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  1. Thank you webscouter.. "thats what i was looking for" Man its hard to find a simple answer anymore....
  2. This is so funny... I did not know geocaching was a political statment and what dif does it make on the dscription.. If you dont like the description of the catch dont hunt for it.. And dont kid yourselfs when you think we have free speack. There are too many plp out there that think free speach is speach that only supports their personal views..
  3. Well does it back track or not?.... Or is there no simple answer to that question? This is why im so confused right now becuse i have seen this asked 100's of times with no real answers...
  4. I have been researching GPS's for the last week and have decied on the 400t or the 60CSx.. I have read just about every post here regarding the two and all the reviews i could find on both... Im still confused..... I realy like the 400t becuse of the visual's of the screen but everything i have found is, that the 400t does not have as many features as the 60CSx and is about $150. more, (why is that) I know it has the paperless geochace, but is it worth the money to not have as many features as the 60CSx... The main thing is, i would like the back tracking and read different things here regarding the 400t. Some say you can and some say you cant. So whats the deal? Can you or cant you? Its a pretty cut and dry question.. For thoes that have both pelase give me yalls honest opinings on wich one you over all like the best and why. ( the one you would pick if you needed just on GPS) Thank You
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