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  1. Deventer to attend: In the first week-end of July, the city centre is the scene of the spectacular open air festival "Deventer op stelten" (Deventer on Stilts). Actors and other artist give free performances in the streets and on the Brink square. All actors must use stilts during their acts.
  2. Well, I guess I'll start if noone beats me before I finish typing. In 2003, Chip was watching a show on the Travel Channel and they had a segment on a show about geocaching. He told me about it and how it was done. We already had a gps, so I did some research and found a local geocaching group and this web site and two new geocachers were born (sort of speak:) We found our first cache in a local park about a mile or two away from the house and it really was such a thrill finding it (even though it was a micro, yuck:( ) But, we were hooked from that point on. With both of us having disabilities, me in a wheelchair and Chip with diabetes, neuropathy in the legs, and poor eyesite. Our geocaching adventures are a true team sport since I act as his eyes and he as my legs to get the caches. Although we have been caching since 2003, we really have not done a whole lot of caches compared to most but what we have found have been real adventures for us. It really helps with our health to get out and do something fun and active. I've also been collecting a lot of geocoins within the last year or so and tend to stay on the forums here quite a bit which I really enjoy because of all the great friendships I have developed with fellow cachers here which really means a lot. Well, thats our story and how Nochipra was created (a combination of mine name (Nora) and Chip's Thanks for the great contest, I look forward to reading all the other stories.
  3. Actually, I am glad this was brought up. I've often thought about buying others activated coins when offered but was concerned about the activity on them too. So I guess the activity stays on the coin once it is transfered? Mmmnnnn... This makes me wonder about another question? In the future do you think people will be more interested in coins that have activity on them showing where they have been and their history, say 10 or 20 years from now or should they stay unactivated with no story to tell on them? I have quite a few activated (very few which are travelers) and the others have no activity on them at all, just so I can have the icons? I would think down the road people might become more interested in coins with some history and stories on them. Does anyone keep a watch on the original Mount10bike coins for instance?
  4. Congrats to all the recipients! Very cool!
  5. I had also thought about getting a club of sorts together in our area? Actually, I was thinking of setting up something like a weekly breakfast or lunch where people could show up at a restauarant once a week (something simple like a McDonalds or Hardees?). Maybe make the first one a meet and greet on gc.com and then discuss if people would like to continue meeting their once a week for breakfast or lunch and then everyone could either get together as a group and go geocaching or break up into smaller groups and go after eating? Maybe from there, if the group is big enough start planning trips to other places not so local if there were enough interest? Just a thought?
  6. Congrats Corina!!! on getting the Secret Agent Coin!!! YEA!!!! Isn't he cool!!! We were lucky enough to get one a while back
  7. email sent- YES name received- YES mission sent- YES on it's way across the Atlantic mission received - NOT YET
  8. I'd love to see the pins done too. Apparently, I've never seen the previous pins that were done either? I'd gladly pay them too though.
  9. Wait a dog-gone minute! Where do I log my complaint? There is something sooooooo wrong with this picture The only person in this geocoin forum that should be getting Nutella is me! dhen, you and I need to have a talk I don't think I've ever eaten Nutella? I'm not even sure I can get it around here but of course I've never been looking for it either? I may have to see if I can find it?
  10. Finally got our mission packaged up and ready to go. Hopefully it will get in the mail tomorrow if we don't get too busy. I'll post once it is sent.
  11. Pity the woeful die artist who gets stuck with that job. Wouldn't it just be a Pathtag then (see the smilies...lots of smilies) How would you know though? Sorry, just couldn't resist
  12. Maybe have the small oval circles have a stained glass effect and if you decide to put something in the middle have that be stained glass effect also? Maybe the LE version could have different colors of stained glass effect around it? Just my 2 pennies worth
  13. Tschakko is very good at forum contest. He won 2 of our Accessibility pins in a recent pintest I held and generously gave one of them to Ida27 whom I'm assuming is either his girlfriend, wife, or possibly just a friend? I also can tell he loves geocaching and possibly may consider himself addicted to it
  14. I don't know the whereabouts of 21 but I have her accomplice #26 hiding out here at our place. I could be pursuaded to turn her in to you for the price of a yime? Just send the proper exchange paperwork request to my email and we can work it out if interested?
  15. Can I call it a Cache Bug? If so please change the title to Sisterhood and Brotherhood of the Traveling Cache Bug. I would not want to risk this being archived and I will change the title in on the travel bug page also.
  16. What I do is, I have a free acct with photobucket.com and download all my pics I want to add here to that first. Then click on the img file under the pic, copy it, then come here click the little picture of the tree at the top here. My security makes me click something at the top to allow the image to be posted. Anyway a little pop up will come up at the top where you paste the image file. That should get the pic on here. I don't think I forgot anything?
  17. If I remember correctly I think it had blue glitter? Looked the most like the real R2D2 I think. Looks like they all sold out now. When we get ours I'll try to post a pic if I remember.
  18. put my pre order in for the glitter and red, very nice. Thanks
  19. Coin #11 arrived at its new home today!! I love it!!! Here is the other side made to look like my new dog Riley!!!!!! Here is the one we got from Geo Error last week, probably one of those up in her pic but now it is revealed. Thank you so much Corina.
  20. Wow Corina, That is Totally Awesome!!! I didn't even know you had gotten it the first time, I guess I missed the posts? That little bug knows you deserve his coin especially after forwarding the first one to someone for good luck! Congratulations, it is well deserved!
  21. Darn it Naomi! You are getting as bad (or should I say good) as some of these other designers making me spend my money!!! When are these going on sale? I have got to get some!!! I just got some your lighhouse coins, you gotta slow down, lol.
  22. CONGRATS RODDY, and WAY TO GO Lindsychris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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