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  1. Danie, I don't visit the forum regularly but I just love all the interesting information that you post. Every few weeks I do have a look at the post. Regards JP Danie, I absolutely LOVE your stats!! I am guilty, because I hardly ever check them, but when I do, I can spend hours and hours scrolling through the results. I think it is just a case of people being busy and relying too much on social media to keep up to date with things. I'll ask Graham to put in an article about these stats in the next GoSA newsletter So I was corrected! Danie's Stats has already featured in the newsletter and will be a regular going forward..... sigh.... sorry I missed that issue!
  2. Danie, I don't visit the forum regularly but I just love all the interesting information that you post. Every few weeks I do have a look at the post. Regards JP Danie, I absolutely LOVE your stats!! I am guilty, because I hardly ever check them, but when I do, I can spend hours and hours scrolling through the results. I think it is just a case of people being busy and relying too much on social media to keep up to date with things. I'll ask Graham to put in an article about these stats in the next GoSA newsletter
  3. Hi Daniel I don't have Adventure King's contact details, but the adoption requires a working email address to Adventure King, which he then approves. What you do is go to link: https://www.geocaching.com/adopt/ and then enter the GC code of the cache you want to adopt. This will send a message to Adventure King to accept the request. If his email address is correct and valid on geocaching.com, he will receive the request. If not, then I'm afraid the other option is to place a new cache in the location. Good luck! Best regards Silvia
  4. Hi Folks I'm looking for an unactivated geocoin - Louisiana 2010 Geocoin. Does anyone have one available for me to purchase please? Thank you in anticipation. Silvia
  5. I'm not 100% with you .... Has someone physically taken one of your coins and sold it on eBay or has someone pretended to sell one of your coins but they don't actually have the coin in their possession, they just saw the tracking number somewhere and pretend that they do have it? Or has someone sold one of your coins that has been activated and was travelling? And last question.... I had no idea you had made your own coin and I would LOVE to see what it looks like []
  6. It is wonderful to know that a fantastic MEGA is unfolding in the awesome city of Durban. Just to make it clear, Cape Town are still busy working hard to host the next Mega after this one. We await for a confirmed date in 2015. The CT Planning Committee need to meet at the end of this month, and hopefully we'll have a better idea of where and when the 3rd Mega will take place. CT had some delays with their planning, which was putting the 2014 hosting under pressure. When KZN were keen to host for 2014, it was the logical choice to rather go with KZN for 2014, thus giving CT a chance to continue their planning for the following Mega. We also already have the 4th Mega lined up for 2016!!! That's right - it will be hosted by the Eastern Cape community in PE during the long weekend of 1 May 2016.... PLEASE diarise that one and plan your holidays accordingly. In the meantime please post your Will Attend for a Mega Party in Giba Gorge - 4-6 October 2014!!!
  7. Groovy Marika...I was planning on doing something also, but will leave it up to you. I may sync our QS Event before or after the Flash Mob so that we can kuier after the flashing ....It all depends on the timing! ... and we'll have Australian geocacher guests staying with us on this day too!
  8. Hey Jacques.....are you organising one for us in South Africa? I didn't see South Africa on the Bookmark List as yet
  9. Hi there Give our "Heia" Series a try - it is great with kids in lovely surroundings. They have to walk it and there is a Letterbox, Multicache and Traditional. The multi is very easy. Take a look at: GC2B4J9 - Heia - Reception Stripes. Golden Harvest park is also great to find caches, but always remember to be vigilant as it is a public park. Happy caching! GEO936
  10. Hey Sasha..the dudes at Groundspeak already moved your post/thread to the right place!
  11. Hi Sasha... thanks for joining our Facebook group and well done for posting your forum link there. Your forum post was under the main geocaching discussions, which the whole world gets to see. It would be better for you to post this request under the section "South Africa" (just keep scrolling down on the main forum topics page) and then also put some posts in the area specific topics under South Africa - "Fynbos Finders" for the Cape and "The Sandpit" for Durban. Geocachers in general are the most wonderful bunch of people. Friendly, helpful and very hospitable. The community has hosted caching teams from around the world, so I'm sure putting up a bunch of students would be no problem at all. Just a question from my part though...about adopting a hedgehog as a pet....is that really a good idea? I mean, I grew up on a plot and hedgehogs were there, roaming around freely. As far I knew, hedgehogs are wild animals and not pets, but I could be out of touch with things....hamsters and guinea pigs have been bread in captivity and now domesticated, etc....I did not know this was the case with hedgehogs? Maybe do the trip for the caching experience only . Good luck Silvia from GEO936
