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  1. A whole new level to this topic....


    Just read this log on GC223R8 Dappat se skat.


    Didn't find it



    Through no error of the CO or ourselves we started looking but rather found a strange find. We tackled this cache from the road above, and discovered a vehicle in the bush, about 30 metres from the road. It turns out it was stolen and abandoned, the thieves mus have tried to get rid of it by pushing it off the ledge. Let this be a warning - watch out for falling vehicles when caching here

  2. Yikes... Will have to give it a miss this year.

    In stead of swimming in the freezing Atlantic, some of us will be facing the heat of the Namib Desert at that time...


    Last year there were four or maybe five of us that joined the half hour club...

    How many will dare to stay in that long this year?

  3. Speed rating.


    Now we're up to speed...

    All your's Cincol.


    All tyres have a speed rating --- "maximum permitted speed that the tyre can endure for a period of ten minutes without being in danger of sustaining damage"


    L = 120km/h

    Y = 300km/h.


    My tyres on my Yaris is rated T.

    So if I drive flatout down a mineshaft at 190km/h my tyres should hold up just fine.

  4. Table Mountain, one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World..

    And the Best cache in all of South Africa right there at the gateway to the mountain..

    All of them Favourite Points are well deserved... Congrats Capedoc.

  5. Good news.....

    We are making progress, slowly but surely. Damhuisclan, Fier and myself brainstormed earlier this evening as how we are going to automate the scoring of the Mega TB Race 2013. Shortly you will be able to get up to the minute score for each trackable in the race.

    Until then I am posting a list of the 103 registered TBs, or coins currently in the race.

    If there are any discrepancies, omissions or any other queries, please let us know so that we can get an accurate list of all the contestants. Please check that your entry is actually in the right race. For some entries, it was difficult to determine from the listing into which race (Distance / Points) the entrant should be placed.

    The list is on the geocachingsa.com website.

    Thank you for your patience in getting the list published.

    Enjoy the race.

    The Team.

    What am I doing wrong ?? I can't see the list anywhere.

    How is the automated scoring thing coming along?

  6. Hi Carbon Hunter...


    3 Capies it was again...


    It was a Monster Hike... The toughest final straight one can imagine...

    A 9 1/2 hour hike up and down Tabletop (Cederberg).

    Crazy rock scrambles, narrow ledges, scary stepovers, ropes and chains...

    But we made it...


    The landscape up there is very alien..

    It was as if we were on a different planet..


    Congrats Cownchicken and Huskies...

    It was great to complete the Matrix with you guys...

    And we did it in style...

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