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  1. Yes I agree... Born and raised in VA and very proud of it. me three
  2. i did 5 cache saturday and all had golf balls in them.
  3. i use a hiking stick all the time .its save my butt many times..
  4. found a benchmark but can not find it on the web page.i was out mt. biking and came across this (TT 87D).but its not on the page, does this happen a lot?
  5. got a tungsten-c and would like to go wireless but my cell phone co. does not offer it. so how does one go wireless??does somebody offer something else that will work with my cell phone?? i know about and use wi-fi..
  6. i have palm one tungsten E.and understand i can go wireless are can WIFI when available.does anybody do this.and do you use SDIO?
  7. my wife loves to go caching.and she has a GPS .how do you think i find caches and i make her go get them...
  8. rover-r-us


    last ran 4/12/04 changes i made are DAYS --s-t-t-f-s- show me 400 caches of traditional cache virtual cache event cache mult -cache unknow any container that i haveen't found i don't own are for member only have not been found is active within radius 250 mi. my state VA. my zip code in the format (GPS exchange format GPX) compress file into *ZIP format
  9. rover-r-us


    1-yes 2-do not know what (EULA) is?? 3-no
  10. rover-r-us


    i change from LOC.files to GPX files cent i have cachemate now.but have not rec.any files WHY?i was rec.LOC before i watch to GPX
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