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  1. I am trying to change the distane on notification of new caches to 80 miles. When i change it and click to save the edit it changes to 49.7096953789867 miles. Is there a distance limit on notifications?
  2. Never found a "bad" cache. I've enjoyed finding each and everyone.
  3. Sure. Now you are going to tell all the land managers that the only holes that are dug are those using common sense? So people are already trying to stretch the limits now, using "existing" holes. Then people will stretch the limits of common sense. "Oh yeah, this one makes sense to ME." And then we're not only kicked out of state and national parks, but out of local parks as well. Notice i said PRIVATE PROPERTY,Didnt say anything about national parks. Thats where common sense comes in,not digging holes in national parks.
  4. One of the best caches ive found was buried. It was on private property with permission and was done in a way that you did not have to do any digging to retrieve it. You just had to open a hinged lid. i didnt see a thing wrong with the way this was done. Just my opinion if you use common sense they can be fine.
  5. Thank you for the welcome! it's appreciated! FYI, My names Chris, Lol I sat on a limb for 2 hours carving that hole when i was a spry 10 or 11 year old. Now I'm 30 and a little on the rotund side, lol. My tree climbing skills aren't what they used to be. Luckily i knew the people who lived in my childhood home and they had a ladder for me to use. The house with the red circle is where i grew up. The houses with the blue circles were the only other houses back then. the whole red outline was my parents property and nothing but woods. ALL Mine, well back then anyway. It was a great place to grow up. That was my "yard", and most of my friends had their own "yard" as well. There was also a decent sized lake about a third of a mile to the east. oops,dont know where chad came from. Like i said my weird thinking mind had to know,lol i know what you mean about used to be,i grew up surrounded by woods,i still live next door(it was grandparents house) now im surrounded by asphalt and strip malls.
  6. Hi chad,welcome to the game. Your question seemed to be which was more accurate,not what the guidlines say. In my opinion the answer is the gpsr is more accurate. Now, my inquiring (sometimes strange) mind has to ask a question. In your post you said "my best was when i carved a hole in a tree big enough to hold 3 G.I. Joes and a couple Hotwheels cars and placed the bark back over it (I actually found them again 17 years later,kinda, but i needed a ladder and found the front end of a Hotwheels car sticking out of the tree, and now part of the tree!).........." Now my question,why did you need a ladder? Did you use a ladder when you put it there? Reason i ask is if you put a hole in a tree,say 4ft off the ground,20 years later that hole will still be 4ft off the ground. The tree doesn't grow from the bottom up. Sorry but my strange thinking mind read that and it just has to know.
  7. ride the shadow 1100 unless i see gravel roads are going to be used
  8. Thanks,that did it. I have never noticed that link before
  9. We are trying to do a pocket query on our finds. I am selecting 1000 caches Any type Any container That- i have found Radius 500 miles (farthest we have found is about 250 or so) The result i am getting is 723 caches The number listed on profile on gc.com is 734 Any ideas on why they are not the same numbers?
  10. Go to your bookmarked caches. The ignore list will appear there - remove the cache from the list. thanks
  11. Ok ,i clicked on the wrong cache to ignore in my list,now i'm trying to get it back. How do you do this? I cant find anything on restoring an ignored cache.
  12. Yeah as long as it's in a waterproof container and will stay dry i think it's a cool idea,not lame at all. No different than finding the 1st stage and having the cords in it or having to solve something to get 2nd cords. That would be a neat twist. I dont see it as advertising at all,just a quick link to help folks find these if they want to try it also.
  13. onve you upload it go to "access my field notes" and your list will be there. you will still have to click the log cache on each one it doesn't do it automaticly. Still alot easier. Thanks my friend you have answered my question. i was expecting it to update automatically. As you say its much easier anyway. Oh and thanks for replying to my other posting regarding maps. As you can see I bought the 550 instead of the 450. Managed to get some OSM free maps loaded. Just learning to drive it now... Lots to play with..Happy hunting.. osi no problem,also if you have the time when in the field you can go ahead and type out your log for that cache. That way the whole log shows up in field notes and all you have to do is click the log button.
  14. Thats what everyone says. But i got the 450t and i also downloaded some of the free "high quality" maps,and to be honest i haven't found any free ones that i like better than what came on it.
  15. onve you upload it go to "access my field notes" and your list will be there. you will still have to click the log cache on each one it doesn't do it automaticly. Still alot easier.
  16. sounds cool,where did you find this? Is this for the 450t?
  17. C'mon folks this is a game we are playing. We aint taking out a mortgage on a house. So sign it,stamp it,stick it,it dont matter. Geez
  18. Is it possible to have a cache published at a certain time on a certain day?
  19. had it on my samsung and loved it,worked great. Then all of a sudden it stopped working and i couldnt redownload it. The folks at trimble say its a bug at at&t and they havent worked it out yet. If you have something other than at&t i would recomend it.
  20. That's what you'd expect if (as I recall) you touch the upper left corner of the unit when powering it up. There may be some gunk at the upper left of the touch screen bezel. Try working around that corner with a business card. Also, do you have a screen protector installed? If so, gently lift that corner and lay it down again. man these electronic gadgets are weird,lifting up the screen protector did the trick,thanks
  21. I loaded some field notes and deleted the visits folder from the unit. Now when i power up all i get is "Do you really want to erase all user data? And it has the yes and no boxes at the bottom but neither one respond. It will power on and off but thats it. Any thoughts?
  22. Looks like we are headed to Chattanooga this weekend to do some caching. Anyone want to volunteer to be a lifeline if needed?
  23. thanks alot,that did it. i knew it would be something simple.
  24. Looks like we are headed to Chattanooga this weekend to do some caching. Anyone want to volunteer to be a lifeline if needed?
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