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  1. Hi all, Sorry I have not been back in the forums in a while but this month has really been crazy. I still have not forgotten about this race and Chip and I are still planning to go to the picnic on Sat. The coins are all ready to go so if there are any last minute changes to your coins before they are off please let me know. before noon on Friday Aug. 29th or they will be sent out "as is". Thanks to the contestants for participating and helping me get some miles on some of our coins. I look forward to watching their adventures:) Good luck to all. I will post here once they are on their way:)
  2. Hi all, I thought I would go ahead and do a travel bug race in Amtrekker's honor. WINNER will win a coin of my choosing. How it will work: 1. You create a new travel bug to send out or you can just send out a coin. It must be a new TB or Coin that you are sending out and not one that is already in circulation! 2. The Travel Bug page or Coin Page MUST have AMTREKKER in the title to participate. 3. Give your Travel bug a mission. Anything. 4. Post a link to your Tavel Bug page or Coin page in this thread. It must be posted here to be able to win. 5. You drop your TB or coin in a cache of your choosing after Friday Aug. 8, 2008 but no later than Aug 30, 2008. Any tb's or coins submitted after Aug 30 will not be participating in the contest. If Amtrekker completes his goals before Aug. 30 and is back home then no more entries will be allowed after he arrives home. So the sooner you send it out the better. YOU CANNOT SEND THE TB OR COIN OUT BEFORE AUG. 8, IF YOU DO, THEN YOU ARE NOT ENTERED IN THE CONTEST! 6. No TB owner or Coin owner can dip a coin in one cache and then dip it into another for travel miles. YOU MUST ONLY DROP THE COIN INTO A CACHE AND LEAVE IT FOR ANOTHER CACHER TO PICK UP. Others may dip the TB or coin but they CANNOT be from the same caching team or family. Anyone suspected of cheating will automatically be disqualified from the race. 7. You are the only one responsible for your own TB or coin. If it gets lost or stolen before the contest ends then your out of luck. 8. When Amtrekker is finished with the 50 goals on his list and arrives back home then the contest will be over and the TB or Coin with the most miles on it will be the winner. The day and time he arrives home will be the official end of the contest. I will contact him to ask exactly when that date and time was. Winner will receive a coin of MY choosing. 9. I reserve the right to add or change rules as necessary during the contest. 10. Lets show Amtrekker our support and how much we love watching his adventures. You can check out his adventures at http://www.amtrekker.com/ Good Luck!
  3. I found this new store through twitter.com. They have a lot of stuff and some of it is geocaching related. (removed by moderator)
  4. I just discovered that people actually have twitter meetup groups now? I found a group that meets once a week in my area too. How Cool!
  5. Need to Remember Desire Holding a picture of you and your loved one when you first started dating.
  6. To Tomorrow Remember Today Holding up something like a college graduation certificate or something you would always want to remember.
  7. The American Diabetes Association Why? I have a lot of family members who have diabetes Type 1 and Type 2. Chip is one of those people. He has had it since was 18 and he is now in his 40's. He has diabetic neuropathy, he is considered legally blind with extremly poor eyesight, and has had a kidney transplant all from complications for diabetes. Diabetes affects more people now more than ever and causes so many more complications. There needs to be much more research and awareness about it. How I would use the coin for the cause? I would post in this forum a thread that would let people know they can "Discover" this coin and collect the icon by making a donation to the ADA and sending me proof that they did so and then I would send them the coin number so they could collect the icon. I am also expecting some signature pins in the mail that look like our wooden nickel and are numbered so I would send them one of those for making the donation too. I too think the v3 coin would disappear quickly if it were released for awareness?
  8. OK gang! The coins are ready to go! Now all I have to do is wait for the picnic on Aug 30 to set them free. I'm posting pics of how I fixed them up. I copy and pasted the info on each of the coin pages onto a card and then taped the coins in their vinyl pouches to the back of those cards and then put them into zip loc baggies to protect them from the weather. I used packaging tap to kind of laminate the cards since I don't have a laminating machine and people can still take the coins out of the pouches to look at the tracking numbers. Please, if you have not done so already please post here after looking at the coin pages that are assigned to you to make sure the information is correct. If you do not post to let me know, I will assume that the info is correct and I am no longer responsible if the coins end up in the wrong cache you assigned them to for the contest. REMEMBER once you receive the coins you MUST change the card information, take a picture of YOURSELF (no family or friends) holding the coin, notify me that you received it so I can change the coin page info and send it back to the False Alarm cache to us mentioned in the original post. I will either place these on the travel bug table at the picnic event or hand them directly to someone who tells me they can help it along on their mission at the picnic. I will post again once they are sent out. If there are any questions please ask them before I send them out. Thanks for playing.
