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  1. This may have been asked before but I found a thread that I would like to keep a watch on to see when someone adds something to it and I can't figure out how to do it if there is a way?
  2. I've been working on some caches to hide that would require people to take a picture to log the find. Maybe more people will create more caches like that. I will make sure that I have the words photo required or picture required in the title though for those that just download coordinates and go. Here is a pic from a cache we did, not gonna say which one though.
  3. Might make a good article in Today's Cacher. Show some of the larger collections, maybe provide the links as a sort of guide to what's out there. I use Dave's and Fisur's sites as a reference. Whoa! I'm ashamed to show off our pitiful collection. A whole 6 coins! Of course we are newbies at collecting. 2 Hampton Roads Geocachers regular geocoins (1 for trade, one to keep) , 1 LE Hampton Roads Geocachers (keeper), 1 TGBear (possible trader), and 2 Podcacher.com II geocoins (one signed, one not, both keepers.) Guess we have to start somewhere?
  4. A lot of people are taking High Resolution pictures of the front and back of the coins and sending those out with instruction to move it along with the tracking number. That way you keep the actual coin in your hands but others get to log it as well. I may be doing that with some of the coins I have.
  5. Does anyone know of any reasonable hotels (by reasonable I mean cheap) around the Bedford, PA area? I have called few places and gotten a couple of good rates but I was looking for some more options. We are planning to come early (around Oct 3-10) . We want to do the civil war battlefields (gettysburg, antietam, etc or at least Chip does, lol) and I want to hit the Geocoinfest and the Autumn Fest in Bedford. We are looking for something along Rt. 30 between Chambersburg and Bedford that might have a weekly rate. Budget wise we were hoping for around $50 a night or less? Most places I called gasped and said oh no we either have no rooms available for that time or have the rooms available for part of the time we want to stay because of a car show in Carlisle or the Autumnfest? If anyone in the PA area has an idea of an extended stay kind of place along Rt 30 could you please let us know. Thanks.
  6. Oh! No fair!! This is wooden nickel TRADING! Don't wave that picture in front of us and then say you don't know if you're trading! No fair!! I probably will, it all depends on the cost of how many I have to order and the shipping cost involved if a lot of people are interested but I want to debute them in person at geocoinfest first before I do anything.
  7. I hear more and more about people downloading the coordinates into their gps units and then taking off to find the cache. I don't think I would dare go after a cache unless I have read the whole cache page and checked the last few logs to see if it was still there and if there were special instructions. I think it saves a lot of dnf logs, wasted time and delayed finds by doing so? Just my opinion.
  8. Actually Read The Cache Pages and Last Few Logs to see if it is still there and if there are any special instructions before going for the hunt.
  9. That's a good idea of buying extra coins at the event to trade with people from other events, I may get a few if I get to the PA event like we plan.
  10. That's a good idea of buying extra coins at the event to trade with people from other events, I may get a few if I get to the PA event like we plan.
  11. OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm gonna be soooooooo broke!!!
  12. That's a good idea to do the lettering on the back in braille? Should I put the braille within the written letters or just do braille dots? I don't know if I should do the G in braille too or just do a raised regular letter G on the sign language letter?
  13. Very nice, Glenn. Congrats on your trade. Congrats Glenn, I just checked out Mount10Bikes site today for the first time and saw those. Very nice
  14. We have not gotten these yet, I just got the email with the mock up from geonickel.com but they did a great job on ours. I can't wait to get them. We are planning on putting them in caches that we consider to be handicapped/wheelchair accessible and trade for them at events. I'm hoping to get some before we go to Geocoinfest. I don't know if I will mail these out or not for trade but I will decide when we get back and if we have any left. I may have to reorder them after Geocoinfest.
  15. We have not hidden any yet but I am working on some to be hidden and I created this certificate to place in the bigger caches and a certificate like this on a business card to place in the smaller caches.
  16. Hawaii California (north) California (south) Mississippi South Dakota Halifax Montreal Alberta Georgia Arizona Idaho Texas Minnesota New Jersey New Zealand North Carolina Winsconsin Washington Netherlands British Columbia Kansas Michigan Oregon If someone knows how to turn this into a poll I would appreciate it. I'm not sure how? We are planning on attending the PA event if all goes well.
  17. Very Cool Coins!!! I will have to see about getting some after the Geocoinfest if I don't spend all my money.
  18. I was thinking of having the pictures either raised or sunken so that a blind person could feel the shape of the pictures and having braille under the words trackable at geocaching.com or having it in just braille but then the tracking number in both written and braille.
  19. I have two designs that I would like everyone to look at and give some input on. These are ideas for some coins I would like to have made to create awareness that people with disabilities like to go geocaching as well. The wooden nickel is going to be our new signature item. We just got the mock up in an email yesterday. I plan to put these nickels in caches that I consider to be handicapped/wheelchair accessible caches and to trade at events. The other is a design I came up with in my print shop program. I was just curious if anyone would purchase these if we were to have them made?
  20. I have a coin that I want to get minted but I am scared of how much it will cost me out of my pocket? I would like to know your experiences with getting a coin minted and what kind of costs came out of pocket? If I use the reselling program I am afraid that the company will end up making a lot of money off a coin I designed and I won't be able to make a profit from the coins? If I buy the coins outright, I know it will costs a pretty penny but I feel I will be able to make a descent profit on the coins. I guess what I really want to know is how much money I should have in my pocket available to have a coin minted? Do the company's have payment plans if you choose to buy your coins without the reselling plan? Which company have you had the best experience with? Any help is appreciated
  21. Ok, I admit it I AM ADDICTED!!!! I found some more coins my addicted heart desires. Anthus Laptops (any) Cachoids (any) Frequent U Turns (very funny coin, I've done that plenty of times) Crystal Ball The New Quilt Coins (very pretty) Geo Jellies (YUM) Last Cache Geocoin Mmmnnnn... Beer functional bottle opener coin Any Butterfly coin (all are beautiful) Unknown Soldier (very nice coin) Any Wildlife Mugglers My name is Nora and I AM A GEOCOINAHOLIC!!! I can't stop searching for geocoins!!!HHHHHHHEEEEELLLLPPPP!!! On second thought don't help, I don't want to stop searching, lol
  22. We have a Garmin nuvi 350 and we love it. We got it off of HSN with the payment plan. I think it was around $350. You can change it from car mode to pedestrian mode and input gps coordinates. It's really easy to use too once you get used to what buttons to push.
  23. Looks like I'll be getting some of these although it will have to wait til after the Geocoinfest event. I don't know how much I'll be spending there. Most all my family is from WV, my grandmother's birthday is Oct. 28, she'll be 87 yrs old, so I'll probably get her one. She lives here in Va now but she is always talking about WV and the mountains. Both my grandfathers were coal miners back there too.
  24. I'm not sure if this would be a good idea or not for the micros that don't have much room but I thought about getting some of those little mini star stickers with different colors that teachers used to put on school work papers for kids and say red=excellent hide, blue=good hide, green=average hide, yellow=too easy a hide, etc. Each person would put a sticker next to their log entry to rate the cache which would encourage people to put thought into how they hide their micros?
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