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  1. They barely lasted half an hour! I got the last one at 6:37 (local time). That's only 31 minutes after the original post! I'm just glad I logged on when I got home from work. I got the newsletter yesterday, then promptly forgot about it Good job Paula! But can you slow down please? My wife is threatening to try and equal my geocoin spending with scrapbooking purchases. Sounds like a good deal to me? LOL
  2. WOW! COOL COIN! Is this another mystery coin? If so I'd love to get one, I just loved that Transformers movie. AWESOME!
  4. Sounds good to me, I'm hoping we can make it
  5. Just some FYI, I shipped the prizes today. Sorry for the delay and for the crappy looking envelopes they are coming in. I recycled some old envelopes but they are taped up really good and secure with clear addresses so they should not have a problem getting to you. I couldn't see spending money on new bubble mailers just to ship pins. Sorry. Hope you like them:)
  6. WOW! Those are gorgeous! I don't remember those being made? Are they still available?
  7. LOL, I'm treating my mission like I was doing a book report back in school. Trying to find the similarities between my city and theirs. I find myself kind of enjoying it actually. When I was in school I didn't have the computer to do reports so it makes it much easier now:) It will take some time but I'm studying hard, lol.
  8. Whoa! Those are really cool. I'm thinking of getting some more sig items made maybe buttons this time instead of wooden nickels. I would love to trade once I have them:)
  9. Hi all, I wanted to let you all know that I have started a new Traveling Cache (really a TB?). Here is the link to the info http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=1227968 . I've decided to make this into a cointest for the FTR (First To Receive) since that person will be able to retrieve an unactivated geocoin along with the priveledge of being the first to trade items within the cache. The catch is that you must be willing to forward this cache through the mail to the next recipient (preferable within a week of receiving it. Please make sure that the person you are going to send it to is responsible enough to keep it moving and send it to someone they know will keep it moving. PLEASE READ THE TB PAGE BEFORE POSTING FOR THIS CONTEST. I will be sending this small cache/tb in a 8.5 X 11 in. envelope to the FTR which should not cost more that $10 at the most hopefully much less. You can send it any way you choose but sending it this way with a customs form on it and basic international mail should still keep it low if sending overseas. It is up to you though whom you would like to send it to. ONE POST PER CACHING NAME! IF YOUR ADDRESS IS IN THE ONLINE ADDRESS BOOK THAT WAS CREATED BY MOUSEKAKAT (here is the thread regarding that http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...=175199&hl= )PLEASE INDICATE IN YOUR POST. IF NOT PLEASE SEND ME AN EMAIL WITH YOUR ADDRESS TO ENTER AND ALSO POST HERE AS WELL COMPLETING THE SENTANCE. I will be choosing the FTR winner by random number generator and you will not know if you are the FTR winner until you get it. PLEASE IF YOU ARE THE FTR WINNER PLEASE POST HERE SO EVERYONE WILL KNOW THAT YOU WERE THE WINNER. I would also ask that anyone who receives it please post your log to the TB number attached to the log book and log when you send it out. Also if you could please post here as well it would be appreciated. I hope this will be just as fun as receiving a mission and hope you all enjoy it. PLEASE DO NOT POST TO RECEIVE IT IF YOU CANNOT FULLFILL THE REQUIREMENTS. THANK YOU. To enter the contest finish this sentance in your post: I would love to be the FTR this cache/TB because... CONTEST ENDS SUNDAY JUNE 8, 2008 AT MIDNIGHT (EST) SO I CAN GET IT INTO THE MAIL ON MONDAY. EDIT: PLEASE make sure your post is part of your entry for the contest by completing the sentance otherwise it will be difficult to do a random number generator pick with gaps in the entry posts. Thank you.
  10. Very cool!!! I love Star Wars! Got 2 of the LE ones, yahooo!
  11. Just curious? Any update on when these will ship? Thanks
  12. We actually have a traveling notebook in a contest where it has to be at a certain cache by a certain date.
  13. I think I have detected a VERY NICE pattern with the distribution of these coins? It seems as though some of these coins have appeared on ebay, as well as random gifts, but as approved authorized sales from the dark knight himself to help those who are having difficult times for one reason or another. I think this is an awesome thing that the dark knight is doing. Helping those in need much like the caped crusader does on screen and in the comics. The person distributing these is a very special individual indeed!
  14. I guess I never got the concept of creating an archived cache to store coins? Why not just activate the coin and leave it in your trackabel items with 0 mileage? Why put them in a cache? Am I missing a purpose here?
  15. Wow! Very Nice Coin!!! Gotta get some. How long are you taking reservations? I have to build up a little income to get em?
  16. I would love to see a catalog or book about all the geocoins too? I'm sure there are pleanty out there I know nothing about. I'm sure eventually there will be catalogs listing geocoins and their current worths one day like they do other types of collections. There are too many people creating them now for it to be ignored for too much longer and the ones that came out first are only going up in price.
  17. Ok, it's been a little while since I've been in this thread? Let's see? I think my new coin desires are: Deadman's Hand Outerbanks Crystal Fairy Astro (any) Arrowhead Land of the Free Arrowhead Home of the Brave Snow Wolf Travel Gnomes (any) 2008 Walpurgis Event witch coin That's all I can think of now but "I WILL BE BACK!"
  18. 1. Email sent - Request sent 2. Name received - June 1st 3. Mission sent - Researching - Very interesting:) 4. Mission arrived -
  19. DM!!! I think I missed them? I am usually popping by that store a lot and I can't believe I missed em!
  20. Very cool idea, I'd like to get it:)
  21. Looks kind of interesting, I'll keep an eye on it. Is it for U.S. people too?
  22. Still looking... I have an extra Nocturnal that should be coming in any day if you would like to trade for the turtle?
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