  9. How about if everyone who is a secret agent already (as long as you own at least 1 agent coin) writes down a mision and places it in an envelope and then drops it in the next cache they find for someone to pick up. If they choose to do the mission and they complete it they get to contact the secret agent for a coin but they have to be able to prove they completed the mission somehow and of the course they have to say which agent gave them the mission of which all the necessary information would have to be placed in the envelope. Hope this makes sense?
  10. I know what you mean, I've only been on it a couple of days and I leave it on the whole time I'm on the computer.
  11. It's a cool site. I just figured out how to use it. Great for quick little blogging updates about what your up to. If you sign up just add us to your following list. Come on all you twitterbugs! I haven't used Twitter but I have used a service call Jott (www.jott.com) a few times while geocaching. What is interesting about Jott is that rather than typing in a message on a keyboard or as an instant message you use your cell phone (or any phone) and your voice to create a message. It translates voice to text, saves it as both audio and text and then delivers it as an email message (to yourself, someone else, or a list of email addresses). I've used it to save coin tracking numbers while at the cache. For a numbers run, it could be useful to create a brief log after every cache visited then cut-n-paste the results from email into the online geocache log. I find it much easier to leave a voice message than try to text a message. With a bluetooth headset and voice dialing it would become completely hands free and allow you to focus on walking down a trail instead of looking down at your phone to type in the message. Yeah, I believe twitter does the same thing. I have not put my phone on it yet though, just linked it to my blogspot. I've got links to my twitter page, blog, and facebook page in my gc profile if anyone wants to follow me.
  12. I just had a thought? How about having a TB cointest in Amtrekker's honor? Anyone who wants to participate could. All you have to do is release a coin or TB with Amtrekker in the title to participate and a release date could be set to send them out and then when he announces when his goals are done on his web site, that would be when the contest is over? I would provide the prize of a coin or coins of my choice to the winner with the most miles by the end date. If this is something you would like to do let me know and I'll work on it this weekend. Please add in suggestions you might have too.
  13. It's nice to know that there are some more groups being formed close to where we are. We are part of the GCHR Geocaching Hampton Roads Group here in VA. Chip and I have been through Roanoke Rapids and like to stop at Ralph's BBQ when we go through there. I hope your group comes together nicely and gets a lot of members. Maybe once you get some events together for your area Chip and I can stop by some time. By the way if you have anyone in your area that would like to attend an event not too far away while they are waiting for your group to form, then we are having our picnic on Aug 30 at Newport News Park in Newport News, VA. The more the merrier! Here is the page: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...b8-e586dd857b4b
  14. Wow, I just got done watching all 45 of his Youtube videos! Totally awesome! It looks like he is having a blast! If there are any geocachers out there that can help him finish his goals I would encourage you to help him out and let him know how great the geocaching community really is. Good luck Brett aka Amtrekker and I hope you get everything done soon:) Nochipra
  15. We got our turtles in the mail today! Thanks so much TSUN! Love em!
  16. I came across this guy on youtube. I thought I had heard about him before but never looked at his web site or looked into it further til now. He's pretty cool! He left home and is traveling all over to accomplish the 50 things he's always wanted to do before he goes home. Looks like he's almost done but he has geocaching in all 48 of the mainland states as one of his goals. http://www.amtrekker.com/index.php
  17. I had a time finding the free membership last week too. I finally found it so we could sign up Chip's nephew.
  18. Looking forward to seeing what the new mission will be, Agent Nochipra checking in
  19. It's never too late to sign up, it's a continuous mission.
  20. It's a cool site. I just figured out how to use it. Great for quick little blogging updates about what your up to. If you sign up just add us to your following list. Come on all you twitterbugs!
  21. Ok everyone, All name entries for the witch sisters are over. Now we get to vote. Here are all the names. Hazel Helga Solaire Farahilde Jinxie Trixie Isra Ursula Mave Una Ima Ura Samantha - 3 different people posted this name Glenda Cara Wilona Nochi Pra Astra Wanda Endora Sabrina Lotti Rowena Broomhilga Margot Hilda Zelda I think I got them all. Thanks to everyone who participated so far. Now let's see which names will win. Please vote for 2 names that you would like me to place on the Witch's Coin/Mission pages from the above list. PLEASE DO NOT CREATE A NEW NAME. Please post it like this: Witch #1 - (YOUR NAME CHOICE) Witch #2 - (YOUR NAME CHOICE) Even if you did not post a name yourself you can still vote. The names with the most votes by next Sunday Aug. 2 at midnight (est) will win. Thanks for participating and have fun:)
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