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  1. man he is good.i use a map most time.
  2. i did one that that was off by85 feet.used the hint to help me
  3. i would love to do a cache like this.
  4. all plastic bag should be in a container went in the woods.
  5. some people do it (not me) to keep track of there mile's from cache to cache.
  6. good job on the stuff.i will take the dog ring key
  7. just gave him a GPS to replace the toy.
  8. i cache for the fun of it and the time with my kids and wife.
  9. i had win ME.and it sucked now i havewin XP it kicks butt..
  10. i put my gps on top of my truck for a few min.
  11. we had one to come thru VA.a few months ago. it was pick up the same day.
  12. why would you? i have enough to do as it is just keeping up with the post.
  13. i'm ok with it.had to wait 25 min. one time for a cache.
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