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  1. i have had cachers who have done my caches said they are going to borrow my idea's and thats ok when me .just give me the credit
  2. my wife said the same thing to me about racing years ago.just take her out to dinner and a movie..
  3. i don't think i would because the person who put it in the cache knew that it could be a winner to start with..
  4. sounds like fred is a nice person to be around .and has he life in order.
  5. it would be a thriller.starring indiana jones.
  6. old yes she been good to me in more ways then one bought me mapsource metro guide for x-mas
  7. i like to chat and pick up some idea.you know cache in the day and chat at night.
  8. had one approved in 5 hour on a weekend one time.
  9. i keep mine in my gps pocket until i have to use.it helps.
  10. so uperdooper do you take a shovel with you with caching in michigan.
  11. i done some benchmark. i don't like them much because out of the ones i have done lots of them are not there.so i will stick with caches.
  12. i use match container for walmart stores. they are in the camping section.
  13. i love them. it teaches you alot about the hostory of the place.
  14. hike 9 miles one time to do a cache at 2700 feet.
  15. if rusty-tlc is driving i'm riding shot gun.
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