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  1. Is there a way to download every Geocache in your area at once to your GPS? It would be a lot easier than having to go down the list and click the download button on each one. I haven't been able to find the option on the search screen. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. I've been looking around comparing prices on the Legend, and most places I can find it for about 200 ~ 250. I went to look at best buy because we have a 15% percent off coupon and their website says that it's $380! Does anyone know why it is so high? Does it come with a map or something that makes it more expensive?
  3. Mapsource will allow you to load maps onto a MicroSD card for your GPS. If you lose the card you can load up another one but the maps will be tied to your one specific GPS unless you buy another unlock code for another GPS unit. It also allows you to use the maps on your computer and to save/view/load tracks/waypoints/routes to/from your GPS. So the DVD will load them onto your computer so you can put them on a micro SD through Mapsource?
  4. I am looking to buy the City Navigator maps for a Legend HCx. I'm wondering what the DVD that you can buy for it does. Does it download the maps to your GPS (which you can't do with a Legend due to there being no built in memory) or does it allow you to download them to a mini SD card of your own? I'm wondering this because it would be useful to get the DVD so I can download a second copy to a mini SD card if I lose the one I originally downloaded to.
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