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  1. Same here but a page refresh seems to sort it out for me too. Firefox.
  2. Just checked mine and it's blank: Key: ################################################################ Application Url: Key type: Basic / Not-for-profit Created date: 04/23/2015 Expiration date: None Key Status: Enabled
  3. I wondered why I'd lost the OS maps then I remembered that I had re-installed Firefox but completely forgot about adding my Bing key again as shown here All works fine for me dow I've done it.
  4. JinJinks method is still working for me. And so is the GSAK method...
  5. After re-installing Firefox (don't ask...) I just followed the JimJinks method and voila! my maps are back. Works for me. Thanks.
  6. This is all very strange and interesting. I use GSAK and in particular I am a fan of the macro but when OS maps stopped working on GC.Com they also stopped working in the GSAK macro. After reading the threads above I went back to GSAK and tried again and lo and behold, they're back!
  7. I have to agree with Jri. If you haven't tried OSM then give it a go. I use OSM as my mapping of choice these days as it is much more accurate than it used to be. Being vector mapped it works right down to high zoom levels and often has footpaths and tracks that are not shown on OS because they are not official public footpaths, such as those going through parks and forests. They load much faster than OS as well. If you must have OS maps (without caches of course) then these are still available direct from the Bing site https://www.bing.com/maps/
  8. Sadly I must concur. Firefox 30, Greasemonkey 1.15 and GME 0.7.0
  9. Try Firefox. Never have any trouble with it, although I might have tempted fate now.
  10. I spent a while looking for the refresh button before I realised it's not required any more. Dohhh! Must try and keep up.
  11. I have a minor problem that I hope someone can help me with. I like to save my track and then use the facility in GME to drag it onto the map and see where I've been. However it seems that all GPX tracks aren't created equal. The track from EasyGPS or Gartrip (my old favourite) don't work when dragged to the map. Nothing happens. If I open and re-save in another program (a track editor) it works fine. I tried using GPSBabel to convert GPX to GPX but no joy there either. Can anybody explain please?
  12. Easy peasy! In fact (in Firefox anyway) you can just use "edit script" so no need for Notepad. He'll make programmers of us yet
  13. Using Firefox. No, definitely no scroll bar. It's not really an issue as I can always hit F11 and that brings the bottom into frame but I just thought it might be something that could be fixed easily.
  14. This is a minor quibble regarding the config screen(s) I use a netbook which has a 1024 * 600 screen and on this the bottom of the config screens disappear but there's no ability to scroll down to see them. Hardly a show stopper but any chance of fixing while you're at it?
  15. Quite right and I apologise for asking. Thanks for the info and I'll have a go at doing it.
  16. Just noticed that Open Streetmap has a "Transport" map. Any chance of adding this one so that green cachers (or just those without cars) can use it?
  17. You will need to download it again and replace the existing script. But the download only takes seconds and it automatically overwrites the old version so don't be put off.
  18. Sir you are a marvel! All of the above work for me on Firefox 10.0.1 and Greasemonkey 0.9.17 Thanks very much but you didn't really have to stay up all night you know
  19. I know I won't be the only one to be grateful as hell if you can do it. I feel lost without your OS maps. As Mellers has said, there's no pressure but if you could manage to go without food or sleep for a while it would help
  20. May I suggest http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/109145 This is a brilliant script and is still working fine. It uses the OS facility of Bing so it's not affected by any changes on GC as long as they stay with Bing maps.
  21. Obvious question is whether other Greasemonkey scripts are working OK. I assume you did upgrade Greasemonkey to the current version 0.9.8 which is needed for FF5?
  22. Works fine on FF5 so this must be nature's way of telling you it's time to upgrade. FF5 is OK... Honest I've not had any problems with it.
  23. I missed this part at first. Wow! I was already pleased with this script when I thought it just worked on the new beta maps. Now I'm mega impressed. THANKS!!
  24. I actually came here looking for the link to re-install the Edgemaster script but after seeing and downloading this I'm really happy. A big thanks and a plea that it is kept updated if GC make any changes. Highly recommended.
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