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  1. found 12 caches today.but 11 of the caches was a cache race.(GCHHFK)i had fun
  2. started out to do 4 caches and only found 2 that day.had ice and snow and one cache was missing.the sad part was the wife went with me and she only goes once in a while. so she was not happy.
  3. i think a mirco can never be to small.i have found them 2 inch long by half inch round.so the smaller the better
  4. DO: tell somebody were you are going.
  5. i been thanking about doing one myself.
  6. If, after 560+ posts here, you STILL don't know what your doing, you're also a slow learner! Was that a flame? LOL
  7. i like a good hide! no math the last time i did a math cache had to take my son so he could do the math for me
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