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  1. Why don't you just set up an event, I'm sure your papers will be graded properly.
  2. The link doesn't even work. MWGB will always be the king. Looking forward to the 09 version.
  3. Mr Schmeni better make them about 10 feet long. Eyebrows are optional after the event. Ya may want to bring your sunscreen also.
  4. He** Ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Mario's Tower - World's most difficult Geocache (GC8038) in Winton Woods Cincinnati, Ohio. Thirteen stages of puzzle solving that will just blow your mind. Out since 2002 and only 18 finds.
  6. Thanks to the Planning Committee and all the hard work they did. I had a great time all weekend and will have this event on my calendar for next year.
  7. Sounds like a party. I understand that you guys have the room that doesn't have a ceiling / roof so are you going to bring your telescope (w/ lens )?
  8. t_bird

    ISQ Finds

    My total after the bash is 54.
  9. Looking forward to the Picnic
  10. Did you leave it in the Hotel at the Bash?
  11. The Windy Rock Cache pages have just been published. Mark your calendars for October 10 - 12. As always this should be a fun event!!!!! Hillbilly Singalong Friday Night @ Windy Rock 5th Annual Octoberfest @ Windy Rock Sunday Morning Breakfast @ Windy Rock
  12. Thanks TMA for us returners to Kendelville this year we need some caches near the site so we don't have to spend $$$$$$$'s to go on some cache runs. Your efforts are much appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Here is a photo I took after the fog rolled in.
  14. If you like I'll bring Jim along just for you.
  15. Do you need money for one of those new fancy color camera's because we could take up a collection so you could get rid of your black and white one. BTW what a great picture I bet you guys had a great time.
  16. Hey Heather! Our 9th anniversary is on Sept 4th, so we can all have a big ol' celebration! Although our pride & joy (SpiderMilo) will definitely be in attendance. Well after switching around schedules for Baseball, Girl Scouts, Summer Bible School Camp, and every single activity Dubble Trouble could come across. It looks like we will be childless for this event...pending her schedule. I might just go crazy once Ali Kat gets to that age, if I have to juggle two schedules like this. But YES a big ol' celebration is definately in order! Heather of Wolverine Warriors Sounds like a big ol party. I'll have my friend Jack with me.
  17. N2, thats OK if it's too warm I will get a burn permit.
  18. t_bird

    TrailMix 12

    If you have a Night TrailMix, do you bring burnt Pop tarts?
  19. I just traveled to Florida and back without a problem. I carried my GPS on, I did NOT put it in my checked luggage. I will say going through security my backpack stayed in the xray longer then I expected and I thought I would get to visit the hand check officer. BTW, be careful with your checked luggage. When I check my luggage they were very strict about the weight and charging enormous amounts of $s for overweight luggage. I think the weight limit per piece is 50 lbs. Also I flew Delta.
  20. WCNUT is scheduling a CITO event for April 26th (so put it on your calendar) and wanted me to post a thread letting everyone know. Again it will start mid day on the 26th and we all can camp once the cleanup is complete with the historical Windy Rock Bonfire. The following is the cache page; GC18F5X 2nd Annual Windy Rock CITO
  21. But you can buy 2 Cx's, who needs the S, for the price of 1 Colorado. Or you could get 6 eTrex H's for the same price.
  22. Get well soon Mark, I know what you are going through, I got your back (pun intneded lol). Hope to see you on the trails soon and thanks for giving me time to catch up. I might be there in about 20 years.
  23. You may want to post on the Gem City Geocachers forum to get a response. I live about 40 mile south in Cincinnati. Good Luck
  24. TSD, if you want Topo Maps, not in 3D, your 60CSx works fine. I have a 60CSx and a eTrex Venture HC, both have Topo maps loaded and my 60CSx has roadmaps. I am quit comfortable not having 3D Topos. One thing I have learned is that the 60CSx will only hold 2000 map files, Street, Topo or a combination. I just have multiple micro SD cards, only $10 a piece for 1GB to have the entire US. I also use Garmin's POI Loader to increase my waypoint numbers because my waypoints are now points of interest. The downside to the POI Loader is similar to what Turtle3863 mentioned, you can't delete the custom POI's on the trail. You can only delete all them and reload. The Colorado looks interesting but you could buy a cheap laptop and 60CSx for the same price. How do you get the full use of a card? I have a 2GB card but I can only load so many maps at a time, city select and TOPO. When I prepare a second set of maps and load them it erases the first set i loaded, I can't get over, as I recall, about 680 MB on the card. Whats the secret to adding more maps without erasing the first ones? You are correct, my card is less than 1GB of map memory used. The limitation is the quantity of maps you install which is approx 2000. Example; I have most of the eastern US roadmaps and topo on a single card. The number of maps installed is 2008 but the memory usage 918.9 MB so the rest of the memory is unusable except for Custom POI's which use about 1k per Custom POI. Custom POI's import from a pocket querie GPX file and the software is free from Garmin. My estimation is that I can load about 80,000 Custom POI's into my 60CSx. The 2 downsides are you can't delete Custom POI's on the trail and they slow down the screen updates a little bit but nothing drastic based on my experience (I only load about 2000) at a time. I have never loaded my estimated 80K. Captin BB I recommend if you have a different use for your 2GB MicroSD then move that to your camera or MP3 player and purchase a 1GB for your 60CSx. Here in Cincy Micro Center has 1GB MicroSD's for about $10. If anyone has any questions email me and I will be more then glad to help. Turtle3863, sorry about the thread jack.
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