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  1. one time a person saw me looking around and then came up and said geocaching right.
  2. You say that as if there is something else to drive ! are a 1971 landrover
  3. yes and its me most of the time
  4. some one left firecrackers in one of my caches
  5. had to go and move one one time about of tree work.but not because of it missing.that sucks
  6. if the cache needs to be moved,then e-mail the owner.
  7. i have one 3 miles away and one 15 miles away
  8. garmin 176cs but will have the 60cs in 2 or 3 weeks
  9. i agree with matt1344 and i don't have a cd player in my rover.
  10. no! find her and get married then you,ll be better off!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. my wife likes to go but only if it is warm outside.
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