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  1. I'm glad you got the pins Tschakko and Gatoulis. Gatoulis I think those kinds of coins that change like that are called linticular here in the U.S. if I am correct? I haven't seen the one with the miner/geocacher, it must be a new one? And, Geo Error you can add one more package for you to expect if you have not included it already in the 8 you are waiting for?
  2. These backpack chairs are kind of cool? http://www.amazon.com/WearEver-LR-4-Deluxe...1304&sr=8-2 EDIT: Oh yeah, Happy Early Birthday
  3. the gift cards work too? i can't quite tell what the item is on the right. too early for my brain to compute. lara It's just the front and back of the gift card. I just put our signature card picture on the back of the Godiva Chocolate gift card. I won't use the same gift card twice so that each one is a one of a kind.
  4. Well, here is my first attempt at creating our new sig item. It is a gift card (in this case a Godiva Chocolate gift card) and I have taken the image from our original business card type signature cards and put it onto the computer sticker project paper, cut the pics out and stuck them on the gift cards. This signature item reflects a lot of hobbies and interest that Chip and I have. Chip love anything having to do with the American Civil War (the picture of us is one from a place where you can dress up in period clothing we had done a few yrs ago), I collect gift cards from different stores, and the images on the gift cards can reflect different things we like to do or places we like to shop or eat (of course we love Godiva Chocolate) as well as our enjoyment of geocaching. I've had this idea for a while but til this thread popped up I wasn't motivated to start making them til now. Here is a pic of my first card.
  5. I actually got squat aka zilch aka zero aka nada aka zipo aka absolutely positively nothing But I did manage to go to the post office this morning and send out some special packages.
  6. Soooo cute!!!! Really lovely!! I agree, so cute! When I get something tradable I'll have to trade you for one.
  7. I like the idea of dropping old coins from other countries, especially if you are from there as a signature item. Hey, Gatoulis do you collect gift cards? I have been collecting them from different stores here in the US and I also sell them on ebay with $0 money on them of course. Just as collectors items. I've been thinking of doing something as a signature item for us with those since some of the pictures on them are so pretty and unique. Gift cards? what are these? In my banknote collection, I have some gift vouchers, some local money, but the vouchers are not discount ones! They have face value! It is like inside (a store) money! For example, Marx& Spenser stores, have gift vouchers that are like banknotes, with watermerks etc! Are we talking about the same thing? By gift card, My mind went first to something like a plastic card with value....something like a credit card... But... Exactly, they are plastic cards (like credit cards) but a lot of people collect them because of the beautiful pictures that some store put on them. There are even web sites where people trade them like we do geocoins here. Here is the web site where I am also a member http://www.giftcardcollector.com/ If you look at their gallery of cards they have all kinds.
  8. From Newport News, VA 1 mile - 4 5 miles - 98 10 miles - 202 25 miles - 897 50 miles - 1296
  9. many say Im bothered anyway - have sent you a few ideas my missions have crippled my geocoin budget this month = cost me over $20 to post two this morning!!!! shame it is my mission cause otherwise I'd go on about how much I have enjoyed it!!! bob I sent an email to you too, hopefully it will help?
  10. I like the idea of dropping old coins from other countries, especially if you are from there as a signature item. Hey, Gatoulis do you collect gift cards? I have been collecting them from different stores here in the US and I also sell them on ebay with $0 money on them of course. Just as collectors items. I've been thinking of doing something as a signature item for us with those since some of the pictures on them are so pretty and unique.
  11. Ok, everyone. The cache/tb is in the mail. I didn't get it out yesterday as I had hoped but I did today so keep an eye out for your mail. The FTR could be you!!! When sending it to others please make sure it is packaged properly so that it won't get messed up in the mail. Thank you.
  12. THANKS Tsun, we really enjoyed hosting this. I hope our volunteers feel the same!! Plans will begin for next year's event! We're growing a bit, so maybe we'll hit 150 attendees next year!! This year, we had 71 official attendees sign the registration, but we figure it to be closer to 100 as we had several walk-in including a Girl Scout troop! Get those pics in everyone, I'm really enjoying seeing all those faces! It almost seems like a virtual event! Hmm.. then can I participate in the cointest by posting our photos too? It will be my virtual event!!! Remember... nobody has ever seen us! He Gatoulis, your cointest addicted, my friend Yes! I admit it! I like the fun of the cointests, so.. Oke a tip for you, create your own private event, so you can joy this cointest Well, according to what I saw in the other events in Greece, I do not think they were more than 10-15 persons! Since I am the only geocacher in the greek area under Athens, (maybe with one exception, a guy who is in a university in Pelopponese, but he is not from there), and the only one in the greek islands.... If I make an event, me, my sister and my brother in law (all under my code name) will be the only ones there! So, I can even make an event in my room! There are not many geocachers in Greece, so... I do not think we are more than 30! So.... Hey Gatoulis, Maybe what you could do is create a meet and greet at one of your local restaurants and just put it on geocaching.com and see if anyone shows up? You may end up being surprised? Even if it is just the 3 of you, you can at least have a nice dinner together?
