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  1. if i just had a laptop i would be happy
  2. 10 to 15 feet for me.
  3. the love for land rover and off roading. it's just something about being out side
  4. i like the challenge of looking for something that is a little bit harder to find then a big ammo container.after all aint we out there for the hunt and the fun
  5. 21 miles just waiting on a day the wife has off to go that a way we can do lunch.
  6. if i took my dog with me i wouldn't have a arm left
  7. if you had one wish what would you wish for? a new GPS 60cs
  8. well looks like i'm off to the local newspaper thanks..keep a look out for it tix and chiggers
  9. just got back from walgreen just doing some shopping (to cold to cache) and just out of curiousity ask the photo shop if they gave away 35 MM canister and the person ask how many do you need. i did not know they just gave them away .how sweet...
  10. when its cold i do very little caching.
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