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  1. Thanks DocDitto, this will really help me as I've just started the challenge.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm looking for help in logging Where's in a Name Locationless cache. The largest city this longitude goes through is Trenton NJ but anyone could assist thats close to the coordinates 74 43.36x. If you help me you can log the cache too. Thanks in advance and you can contact me at phideo@comcast.net
  3. Nevermind!! I copy/paste the code into the validation page and it appears to work that way.
  4. I changed my email addy and gc wants to validate my account. I clicked on the link within the email sent to me to validate my account but I receive the following message: I did NOT click on any other link to request my code so I really don't hae any idea why I receivung this message. Can anybody help me to re-validate my account please.
  5. Phideo

    Cache Adoption

    Thanks for sharing. It appears I'm in compliance.
  6. Phideo

    Cache Adoption

    Well Jeff I like this idea. I didn't want to bother my local approver for fear of not knowing this was 'allowed'. Again, I couldn't find any published procedure for adopting caches. But I guess if you did it then I can.....
  7. Phideo

    Cache Adoption

    I'm just curious how long I need to wait to hear back from gc regarding my request to adopt, because I can't seem to find any formal policies regarding cache adoption. That's not to say they don't exist - I just couldn't find any. I sent an email to geocaching.com and recieved an email back from general inquiries with a tracking number included. Not sure what to do with the number or where to even enter it to track my request. I have left a note on the cache page and contacted the owner who has moved out of state. So for all that have gone before me, may be you could let me know how long this process takes.
  8. I have one in the Burkittsville, Maryland area Story Book Lane
  9. Thanks Jeremy, I'd appreciate that very much. I'll use your suggestion of the PQ as a work around in the meantime.
  10. I read in another post that Jeremy sometimes knocks out easier requests if there a 'quick' win. Seems like this could be one of those situations. At least I'm hoping it is.
  11. Great, thanks, at least I now know I'm at the right place.
  12. Getting back on topic though, where or who do I address this request to. I see in other posts where Jeremy will chime in and respond to requests. As he hasn’t done so here I can only assume he hasn’t read this post or feels this request isn’t deserving/requiring any attention. Or perhaps it needs someone else’s attention. Is there a formal request forum where all requests get prioritized and answered? I just want to make sure the approriate people see the request. Thanks for everyones responses so far.
  13. Just one more point. Using third party software and PQ's may work just fine if you are on your own PC where you happen to have GSAK or WATCHER loaded already. But if I just simply had a few moments at work, or at a friends house, or the library, (or anywhere else where I don't have the ability to rely on installed software) where I wanted to see what has been done for the day - I couldn't - not without paging through the multiple listings...
  14. When creating a PQ check the below boxes you want.. That (and) I haven't found I have found I don't own I own Are for members only Are on my watch list Found in the last 7 days Have not been found Have Travel Bugs Updated in the last 7 days Is Not Active Is Active I'm not sure if adopted caches are included or not as I don't own any.
  15. I hear you all about PQ's. I alreay have enough PQ's running and don't want to make this any more complicated than it needs to be. All 3rd party software suggestions are a work around not a solution to my request. It can't be hard to add a link to my cache page for "Todays Finds" much like the others that exist already for "Filter Finds" and "Mine". It sounds to me that I'm not alone in my thinking either. The other day I was demo'ing GC to my father and showing how many caches are around my area when he asked "How many of these caches were done today". Do you know I had to think for a while how I was going to answer the question. It would take too long to write the PQ and get it to execute in a timely fashion, just to d/l and save. Then bring it up in 3rd party software and filter columns to achieve the desired output. It sure would have been nice and simple if I click One link on GC.COM and brought up all activity done today from my home coordinates. In fact the link wouldn't have to just display todays activity ONLY. Let it sort the output in date sequence so you could see the latest logs first.
  16. I agree. I enjoy reading peoples logs too. This feature sure would be a time saver rather than paging through everything to find 'Todays' activity.
  17. How does one go about suggesting new enhancements and/or features? What I would like to see is a link on "My Cache Page" that will show me all the caches that have been found 'Today' starting from my home coordinates. This would be a huge time saver rather than paging through all the listings to find which ones have been done today. I would appreciate any feedback, or direction as to who I would address this with. Thank you.
  18. Thanks Stunod. I thought of that but can't seem to find how to do it. I see where to upload images again for avatars and profile photo but don't see how to upload a zip or .doc file. Any thoughts?
  19. I know how to uload an image, but how do you upload a file that is NOT an image. I have seen this done on other cache pages but for the life of me I can't figure out how.
  20. I hate it when I sleep in. It makes me late for my nap.
  21. Here's an even better price for a swivel mount... http://www.provantage.com/buy-7mgln00l-swi...58-shopping.htm
  22. It's not the suction cup variety but a pretty good price though http://www.mobileplanet.com/product.asp?ca...32010&listing=1
  23. WTG and congrats. You have over 100 caches in Hagerstown to hit to get you to 300 real quick.
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