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  1. I started this thread thinking people might want to share some of their special days in case anyone wanted to send them something on their special day but I guess noone wants to do it? oh well?
  2. We did it. There is two of us so we voted twice because we are in two different categories.
  3. Ok, I've never heard of his one - anybody have a picture? Thaks! LOL, Hey Mary, You don't recognize it do ya? I got a few more from the group to trade and possible do a cointest with later on. I'm still lovin that VA coin:)
  4. Like MustangJoni said there are coins that have tracking numbers and some that don't. Now if you come on a cache that has a coin in it, you first need to determine if it is a trackable or not. If it is trackable and has a mission in the little flap with it or has some kind of note attached to it that says it needs to keep going then you can keep it moving into another cache or leave it for someone else to move. If by some luck you happen to come upon a coin that is trackable but not activated to anyone's acct. then it can be considered swag and it was either probably meant for you to keep or for you to give it to someone else as long as you do not activate it in your name. If you decide to keep it and activate it you can keep it in your own personal collection or put it in a cache for someone to pick up and move along if you attach a mission (note) saying where you want the coin to travel. Now a non trackable coin that does not have the tracking number is usually swag and you can either keep that too or send it out on a mission too but you would need to attach a travel bug on that along with your mission (note) to say where you would like it to travel. I know it is a lot of info but once you start getting into geocoins you'll learn real fast. I've only been collecting for about a month and already I probably should be in a geocoins anonymous group but I can't resist the cute little coins. HHHHHEEEELLLLPPP!
  5. Pathetically eager email sent - thanks for the opportunity to get one!!! Another begging email sent.
  6. This is the Hampton Roads Geocachers Yahoo Group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Geocaching-HamptonRoadsVA/ They are a large group with almost 500 members. This is a new site for Virginia geocachers: http://www.vageocachers.org/ Great new site!
  7. Psssst, I've got a Starry Night coin for you.... (shhh dont tell anyone...) I've been looking everywhere for one of these too, they really are beautiful coins.
  8. Hi, I have this Hampton Roads Geocachers geocoin to trade for any of the following. This is a very well made coin from Coins and Pins, unactivated with it's own icon: Starry Night- Vincent Van Gogh Anthus Laptop (any) Anthus Decoder (any) Dragon Spinner (any) Tranquility (light or dark) Winsconsin Robin Pirates of the Chesapeake Cache Counter Earth Turtle (Ha, Ha, I know good luck, huh!) Any geocoin with a penguin on it or any geocoin that has some kind of moving mechanism Please pm us if you are interested. Thanks.
  9. We have been talking with Coins and Pins and they have agreed to mint our new Naughty or Nice Christmas geocoin! We should get the artwork for approval within a couple of weeks so keep you eyes open for more info. This is our first coin to be minted and we are so excited:)
  10. oh, ok thanks for clearing that up. I hope they fix it soon:)
  11. Is anyone else having trouble with the icons of their geocoins on their stats? Most of mine have turned into money icons? I just put two new coins in a little while ago and now I can't see the icons for them?
  12. We got an Over The Edge Geocoin from OverTheEdge from a cointest the other night. Thank you so much, it is really a great coin. And, a beautiful Moustik coin from icydove from a purchase in the forums. Thank you so much:)
  13. I'll give the great pumpkin my address so he can spend halloween with us? We plan to dress up and have lots of fun. We won $100 in a halloween contest a couple of yrs ago.
  14. Can we still get in the game? I may get a coin or two if we can.
  15. Thanks a lot everyone. I've just discovered Waymarking! There are a ton of sites on there that I have been to. It's great.
  16. I have been considering doin this cache for a while but don't know what category it would be in? I would put the coordinates for my local Walmart store but the way you would complete the cache could be done at any Walmart store. The only requirements would be to take a picture of yourself with a Walmart greeter or employee of any Walmart store you go to and attach it to your log. I figure Walmart is just about everywhere, if not Walmart then a McDonalds. You would not necessarily have to have the picture taken with the employee knowing it. As long as the Walmart or McDonalds employee was in the background of the picture. Once the picture is taken and attached to the log, you could request that I send you a copy of a printable certificate saying that you completed the cache requirement. Would this be considered a multi (which would be my guess), a virtual, or regular cache.
  17. Great! Very cool concept. I am new to geocoin collecting, I don't quite have 6 coins to distribute but I would be glad to be a C,D, or E person.
  18. This looks like a very interesting project. Let me see if I have my facts straight on the concept? Person A has 6 coins to go out? Person A sends 3 coins (activated) to Person B to be placed into caches? Person A sends out 3 more coins, 1(unactiveated) to person C, 1 (unactivated) to person D, and 1(unactivated) to person E. (These are the first 3 that email person A) Person B places those 3 coins in cache(s). Person C can choose to keep the coin or replace it with another to be put into a cache. Person C places coin in a cache. Person D can choose to keep the coin or replace it with another to be put into a cache. Person D places coin in a cache. Person E can choose to keep the coin or replace it with another to be put into a cache. Person E places coin in a cache. Tasks are completed? Do I have it right or can someone clarify it for me?
  19. That sounds really cool. Do you have any pictures of them?
  20. If I attend an event I like something that will help me remember it by. If you don't think you will get many attendees at your first event then I would go with something either you make or something cheaper than a metal coin. As the event gets bigger each year, if you hold it again, then I would go with a metal coin.
  21. We find it is best to go to a cache without any real expectations of finding any kind of tb's or coins. As a matter of fact when we go caching we have no real idea of what to expect in the cache at all. I don't bother to look up a tb or coin in it because more than likely it will be gone by the time we get there anyway. We go for either the scenery, to get that cache off our list, and to just have fun finding it. If we happen to find coins or bugs in it, then that makes it a whole lot better. As for the maintaining of caches, if we can help clean it up some, we do it.
  22. Exactly my point - those coins had nothing to do with that meeting - so I think it is inappropriate. I guess what I am really trying to say is that unless the coins move through a cache or show up at an event - they really are not Geocaching related and don't belong in your geocaching gallery. Although I do see your point, I do think that they are geocaching related. The coins I want to post are ones that I won in cointest on this forum or received through trades on this forum. I think we should be able to show them off just as we do the trackable coins with icons. I don't see a problem with going to an old event we attended in 2003 and posting a note to the post we made saying that we are attaching pictures of coins so they will show up in the gallery since there is no other way to put them into it or into a separate non-trackable non activated category.
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