  12. Hi SaxonMP.....don't give up! How old are your kiddies? We started geocaching when our daughter was 2 years old. Our son was born the same year. So now they are 6 and almost 4. They enjoy going out geocaching with us, and particularly with me (because I did a 6 month daily challenge). They have learnt so much with geocaching - it has been the best hobby/sport/pasttime we have chosen as a family. My kids get "OUT" of the house and get exposed to new sights, sounds, textures and smells. This is so important for children, especially in my case as I live in the city. I guess that your kids are exposed to the outdoors, living on a farm - they are very lucky indeed. When we started caching, we struggled a few times but that was due to inexperience, as well as a GPS that did not give a very accurate reading. It was also before the advent of smart phones. We struggled with our first 30 caches, and then decided to get another GPS (handheld/hiking type one) before we went to Cape Town. Thank goodness we did that because the caches in Cape Town are so well hidden with so many different options at GZ! But there are times that a cache's co-ords could be way out! Even though we have cached around South Africa, around the World and have more than 1000 Finds, we STILL struggle to find caches. Just the other day I could not find a cache and when I spoke to the CO he laughed at me and said "Read the Hint!!". I felt very stupid. I still need to find a gap to go out and find that one. But back to our kids .... they don't mind finding nanos, micros or large caches. They seem to enjoy the whole experience and not just the container. They prefer to climb the trees, climb the rocks, investigate the termite mounds, etc. around GZ than what the end container is like. They do love looking though and get rather annoyed when one of us adults find it before they do. Sometimes they can moan though "Oh no, not another geocache"...but then before we have even got close to GZ they are having so much fun and then complain when we need to leave again. I sometimes battle to figure out why they complain or why they can't be pleased, yet at the next moment they are as happy as can be and loving the caching. Weird, these little people. For me personally, it is about the journey and the experience on the way to and at the cache, that makes it so worthwhile. Even a seemingly insignificant hide, can mean so much to me because I experienced something special or unforgettable along the way or at the hide. This was particularly so overseas. An example at one of the local ones, was one of the caches I did on the West Rand with the kids. It was at a MacDonald's drive through, and a nano. It was hectic with so many muggles and a strange place to hide a cache. While I was retrieving the cache, my kids looked up into the sky and saw a Kulula airplane flying quite low. They got so excited - they love planes. They also learnt in which direction the planes come in to Lanseria Airport. That was in February 2011 - more than a year ago - yet they still talk about it today! Perhaps you need to explain things to your kids more and involve them more too - perhaps they have made to "expect" something specific and then get disappointed when their expectations have not been met? I don't know for sure - just guessing - you know best as their parents. I would give as many caches a go as possible - whether found or not. Remember, to look for something that is "out of place"....reading previous logs helps to get some clues too. And the best thing is to PAF (Phone A Friend), so email some cachers if you see their logs showing up frequently and ask if you can exchange contact numbers. Email CO (Cache Owners) too - ask them if you can call them for help. Your are welcome to give either of us a call - if you see that GEO936 has found it . Once you get more into it, you will become more and more familiar with the way people hide their caches and the way caches are hidden in general. Good luck! Warm regards Silvia of GEO936
  13. I was meant to email you sooner, but got side tracked! PM sent too.
  14. Hi Danie.... what is the number today - the 26th May 2012? Tx
  15. Woohoo!!! :D :D We've done it people - the listing for the MEGA Event has been published, and even the date was fixed (after a phonecall to HQ). We still need 500 names on the list before we will be granted Mega Status, so please, please, please check that your friend is on the list and also ensure to enter your "Will Attend" log. The Newsletter will be sent off soon! Check out the listing at: GC3B0EJ MEGA South Africa 2012
  16. Sorry for the delay in responding Grant, but Gerhard got it right!
  17. Ding!! You got it baby, you got it!! Yes, Lanseria Airport was the correct answer. In 1972, two Pretoria pilots, Fanie Haacke and Abe Sher, identified the ideal site for an airport. At that moment, Lanseria International Airport was born. In time, the airport would play a vital role in South Africa’s aviation industry. Considered issues such as the airport's location in relation to residential areas, land suited to long runways with good approaches, identification of smog and fog-free zones and a site in open surrounds in case of forced landings, were instrumental in ensuring Lanseria's enduring success. The Krugersdorp and Roodepoort Municipalities as well as the Transvaal Peri-Urban Board purchased the land and contracted it to the newly formed Lanseria Management Company on a 99-year lease. Lanseria International Airport was opened to air traffic by, the then minister of transport, Hannes Rall, on 16 August 1974. On that day, a Learjet ZS-MTD became the first jet to land at Lanseria International Airport. - Acknowledgement: www.lanseria.co.za Your go Gerhard!
  18. Not military related. A little larger than an airfield....
  19. Okay here goes.... In 1972, two Pretoria pilots, Fanie Haacke and Abe Sher, established an important and now well known landmark/place. What is its name?
  20. Oh my goodness! I did not expect to get that one right. It just seemed "latinish" enough to be the scientific name as well. Thanks for all the hints though. That did help a lot! And now I am on the spot....I have no idea what to ask. Let me give it 5 mins thought....
  21. Good one Colin - thanks for sharing! Did you add it to the Facebook page as well? I don't recall seeing it there. I have added this to the geocachingsa.com website.
  22. and here I am far away from my Snake book! Let me try to guess - Boa constrictor?
  23. Oh heck...and entomology is the study of invertebrates/insects?
  24. Mmmm.....thanks C&C....how about coelacanth?
  25. Oh .... so the entire name is identical? Oh crumbs....I'm sure I've come across this before, but can't think of it right now. Any other hints please? Like is it a mammal/reptile/bird......
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