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  1. got a tungsten-c and would like to go wireless but my cell phone co. does not offer it. so how does one go wireless??does somebody offer something else that will work with my cell phone?? :lol:

    i know about and use wi-fi..

  2. At http://www.geocaching.com/pocket/ does it show that your query has run (last generated date/time) since you changed it? If not, did it already run today as a LOC file?


    Instead of Yes/No answers, how about describing what you had, what you changed, when you changed it, what it looks like now, etc.

    last ran 4/12/04


    changes i made are

    DAYS --s-t-t-f-s-

    show me 400 caches


    traditional cache

    virtual cache

    event cache

    mult -cache



    any container


    i haveen't found

    i don't own

    are for member only

    have not been found

    is active


    within radius 250 mi.

    my state VA.

    my zip code


    in the format (GPS exchange format GPX)

    compress file into *ZIP format

  3. 1. Did you set the PQ to run on a specific day? (No day = no PQ!)


    2. Did you accept the EULA? If you need to accept/re-accept it, no PQ


    3. Did you assign too many "and" statements in your PQ? That is, did you ask for caches that "you have found" and "have not found" and "are for members only" et cetera? That may narrow the search down too much to generate a PQ


    2-do not know what (EULA) is??


  4. The change was made to a PocketQuery? Has it run again? Did you receive a LOC instead? If you create a new temp PQ generating a GPX does it arrive as a GPX?

    yes,no,no,and no

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