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  1. ok another ??. Once caches are loaded on the unit and marked as found how in the heck can i delete all the ones marked found. there has to be a way but danged if i can figure it out.
  2. thanks to all,i got it figured out and it worked fine. since im not real computer savvy this is a milestone for me
  3. i think i understand it. which is the best method,download to memory card in the computer and then put it in the unit,or directly to the unit with the memory card installed?
  4. i have dsl and the state is mississippi. I understand how to highlight the state and download,ive allready done that. but getting it to the gps,i dont understand executing to unpack the sections. Is that something it does automatic or do you physically have to do it. i have a oregon 450t and im using mapquest.
  5. When downloading a map from gpsfiledepot can you download an entire state at one time or do you have to do it in sections? And about how long does the process take?
  6. i like micros,i also like the ammo cans in the woods! i like em all.
  7. Wow. Actually, although the notification system is no more in the "beta" phase, I don't think you'll be able to sue Groundspeak. Anyway. If you think about it, when the notification system goes down, it's your best opportunity for FTFs. Just look on the map from time to time. As no one receives the notifications (not just you), you may end up being the only one who'll see the new cache on the map. GO AND GET IT! NOW! thats excacly what i did yesterday!!
  8. im not getting e-mail notices or text message alerts either
  9. GOOP,Sticks to anything and dont care about temperature
  10. So,what wrong with saturation anyway? Just means more caches to find right? I know in the small town i live in i am always finding a great spot for a cache but then realizing there is another to close. Happens all the time. I wish they would go to 250 ft myself.
  11. I have a garmin e-trex venture hc. When i download caches directly to the gps it saves it under the GC code,is there any way to set this up where it saves it by the cache name? Its a pain to have to through them all and change the gc code to the name so i know what im looking at.
  12. You are right about if it is out in the open and not in its intended spot. I personally know of 2 that were hidden and were hidden back in a different manner (more difficult) than found. I just had one of mine that was actually on a pole,the pole was in the ground,i went to check on it and it had been moved about 10 feet from where i had placed it. Which means someone had to wrestle the pole out of the ground,move it 10 ft to right out in the open and drive it back into the ground and i just don't understand this.
  13. I haven't been caching all that long compared to a lot of you but there is something that bugs me and was hoping someone can put some logic on it. I have seen in several logs and i think it has been done to one of mine where someone logs "i hid it back better than i found it" Why would someone do this? Don't you think if the owner had wanted it hid in a different way he/she would have done it? It seems to me like when you hide a cache back different than how it was placed by the owner then the cache is not hid as intended. When i find a cache i put it back exactly as i found it because i figure thats how the owner intended it to be. Guess i just can't figure out why someone would do this and thought someone may shed some light on this and share your thoughts on this practice.
  14. What would i do? I'd go find that little sucker and get me a smiley!
  15. what is the meaning of the term sandbagging? is it when someone intentionally signs a log but waits a few days to log it? if so what purpose does this serve and why is it done? not fussing about it being done just curious as to why.
  16. im in mississippi,just wondered if there were any chain stores that sold them?
  17. are there any retail stores that sell official travel bugs? just tryin to find some fairly local so i can get em right now instead of ordering off the internet.
  18. i said files,i should have said folders,i want to create folders to organize waypoints,like a folder for my hunting waypoints,a folder for my geocach waypoint and ect. i cant seem to find a way to do this.
  19. is there a way to create files on this gps to put coords under such as geocaches and hunting and ect? cant seem to find a way,there must be some kind of download to create files.
  20. why does it take so long for a cache to get published after its submitted? not complaining or anything just wondering. Seems like 3 days for someone to look over the submission and hit a button is a little long.
  21. no,the cache has no explanation of the numbers at all,i was wondering myself if it may be compass readings,i think ill give that a try,thanks the cache is GCXW3M
  22. no prob,my bad,i edited the post without the actual numbers. thanks for the heads up
  23. I am a newby to this and was trying my first multi today,found the first stage no problem and written on it was 3 numbers with a degree(0) sign after it and under that 3 more numbers with the ' sign after it. what i dont know is what im supposed to do with these numbers,any help?
  24. from mississippi,huge kiss fan,i'm a guy! wifes name is frances i said she was frufru so mskissguy and frannyfru
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