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  1. after not hearing back from the person who put the TB in my cache,i went back to get the numbers and log the TB my self.so i hope that it was the right thing to do?
  2. i like this FTF My Double secret Geocache (GCHOZE)
  3. i would just move the cache.i go to work at 3am so i under stand why the man might not like the cache .
  4. i had to go to my cache( needed numbers) and log a TB that someone had drop off and did not post it.
  5. i have the small leartherman its nice
  6. found a dead bird and a skull of a dog and alot of golf ball
  7. what keeps the ammo for blowing up when the military uses it?
  8. he is a DR.that explains it
  9. I think you would need to plan ahead. Like getting your Service Providers local access numbers for your destination before you leave on a trip. Edit: I'd be happy if I had a lap. we have free wireless in the city. they say it's a 3 mile radius
  10. don't you hate when somebody logs a TB in your cache but forgets to post the TB.
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