  13. I was going to post this earlier, but I had to charge our camera. We received this from Geo Error on Sat. with a very nice card with a cat on it as well. Our Tippi the Caching Cat liked it too. He has not been feeling well lately and had a couple of accidents on the bed the other day but this really cheered him up some. We are going to take him to the vet to have him checked out. He is getting up in age (around 10 yrs. old). Thank you so much, that was very wonderful of you to send it out and it is very nicely done.
  14. I first saw that cool coin here on the forums in the Mailbox thread. I'll have to check the few pathtags I have, I may have some I could trade? I'll get back with you.
  15. Thx, now I see some of the peoples faces, that I have read that much about. Sure looks like a fun event you guys had over there I'm such a computer idiot lol!! Couldn't figure out how to even post a URL for the pics, they weren't mine and I was having trouble!! In this pic: Front and centered it starts with Sally (Geopigs), Jim (Geopigs), Beverly (LadyBee4T) and myself. Far left and in distance (holding up the post) is Sue (Tank Hounds)! Don't feel bad, I had a time figuring it out the first few times. I post every pic I want to put on here in photobucket and then post it here. If I don't do for a long time I have to play around and figure it out all over again?
  16. oh you beat me to it:) I was gonna post the pic for him too, lol.
  17. Here is myself and Chip at our very first local event back in 2003 And here we are at the WWFM II that we cohosted in 2007. We have not made it to any Mega Events yet but I'm hoping we can either make it to the Event in Pittsburgh and I defininitely want to try to make it to Geowoodstock in TN next year if we have descent transportation and the funds.
  18. Ok, everyone. This is it!!! The launch of the Sisterhood and Brotherhood of the Traveling Cache/TB. And yes technically this is a travel bug but a little more fun since it's also a cache. A NAME HAS BEEN CHOSEN FOR THE FTR HONOR!!! Please, once you receive it post that you received it here so everyone will know as well as logging it on the TB page and also please log it when you have sent it to someone else so that we know it is not in your hands (JUST FOR CLARIFICATION: IT DOES NOT HAVE A GC NUMBER LIKE A REGULAR CACHE, ONLY A TRAVEL BUG ATTACHED TO THE LOG BOOK) You don't have to let the next person know it is coming to them though unless you choose to do so. I have the package ready and hopefully will be getting it out tomorrow (Monday). I will post here once it is shipped. Have fun with it everyone and keep an eye on your mail because you may be the FIRST TO RECEIVE
  19. Ok, thanks for waiting everyone. After eliminating all of the non recipe posts I decided to give away two coins instead of one. The two numbers that came up are... DRUM ROLL PLEASE..... Post #58 Gatoulis and Post #32 Eltada. Please send me your addresses for your prizes. Thank you all for entering the contest and I hope to do some more soon.
  20. Ok, contest is over. I'll pick someone in a few. Thanks for all the great recipes:)
  21. Wow! So many recipes in so little a time? I guess I'm going to have to end this a little quicker than I planned? Ok, the deadline is Sunday June 8 at midnight. Keep on posting but please try to post something you have really cooked or at least tried to cook. It looks like we have some real grill chef's around here. They all look so good! Hey Gatoulis, Chip and I went to the Harborfest festival today in Norfolk, Va. It's a big festival they have around here every year out near the water. Every year they have this stand that serves gyros and I have to get at least one or two when I go. The people who run it are greek. The meat they use is a combo of lamb and beef on nice thick warm pita bread (or more like flat bread here in the U.S.) and they put lettuce, tomatoe, and a delicious type of cucumber sauce on it. They are out of this world!!! I was curious though? Is the meat they use in Greece all lamb or is it a combo of lamb and beef? Whatever it is it is very delicious! I also had to have a fried snickers bar for desert! Boy do I love festival food!
  22. email sent, they really are beautiful coins:)
  23. Ok, I'm bored again so I have some coins coming in the mail soon so I'm going to make another cointest. Post your best Summertime grilling recipes (grill only recipes please). I'll pick the winner by random number generator. I'm not sure how long I'll run it , probably a week or so or until I get a good amount of posts. I'll make an announcement when the contest ends later. Post as many as you like. Good Luck.
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