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  1. Welcome back Doc!!! And howdy to Sax as well! -Spike
  2. Thanks CO admin, that worked. Now I can abandon the forums again.
  3. I can't get in using the java, or trillian.
  4. All the coolest folks are at #geocache.
  5. I heard the term way back in highschool. The shop teacher was telling a story about some seminar and mentioned getting a swag bag. Someone asked what swag was, and he said it stood for "Stuff We All Get" so that's what I thought it meant. Been around at least since the early eighties.
  6. With webtv it's just Alt+0. °°°°°° Alt+b gives me ™ Too bad webtv sucks for most everything else.
  7. No more close ones to find. Still want to use my GPS.
  8. Happens to me all the time, sometimes they are there, sometimes not. Since I use webtv I figured it was just one more thing it can't do right.
  9. I have a SporTrak Pro and it's rare that I lose signal. I have more trouble in cities with tall buildings than in the woods. Pittsburgh gives me fits, while the deep woods is less trouble. I have lost signal for short periods in the woods, but it usually comes back after moving a little.
  10. I have had a SporTrak Pro for over a year, and the only batteries I've used in it are rechargables.
  11. The first hurricane that hit Florida this year dumped eight inches of rain on us in twelve hours, then Ivan dumped ten inches on us in ten hours a week and a half later. I'm in Ohio.
  12. We got hit with the remains of three hurricanes in four weeks. A bunch of caches along the Mighty Ohio ended up under water, or taken away by the high water. Both Marietta, Ohio and Wheeling, West Virginia got hammered. Neither city is even close to normal yet. I don't have any caches, but there are alot that I can't hunt for now.
  13. I got an email from a cacher that couldn't find one that I had found. In his log he wrote some not so nice things about the cache, and the local population. I wrote an update to my log to keep other potential seekers from getting put off by his log. He emailed me ranting about how I just got lucky and I must like mowing down woodland creatures, turtles to be exact, with my car. Basically saying if he couldn't find it, it's too hard. Then he removed his log.
  14. Spike440


    Not much to tell. I found a new cache. Not hard to find at all. Found it in the dark. A local tried for it and couldn't find it. Then ran down the cache, the place it was located, and the person who placed it in his log. Another few tried for it without success, so I edited my log trying to keep people from being discouraged as it is a nice cache. So I get an email from this other cacher saying how it was just dumb luck when I found it, and I must enjoy running over animals crossing the road. He has since removed his disparaging log from the cache, but I kept the email. Between that and how folks get bashed in the forums, I needed a break.
  15. Spike440


    I quit for about a year. But it was because of the nasty email of another cacher. Not all the people that do this are of high quality.
  16. To find the boat ramps in dense fog at night.
  17. I'm new to caching too. I'm also new too internet discussion boards. I read alot of posts, and kept seeing "TPBM" in them. I made the mistake of asking what it meant. Between that, alot of the things I have read here, and a rather hostile email I received from another local cacher, my gps is just to get me back to the boat ramp when it's foggy these days. I frequent other message boards now and then, and none of them come close to the hate and discontent of this one. But, geocaching is interesting, so I stop in now and again to weed through the spite and venom to learn. -Spike
  18. I've gone alone a few times, at night even.
  19. I'm glad it's not just me! I found it hard to not follow the arrow no matter where it pointed. Live and learn.
  20. Is there an official chat? Hopefully an IRC one. Webtv doen't like java. Thanks, -Spike
  21. My mistake. I thought if it looks like a compass, tells me heading and direction, it's a compass. Sorry.
  22. I have the pro. It's the same thing as the map, but with more memory. Mine has a compass. Yours should too.
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