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  1. My husband and I were just in Saint Petersburg, FL last week and conpleted two "Power Runs" starting in Duette, FL (1 hr SE of ST Petes). I would say over 50% of the caches in the first run were off quite a bit. I didn't keep track of all of the ones that were off but did jot down the ones that were 30-50' off. We saw this on quite a few and then there were a large portion that were between 15-25' off. We had NO cell phone signal whatsoever so not sure if the CO used their phone to get the cords which would explain this problem. I had to start relying on instinct on where I thought the cache could be. Out of the 197 we searched for, we were able to find 192. I had wondered if the other 5 were maybe in a different spot than what the coords specified. Thank you both for responding. I cache with a Delorme PN40 and normally have no problem. I do appreciate both of you feedback !!! Good luck in your search !!!!!
  2. I've been down in Florida for about 2 years (from Michigan) and have noticed that 9 out of 10 Geocaches are not even close to where CO's have them......and I mean off by 30 - 50 feet. My Michigan finds just the opposite 9 out of 10 GZ's have been right on. Anyone else have this problem or is it just me ?? Thanks for all of your responses.
  3. Didn't read the whole thread so I don't know if this tip was mentioned.. Write down the TB ID and leave it at home incase you have a problem moving a bug..... I had one that I found...it showed in my inventory, but when I went to mark it as being moved (180 miles away) it showed I couldn't move it and it was still were I found it. I tried to retrieve it, BUT !!!! you need the ID on the tag to show you have it. I DON"T HAVE THE BUG ANYMORE ! E-mailed the TBO still haven't heard back. I will be in the area I dropped off around 9/20 so I can get the number if it still there. If not....if anyone finds a bug at the Schooner Bar in key west with a Hard Rock Key chain. Please straighten it out.... Thanks M29
  4. Thanks BD. I put it in a pretty good place (Schooner Bar in Key West) so I'm not to worried about someone finding it and moving it on. Still haven't heard from the TBO.
  5. I will try to make this short. Found a bug..logged it....it showed I had it.... placed it elsewhere..tried to log it and it says I don't have it and if I do I need the number on the bug. Don't have that number because I don't have the bug anymore. I contacted the owner to see if he can give me the number on the bug. Any other ways to mark it as moved ?? Thanks
  6. I hear yeah BlueDeuce I love finding them and keeping them moving. This one had a special request by the owner if it could be in the Seatle area by Sept 2011 becasue the owner was moving there. Just thought I would honor the owners request. I'm sure he doesn't mind if it's not there, just thought I would surprise him. Thanks for your input.
  7. Found a TB in the North Port/ Sarasota area that wants to go to Seattle. Anyone going that way ??
  8. Thanks for the quick response !!!! I understand your responses, but ....I can't afford a boat...so I would have to take the Ferry over to the island to find the cache. And not to say the parks are doing it to bring extra money in (like it would be alot anyway !!! LOLOL), but again you have to pay to get in to find them. If I don't want to pay, I don't have to go looking for them correct ??? He just thought it would be a nice add on to what he has. Can't it be put in the description that it is part of a maze with times and dates. Like I said in the first post, he understands that it can't be temporary, so ho would move it a couple hundered yards to public property after the event. Thanks again
  9. My friend runs a corn maze and other activities durning the fall and winter. He wants to place a cache in each of the 2 mazes. I read the rules for hiding a cacheand have a few questions: 1. He plans on moving the cache after the maze is over, so it will not be a temporary cache so is he OK there? 2. They say you can't put a cache in for commercial purposes. I have a question about that one. If one is on an island that can only get there by ferry boat, isn' that a commercial cache ? If one is placed in a metro park, isn't that a commercial cache? He's not doing it to make extra money, just as a fun add on to the things he has. 3. How long after I submit the cache will it pop up on the website? I do have a couple really unique caches for him and would really like to help him with this. Your thoughts ??? Thanks, Mirage29
  10. Exactly..........I found it in a TB hotel which was maybe a 1-1/2* T 1*D. Just wanted to meet the owners wishes. I do appreciate the responses and will look for "somewhere safe" to place.
  11. I have a geocoin that I need to place back out there (it's been around for over 2500 miles) but owner requested that it only be put in a 3 star or higher difficulty rating. The problem is I haven't found one yet. When I found the coin it wasn't in a 3 star find. Suggestions????
  12. The problem is people think of a DNF as a negative thing !!! IT'S JUST A GAME !!!!!!
  13. I've been to a couple nano's where the log strip is full. I always keep extra sheets, rule sheets, swag, bug spray, batteries, with me as well as log sheets. Would/should CO's get mad if you replaced full strips? Do they keep the logs for anything? Just curious.
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