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  1. DING DING DING I GOT 10TH PLACE! I was so mad, I was what they call the bubble girl or out on the bubble which means I was out just before making the final table. Now guess how many were in the tournament.
  2. Sorry for the wait everyone. Here is Question #3. There can be two winners on this one. This one is poker related also. Last weekend I played in a Tounament for a trip to Las Vegas. I did not win What place did I get and how many people were in the tournament. Hint: Under 50 people in it. Good Luck! 1st question winner get nickel pin and second question winner gets a gold one.
  3. LOL!!! Thanks for that Geo Error, that does give me a good laugh I'll be with you all in a while. I'm playing poker at pokerstars and when I'm done I'll be back.
  4. Thanks for doing this. If you are not feeling well and need to postpone I'm sure we will understand. I'm not feeling well myself with a bad cold. Well I just woke up as I have got this really bad chest infection which seems to make me sleep most of the day and find I have started a new coin mission oh well twill be fun.. The list so far is The wolf pack Gipsie GeoKs Ljay Tooey Cheesy pigs Cheesy pigs Team Flipper mousekakat grodan fiabus Nochipra Whitby Bluemotmot schakko The Blorenges Plnauta Team Van Stoffelen GEO*Trailblazer 1 TIGGR Dorsetgal & GeoDog Night Hunter southpawaz sweetlife sweetlife Rozecki Krazytrollz Geo-Gophers Lorca.nl degai Team Ekitt10 Crowesfeat30 Crowesfeat30 and some of these are new to missions - which I think is greaat Bob ps if you are not on the list please contact me again
  5. I'm going to take a break now but stay tuned. I'll be back later to give away 3 more pins and a coin.
  6. DING DING DING YOU GOT IT!!! Send me your address.
  7. Ok, time for another! This one has to do with my nephew who is turning 14 yrs old this summer. Just give me the month and day of his birthday this summer. This is for the gold Accessibility pin. 1 post every 2 min.
  8. Send me your address and I'll get a pin out to you. Stay tuned everyone, I'll do another one in a little while. Probably in about a 1/2 hr.
  9. post #16 is in the right ball park with both numbers but not quite right.
  10. Very cool idea! Are you set on having those colors in it? Maybe if the blocks were all one color or just the metal with raised numbers, it wouldn't cost as much? Not really sure how that works though? I love the design, it reminds me of a little plastic game I used to play with. Hope it gets made. I think I would pay the price though if you left the colors in. A lot of coin designs are getting more and more creative and more costly.
  11. Hint: The first number is in the top 100 and the second is below 500
  12. I wish I was that close but I'm really not close to those numbers at all
  13. I guess everyone is having too much fun to post pics yet?
  14. #1 Question Ok, the 1st question has to do with one of my interests/hobbies poker. In particular Texas Holdem poker. I am a member of a local amateur poker league that plays at local restaurants, bowling alleys, etc. They have game about available about 5 or 6 days a week of which I try to attend one about once or twice a week. May 1st started the new spring season and I have already played in a few games. 1. The question is what is my current standing in position and points? For example: The top player currently is in 1st place with 2320 points. You must have both numbers right in the same post. 1 post every 2 min. Good Luck. By the way this is for a nickel Accessibility pin. Clues will be given as necessary
  15. Ok, so I am bored, not feeling great because of this lingering cold, and depressed because I couldn't go to GWVI! So what better way to feel better than to give away a few of these extra accessibility pins I have. Late this evening I'll give a coin away but for now I've just got these pins. So if your stuck at home too and want to play come on in. Please keep an eye on this thread during the day because I will hold all the contest here so as to not use up too much forum space. I have 5 pins to give away and the first one will start in about 15 min. I have to think of some good ones:)
  16. Congrats on the find!!! See, being nosey is not always a bad thing, lol Just kidding
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