. The point of this huge effort by Drix and BruceTP was to get a geocacher out and caching. That is what it is about. I don't mind Micros, especially if I find one in a beautiful or interesting place. Also, many of the places would not be able to accommodate a larger cache, even if we wanted it to. I think one needs to remember that the Cape is very different to old Crime H/Q, so micros are often our only choice for a cache. Of course I do agree that if a larger cache size can be placed then it should. And like HHSA has pointed out, that is exactly what Drix is busy doing - replacing a film cartridge with a larger counterpart, as we all donated larger sized caches. Another thing to note is that the cache size in GS indicates a Micro as being as big as a 250ml tub!! That isn't a micro to me!! And if you ever get to GP and have the privilege of finding any of the Microfest caches, you'll see that many of them aren't as "micro" as you expect! Like my wise Dad always reminds me "Be careful what you say today because tomorrow you'll be cutting your tongue!". (I mean this in a nice way - not being nasty!)
  17. Anton, that sounds like a lot of work! We can use our video camera which records straight onto a hard drive and Rolf says he thinks there is 14 hours left. Then he will be able to put it onto DVDs, etc. He also says that he is willing to look at your software, just in case it is better than what he has! Happiness! I use an old version of Media studio (I think version 3). Ill bring it with on a memory stick. Still the best editing software around. Done deal...we'll record the info sessions.
  18. Something related to a South African invention?
  19. Anton, that sounds like a lot of work! We can use our video camera which records straight onto a hard drive and Rolf says he thinks there is 14 hours left. Then he will be able to put it onto DVDs, etc. He also says that he is willing to look at your software, just in case it is better than what he has!
  20. Have no idea but here is a wild guess......if this is related to an engine could it have something to do with a Jet Ski?
  21. Just a tiny correction...the Cosmos bipinnatus is native to Mexico which is Central America, not South America! (Yep, just managed to find the botanical name hee! hee!).
  22. Perhaps you could ask that question on the main part of the Forum, where Groundspeak is involved?
  23. If I remember correctly, the cosmos flower is native to Mexico and a close cousin of the black jack. I can't remember scientific/botanical names, and I can't remember how it got here, but it sounds right that it came along with animal feed and I agree with JAajm it was introduced during the Anglo Boer war.
  24. The good old Vrystaat....mmmmm.....perhaps near New Vaal or somewhere in the Sasolburg/Secunda area? I really can't think of the name though, and without being able to Google it I'm stuck. It wouldn't be possible to give a clue on the name, sort of like a 30 Seconds clue?
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