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  1. I came across a lot of TBs recently, that are just a stamp in the logbook. When I looked them up online, I saw that they are discovered in many different caches and their location is not the cache I saw them in, which means the stamp must have been used multiple times. As far as I understand this is against the HQ guidelines. My question: What do you think of this and do you discover and log the TBs when you see them? I am really interested to hear your opinion! On the one hand I want to log every trackable I see, on the other I don't want to support this practice.
  2. Hello everyone, on this forum I read somewhere that there is a promo code for a one month free trial if you haven't had premium before. Is this true and if so, how can I get this trial? Thanks for all the answers and have a nice day!
  3. Hello everyone, I am new to geocaching and have a question concerning the app. For the last (and first) week i have used c:geo and I could do every cache except the premium caches of course. Now I have downloaded the official geocaching app and I can't even view mystery caches anymore? Do I really have to buy premium to do that, or what am I doing wrong? I originally downloaded the official app because someone said that you can only do a limited number of caches per day. Is that also true? I just want to be sure, so that I am not disappointed when I buy premium. I am looking forward to your answers!
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