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  1. I'm not aware of a way to enlarge the text on descriptions and such. I can see that being useful, though...
  2. I actually don't mind the battery life THAT much on the iPhone. I did at first because my previous phone, Samsung Blackjack, lasted me days whereas the iPhone just gives me a good solid 1 day use. I do have to make sure I charge it while I drive around just to make sure it will last me through the day if I am geocaching.
  3. Garmin Colorado to Oregon 400t (stolen) to Oregon 450t. Needless to say, I'll probably just stick with Garmin since I am familiar with them.
  4. Follow in order: Setup > Map > Advanced Map Setup Text Size, Zoom Level > Zoom Levels Points, Streets, etc. > User Waypoints > Off This should do it! Enjoy, Tru3
  5. Sounds good. Why is it that you can never have the best of both worlds (paperless geocaching with a nice chipset like that of the 60CSx)? Oooh well.. Thanks for the response.
  6. I've been searching for an answer to this but I can't see to find one. But, does anyone know if the 450 has an upgraded GPS chipset from the 400 or does it still have the STM Cartesio (ST2062) chipset? Thanks, Tru3
  7. Well, I've done quite a bit of research on the Oregon vs. Colorado vs. 60CSx and from what I can see, the 60CSx is the most accurate, however, it doesn't allow for paperless Geocaching which I would really like. So, I have the Colorado right now and honestly, after using it for various things for the past 4 months I can't say I'm blown away by it. So, since I haven't really gotten into the Colorado all that much, would it be safe to say that the Oregon is better at this point and at this point it's the better Geocaching GPSr? I don't mind exchanging the Colorado for the Oregon so just a little convincing testimonies would help Thanks in advance.
  8. I probably don't even have 200 geocaches on there is the thing and I tried zooming in as far as I could but I can see my other caches there just not the ones I am loading... To remove them is it as simple as finding the device on "my computer" then deleting them? Thanks, AL
  9. I put a ton of caches on my Colorado but all the sudden ones I try to put on there won't show on the map! They are loading on and I even tried to put them on my SD card just in case my 400t was out of memory which it did but they are also not showing on my map. Is there something special I have to do to get them to show on the map and such?????? This is a big pain to have happen all the sudden...
  10. I was looking into buying a GPSr for hiking and traveling and I noticed a lot of the reviewers talked about the use with geocaching and the features talked about geocaching so I came across geocaching.com and a few days later I bought a new Colorado and was out finding caches along my favorite trails. I wish I knew about this sooner because it's an awesome hobby.
  11. 22 year old solo cacher. Just found out about geocaching last week, where have I been? Don't know anyone else who is a cacher in Utah... Shouldn't take too long to run into someone...
  12. I bought the 300 first but had problems with it and wanted more memory so I bought the 400t. No regrets. Like they've said, I'd save yourself the time and just go with the 400t.
  13. Ha, first story I've seen like this in Utah which corresponds with your question: http://www.ksl.com/?nid=148&sid=3054477 Good to know.
  14. I think it would be beneficial because there are lots of sites that reverse geocode coordinates. In my work I do it quite a bit so it does help. Here's one for example: http://geocode.ibegin.com/geolive.php?view=reverse
  15. I'm beginning to think that getting the 300 just to have the software installed on my computer is becoming a joke. I am contemplating just taking this back and getting the 400t eliminating software issues and memory issues. Now, I can't even unistall Garmin TOPO US 2008, keeps freezing my laptop.... Arrrrrrggghhhhh.........
  16. I think I answered my own question. I purchased the 2 GB card and from what I hear the whole TOPO program is about 3 GB. I am going to purchase the 4 GB and see if that helps. We'll see...
  17. In addition to this question I also have a question about the altimeter... Is there anyway to manually set it? Mine is showing me at over 8000ft when I am actually at about 4500ft. I always have issues with altimeters where I live for some reason. Thanks, AL
  18. This may sounds like a strange question but it keeps coming to my mind... Are there different TOPO 2008 map colors or something? On the back of the case the the DVD comes in there are two examples and both are different colors but seem more vibrate then what my Colorado and mapsource display. The map I am looking at is very basic and lacks "color." Just an observation...
  19. http://garmincolorado.wikispaces.com/General+Information, question G3. Thanks a lot. I figured there would be a link somewhere but couldn't find it. You da man...
  20. Is the only difference between the two the fact that the 400t comes preloaded with TOPO US 2008 and the 300 doesn't?
  21. I'm new to GPS devices but consider myself tech savvy and love to learn things like this. So, the REI guy suggested I go with the 300 and buy the TOPO US 2008 to be able to have it on my comp, which is nice. But, first concern I have, is that when I power up my 300, the back light is etremely dark and I keep having to press the power button and change it to be lighter... Is there anyway to save it so it powers up already bright? Thanks, AL
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