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  1. falling on my butt and go to work the next day.did i mention i drive a truck.
  2. i did a puzzle cache about 3 weeks ago and loved it.had to put the puzzle together to get the corrdinates for the last stage.
  3. my first cache was tix and chigger2 (gc9831) it took me 2 day of going back.
  4. the more the better. the longer the better.
  5. less when 5 hour this pass week end.
  6. congratulations on reaching 100
  7. i had the etrex yellow and i wanted maps so i got a garmin GPS76S.
  8. on the way home one day i look for a cache to put a T.B in for 30 min. and did not find it.i had just found it 2 days before with the GPS!
  9. my boss is ok with it.as long as i get my work done.
  10. Not a Clue.now i need a beer and maybe it will came to me later
  11. i like the idea .we have a n64 cache here and it works some what good.
  12. someone forgot to close the lid all the way.now i'm wet.
  13. my son and two daughters cache with me, but to cold for the wife in the winter.but she will in the summer time.
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