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  1. i go to the end and work my way back to the start.
  2. it would have to be par-king (GC6F62) my gps took me right up to a 6 story parking garage. you had to figure out what level the hide a key was on.it was fun
  3. mine goes way down when i'm in 4 wheel drive.good thing i don't have big tires too.
  4. it would have to be woodrum field (GCE289) you can't see it in the picture but there is a view for 8 miles. very nice.
  5. i can't ski so i would have to do it by foot.
  6. as long as you don"t live near me that would be a good cache
  7. the hardest cache for me was the Brushy1 (GCA163).took me 3 hours to do and when i got to the cache something had trashed it. plus i had to buy a one day pass to hike up to the cache.then later that day someone told me back in 1970s two poeple had been killed where i'd parked
  8. did the something here in va,the person who want with the report hide a cache .
  9. i like J.B. weld the best but 2-part epoxy work well too.
  10. by my self i eat at subway with the kids wendys..
  11. i do make a piont of logging G.W. and then spend the money on food
  12. not a problem.and she goes sometimes but not when it's cold.
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