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  1. Is there anyone that is thinking about this one? GC2G0ZA Methinks a group effort is needed. It is safer to do in a group I suppose, and... One can't sheepishly turn around like you would if you were alone... Any takers? Any ideas?
  2. Some guy who didn't officially entered the race. He stood around at the start, and joined in when everybody set off, just for fun. And he just kept on going, and "won" in the end.. Not sure if this is an urban legend story, or for real, but I sort of heard this story somewhere along the line. Don't know his name though...
  3. Henzz


    Congrats Trickies.. Well Done Zambeziboy..
  4. Just the other day I read about an air force base that was stationed at Darling in the West Coast during the War.. The planes would fly out and attack ships trying to sail around Africa... Can't remember too much detail about it, but that was about the gist of it... Could that be it? Can't remember reading about Operation Names...
  5. Henzz


    Well done Paddawan and Trevorh7000... And everybody else that cached like crazy in Bloem this weekend.. Lots of Milestones must have came along...
  6. Just read some of the Bloem weekend logs... Paddawan and Trevorh7000 got 15 FTFs, and all of that in the dark as well.. Well Done Guys... Is this a South African Record?
  7. Wow... I like it... I'm also favouring the top one...
  8. "Congratulations Team Phantom"
  9. Henzz


    Tom800gates Well done...
  10. Henzz


    Jislaaik... 3000... Well Done Tricky Vicky & Mickey.
  11. Hit me with a stick... Wild guess ... Iraq.
  12. I acted a bit like Bakkies, and played outside the rules.. So I earned myself a red card for checking the answer... I'll watch from the sidelines while the others zero in on the right answer...
  13. If I remember right Wynand was one of those small group of players that was captain in all the tests that they played.. It was not too many.. 6??
  14. I see Cincol and Carbon Hunter knows their Springbok stuff.. Os retired at one stage, and was asked to return to Rugby by Jake White. He holds the record at 13 years, 12 days Spot on with Naas Botha (2nd) who played from 1980 to 1992 12 years, 202 days Third is ..... Heatly was 4th and Powell was 5th, both of them playing just over 12 years.. O.K. I think you guys were onto this one very quickly, so one of you will pull Danie Gerber's name out of the hat for 3rd spot at any moment.. I'll give it to Carbon Hunter for getting the top 2... Take it away CH. P.S. I'll check your reference out Cincol.. The site I pretty much memorized is Genslin
  15. O.K. Let's keep it Springbok related.. In terms of tests played the top 3 would be Percy Montgomerie (102), John Smit (100) and Victor Matfield (99). If we define Springbok Careers in terms of time (i.e. Years and days) from 1st to last played tests, who would be the top 3? Remember that the guys now play much more tests every year than what they used to in years gone by..
  16. Springbok Rugby.... This is my topic... Let's think now... Bakkies Botha is on 68 or 69, but is suspended at the moment. Bryan Habana is on 64. And Juan Smith just behind on 63.. Give and take 1 or 2 either way for them all..
  17. My attendance has suddenly became very uncertain.. Some IDIOT went through a red robot on Wednesday morning, and caused severe damage to my car.. A carefully structured budget was thrown upside down in a matter of seconds.. If I can get the owner of the "guilty" bakkie to cough up the excess before I have to fork it out, I'll still be there.. If not, I'll be out of pocket, and not be able to go.. I should know within the next few days, and hopefully I can join in the fun...
  18. Henzz


    Ditto. You were on 400 just the other day, Zambesiboy... Steaming along nicely I see.
  19. Henzz

    Where am I?

    Don't know, but nice pic nonetheless.
  20. Aliens with a GPS stuck to their UFO windscreens... Now that is a disturbing thought..
  21. Henzz


    Battlerat + Pussycat = 1200. Well done.
  22. Thanks for the offer Doc.. A kind gentleman going by the name of Mylo Mystery already offered me exclusive usage of his two man tent for that weekend.. But I appreciate the offer.. Hopefully the Winter chill will not be an issue anymore by the time we get to Bloem.. But then again... Many, many, many stories will be told and retold about this weekend for a long time to come... And telling others how we woke up with ice crystals on our nose tips will just spice the stories up... Come on guys, this idea was born here in Cape Town... We don't want to show up in Bloem, surrounded by masses of Gauties and Sharks... Who wants to break away for a crazy caching weekend?? And one day you can tell your grandchildren that you had a shot at a South African record.. Or even better still... You held the South African record...
  23. Looks like the theme for this month is Nature.
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