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  1. Streets and trips,it comes with a usb gps dongle.
  2. Possible cause. Mississippians on Facebook. So this is how people get treated when they ask a simple question on here? I was going to say something about that remark,but then i saw where you were from. So i just shook me head cause i know you can't help but act like that.
  3. You seem to think i am making this up. It is posted on the Mississippi Geocachers Facebook page. Was just wondering if anyone else had heard about it. Why the hell would i make this up??? And yes this group usually makes pretty fast responses to posts. Geesshh Btw,the "controversy has been brewing for a while. Have you noticed there are no Garmins in the Groundspeak store anymore? http://www.notaboutthenumbers.com/2011/12/05/opencaching-com-one-year-on
  4. Here are a few posts off a local fb group. Anyone heard anything about this? If you have a Garmin gps, do not update any software on it. I repeat do NOT update. Speculations of "foul play" are about. Like · · Unfollow Post · Share · 8 hours ago via mobile Seen by 37 Thanks for telling us this. I was ab out to update mine as well 8 hours ago · Like I was just about to update mine. What's up with the updates?? 8 hours ago via mobile · Like Odds are not many of you know much of the Garmin/Groundspeak controversy;but there are reports of issues importing gpx files that are not obtained through Garmin's Opencaching site following the latest update . These issues include loss of maps,unit not responding to input,loss of power. Right now its unconfirmed but i posted this as a precaution . 7 hours ago via mobile · Like · 2 Some who have already encountered these issues say that deleting the "corrupt" database back off the unit itself clears the issues up. 7 hours ago via mobile · Like i think i'll hold off on the update. Thanks for posting. Sounds like politics raising it's head. I know of the controversy but didn't think it would stoop to this,if it's true. 7 hours ago · Like Sheesh! As if there were lots of money to be made by this move. Yes, GPS units have seen a decline as the number of smart phones, etc. able to replace standalone GPS units, but alienating folks by encouraging the boycott of Groundspeak is crazy. Doe...See More 23 minutes ago via mobile · Like
  5. I think he means a "log" like a log laying in the woods,not a log sheet
  6. The definition of a T-1 rating is Handicapped Accessible. This doesn't seem to be what the first to find cacher encountered. There is a reason Ground Speak suggests you have 20 finds before placing your first hide. Can't people offer friendly advice to newbies without the snide remarks?
  7. No thanks. What if the batteries go dead while on a hike in the forest? Not too many trees have electrical outlets. I like being able to just reach in my pack and replace the batteries. Not so good for night caching. the new oregon 600 has a rechargable battery,plus it has slots for AA batteries also. Best of both worlds.
  8. Yes it was full of rocks with a small thermos,also filled with rocks and a matchsafe inside of that. Turns out the extra containers were not even needed.
  9. ok,this double posted,how the heck to i delete this one?
  10. Ok,for all the folks that can't or don't like using deet(like me) i have found a product that seems to be even better. It's called Permethrin. The difference is you don't spray it on yourself but on your clothes. You spray your clothes and let it dry and it says it lasts up to 8 weeks and through repeated washings. This is the same stuff that is on the pads of the therma-cell. I bought some and was kinda doubtful how it would work. Well it's been 6 weeks and we have been caching pretty heavy in wooded areas where we would normally have several ticks,chiggers and skeeter bites. We have not had a single tick,chigger or skeeter bite since,NOT ONE! This stuff really works,it not only repels but it also kills the little suckers. It is oderless when dried and not harmful to humans. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B007VCRX2S/ref=asc_df_B007VCRX2S2138777/?tag=hyprod-20&creative=395021&creativeASIN=B007VCRX2S&linkCode=asn&hvpos=1o2&hvexid=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=9851060771119351571&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=
  11. What does an ammo box cost you vs. a Bison Tube? Facts and figures, please? I'm guessing about $6 for the Bison Tube, and about $8 for the ammo box. Bison tubes,about 20 for around $8,ammo cans in my area 12 bucks.
  12. If you don't mind, other seekers would like problems posted in the log, not sent privately. And if the problem really is bad enough to require disabling, a Needs Maintenance log would be the most appropriate, so I'm not sure why you don't mention that alternative. On the other hand, I do think people with only a few finds might want to think twice about posting a DNF. Very often DNFs by new cachers appear to be caused by inexperience. "I don't suppose you thought to look under the lamppost skirt?" In any case, be sure to log what you really know: with only 2700 finds, it's very rare that I think not finding a cache automatically implies it's missing, for example, so I very rarely say, "It's missing," because I don't really know that. I don't think experience should have anything to do with it. Didn't find it? it's a dnf,thats all. I have almost 3000 finds and i have logged about 160 dnf's. Even though the majority of those i went back and found the dnf still stands as part of my history.
  13. Please,as a cache owner,i ask you to please log those dnf's. There is no shame in a dnf. Sometimes thats the only way i have of knowing there may be a problem. dnf simply means you did not find the cache. It doesn't mean you are blind,stupid or not any good at finding caches. Plus it is part of the history of that cache. If i don't find one i log a dnf,if i go back and don't find it again i log another dnf.
  14. There is a cache near me that has been submerged in the Tenn-Tom waterway for over a year. I took a guy out to it last week,pulled it up and the inside was dry as a bone. The container is an ammo can. The outside looked horrible,but inside was nice and dry.
  15. Central mississippi,105 degrees 90+ humidity,but hasn't slowed us down yet!
  16. I would leave the rating as is. But i would put a special tools attribute on it.
  17. Run a pocket query then open the gc app on the phone. Click the pocket query link and click the query you want and it will put it on your phone.
  18. Go to a car dealership and ask to see their a/c orings assortment. They are of a superior material and will last forever.
  19. There is one in my area that is in a river,15ft underwater. Been there a year now and is still completely dry inside.
  20. Been caching a while, have you? It is common for folks with experience to forget that things they find to be simple are actually much more complicated to folks w/o that experience. There are many new cachers, obviously I'm one, who need it spelled out clearly. Perfect scenario is mine - I have the cache downloaded to my paperless device and the only information I have available is the description and logs. No images, no attributes, and certainly nothing that indicates that a climb of 15' is involved. One could easily assume that it is in the low branches of the tree and you just need a 'boost' to get to it. I simply don't understand the objection to providing detailed information telling people to avoid it if they're not up to the CO's challenge. 15 FEET?? Am i understanding it was 15 ft up?? I thats the case a 3 terrain is right,maybe even a 2.5. I did a cache that was 45ft up a pine tree and it was a 3 and i felt like it was correct. I thought we were talking about something really high.
  21. i have found one in a REAL grenade,,explosives removed of course. deep in the woods,it was cool
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