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  1. where would this unit be shipping from and how would you plan to ship it (FEDEX, UPS?). Any other info you want to include?

    It would be shipping from Az..

    I will ship whatever method the buyer wants and it would be insured .

    USPS Priorty Mail



  2. Thank you all, my brain caught up and i finally got it..

    The only thing i cant figure out is when i check the waypoints in any profile there are alot in there that i did not put there.(i erased them but they keep popping up)..Like in Kansas and outher places....

    .Is this normal?

  3. It works for me, or am I missing something? Just pan where you want to go with the rocker, press the center button and press again to go.


    Ok i ment to say, find POI's in that city ...


    The profiles allow you to customize some of the settings to use for different modes. I don’t use the Recreational, only Automotive and Geocaching. My Automotive profile is set to autoroute on road for time. I park and switch to Geocaching mode where it is set to off road guidance. Eventually we hope that Garmin will tie the map selection to the Profile Change so you don’t have to manually switch from street maps to topo maps.


    I try the automotive profile.. and play around with it..

  4. Non Nt on a sd card,, I made the mistake of loading it before i had the unlock code to the internal memory and now when i turn the 400t on , the first thing that pops up is "can't unlock maps" and i can't figure out how to delete it from the memory, but it works fine on the sd card


    I set a waypoint in another city and and when i go there from my location, the only option it gives me is "Done" and it sends me back to my location on the map...Is there a certian profile i need to be in?

  5. Ok.. I have been playing with the 400t for about 9 1/2 hrs and im getting fustrated with it.. The map draw time is slow, and i cant use the pointer to go to another city in a diff state and find locations in that city, like with the 60CSx.The profile is set on Recreational. Is there a profile and settings that will alow me to do this? The manual does not explain the profiles and what they do so im lost and reconsidering the 400..

  6. I love the Colorado...The screen is clear and the shading rocks...The colorado is instintive to use for me..(i love the rocker)

    I put a SD card in and just wanted to know when you send info to the unit where does the info go? (the SD or internal memory).

    The only thing i dont like is that you cant operate the unit when conected to the usb, and it shuts off every time its disconected...

  7. Yes, was the point I was trying to make in the comparison.


    You can accomplish the same thing on the Colorado but you have to goto 4 different places (tracks, routes, waypoints and the altimeter) to delete/reset everything. On the 60cs(x) it was all under one roof.



    I think i would perfer that method becuse i wont misstakenly delete everything at once.."I do love to push buttons and dont always pay attention to what im doing"

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