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  1. Is it still active? Yes it is! I'll bite the biter! If you send me your address I'll send you a coin that's on your seek list (I've already taken it off my trade list, so it will be a surprise ) Pay it forward WOW, thank you!!! That was not my intent!!! Email sent. I'll bite the biter! If you send me your address I'll send you a coin that's on your seek list (I've already taken it off my trade list, so it will be a surprise ) That was not my intent either. I just like the idea of having a day of doing something nice. I like the idea of Oct. 6 too. That would make a nice day but the Geocoinfests are going on that day I'm not sure if people would get mail out that day or not if they are planning to attend one?
  2. Well, I am new to geocoin collecting but what I have started to do is get the addresses of people I have started to trade with or the addresses of generous people who have been generous enough to just send me a coin for the"heck" of it or asking for the address of everyone that is on my friend list. I just ask them if I may have their address in case something geocoin related in the future may come up. I just like to look at some of the names of people who post a lot on here and send a friend request and a request for their address and if they respond then I put their address on a list I keep and when I have extra coins in the future I plan to make them happy? When sending the coins you can do it anonymously or put your return address on the package and maybe that person will send you something in the future? I don't really like the idea of keeping a list of names and addresses that everyone would have like a secret santa kinda thing, I'd like to just keep it random and if you send a coin and don't receive one back then you've done a good deed anyway and it may come back to you at a later date? I would suggest start collecting addresses of people you would like to send coins to in the future and buying extra coins every so often and once a date has been set for this, then you are ready.
  3. Well the intention I had for a day like this is to send out a coin or coins and not really expect anything in return? A kind of "do something nice day"?
  4. I don't know if there is already a day like this or not among geocoin collectors but I thought it would be a nice idea to have an official Send Out A Geocoin Day? This would be an official day where everyone who wanted to participate could send a geocoin to someone randomly. You could send out one coin to someone who's address you might have to brighten their day or you could send out several coins to a number of different people. I know that there are a lot of wonderful people on this forum who send out coins all the time but I just thought there could be one official day where those that want to participate would all send out a coin/coins on that particular day. Just a thought? Let me know what you think:)
  5. I have a ton of old medicine bottles. I was thinking of using those after soaking and cleaning them with alcohol and using camo tape on them. I think those are water proof, not sure?
  6. Very nice design, I like it a lot:)
  7. Yeah, thanks for the info. I guess if they really like my design and really want it then they will pay to have it done and possibly let me have some of the coins for the idea. That is really the route I would like to have if possible?
  8. The email I got said that they would like to start working on the artwork. Does that cost anything and would I have to put up any money to get something from them to show in the forums for a presale? Have the companies already started creating it when people post the pre sales on the forum?
  9. I've seen a lot of people getting a lot of geocoins made and my question is how can you afford it? I sent coins and pins a design idea and I got an email back saying that they really like the idea but they gave me all these quotes on getting it made which was over $1000. They said the bare min. that it could cost me was a little over $700 with the reselling program. I can't afford it. I am on disability and don't even make $700 a month. I love geocoins and have played around with making designs and would love to see a coin idea I came up with made into a coin but the costs are way outta my league. Is there some way to do it without any real cost to me or at least a small cost. I could only afford to spend "maybe" $100 a month on geocoins if that and that is splurging.
  10. YAAAAAAAHOOOOOO!!! This is one VERY SPECIAL Day for us!!! We have some very special people to thank. Glenn 721 for his wonderful generosity (The very first person to make our geocoin dreams come true) . He sent me a gorgeous compass rose that was on our wish list. 3doxies for a great trade of the beautiful Virginia coin that we have been wanting (our very first trade). And, to Podcacher.com/Sonny and Sandy for the very special Lackey coin we won off of their show (the first thing we have won off their show). This has been one amazing day!!! We're so happy!!! Thank you all so very much!
  11. Right now they are still available. I've had a few people ask about them but nothing confirmed yet. We figure for the 2000 xl gps shipping would be about $7 since it is so heavy and we would get tracking numbers. For the Sportrak I would say about $5 for shipping. If the cost is any more than that we will eat it. If you want both in the same package I would say $10 for shipping.
  12. I was just playing around with an idea for a coin? The Geocacher's Budget coin? Say based on a monthly income of $2000, how would a geocacher spend that money per month? Any ideas?
  13. I was curious to see how many people use this geocoin trading site: http://www.geocointrader.com/index.php?content=home It's free, I thought more people would be on it?
  14. I just saw 3 more Quebec coins on Ebay, maybe you could give them another shot?
  15. What about pewter? That seems to be a somewhat popular metal? I don't know what the cost would be on that. Maybe even a thick kind of aluminum? That would at least be different and light weight to ship?
  16. Yeah!!!!! Congratulations, it is a jellyfish. Kinda weird, I had no idea people would eat them. But apparently, after reading through all the answers, I've come to one conclusion......people will eat ANYTHING!!!! That just floors me. Drunken shrimp, lol. Ok, which seahorse would you like? green, purple, blue or red? Thank you soooooo much!!! I like the purple seahorse please! I'll email my address. Thanks for all the fun!!!
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